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Suit? Check.

Tie retied about thirty times? Check.

Butterflies? Definitely.

Noel was nervous. The day had arrived, and he was absolutely terrified. What if he mucked up the vows? What if he fell up the steps? What if said the wrong thing? It was only thanks to Mike and Rich at his side that he wasn't having a breakdown. Mike was always so calm and laid back, it rubbed off a bit. It was impossible not to feel calm with him near you. Rich was not so calm, but he was excited rather than nervous.

"Come on, Noel. This is the biggest day of your life!" He exclaimed, sitting on the sofa next to him.

"I know; that's what I'm worried about." Noel replied, fiddling with his cufflinks. Mike slapped his hand away.

"D'you really think it'll matter if you mess up? Julian isn't going to care, and neither are the rest of us." He said. "Anyway, you won't mess up. You just 'ave to repeat what the registrar says."

"Yeah, but-"

"No buts. You'll be fine." The car arrived for them not long after, and they all got in. The journey was tense, and no one spoke, except to tell the driver to avoid a certain road because it was full of potholes. As they pulled up outside the venue, Noel took a deep breath, still panicking. Mike patted him on the knee.

"Come on, it'll be fine." Noel nodded and got out of the car. Mike and Rich followed him, and they went inside. An attendant stopped them in the corridor before they reached the big hall. They had to wait until everything was ready before they walked in. The attendant saw the look on Noel's face, and went to fetch him a glass of water.

"Noel." Rich put his hands on Noel's shoulders and looked him straight in the eye, unusually serious. "You're going to be fine. It's gonna go great, okay? Stop worrying about it."

"I'm trying." The attendant came back with the glass of water, and Noel took a sip before putting it down next to a flower arrangement on a nearby table. After a few minutes, music started up inside the hall, and the attendant opened the door for them. Noel's stomach flipped again. He felt sick as he walked into the hall. But he kept walking, Mike and Rich behind him. And then Julian turned around to watch him come in, and all the fear went away. They were right. There was nothing to worry about. He stopped next to Julian and looked at him, a tentative smile on his face. Julian took his hand and his faith in what he was about to do was complete. He believed in this. He knew it was going to be alright. Mike and Rich took their places at his side, and he saw Dave and Paul on the other side, grinning across at him. As he looked around he could see everyone. Thir parents in the front row; people they worked with, people they hadn't seen for a while. Everyone was here. Yes. This was where he belonged. The music faded to a close, and the female registrar stepped forward.

"We are gathered here to celebrate the joining of these two men in holy matrimony…"

They left the hall grinning, laughing, full of happiness and love. The vows had finally been said, they were married. The crowd threw confetti as they went around to the gardens to have photos taken. It was a lengthy process, requiring the arrangement of almost everyone into a neat rectangle small enough for the photographer to pick up all at once. Then he took out another camera, arranged them in a circle, and took a panorama image. Then he wanted just Noel and Julian, then Rich, Dave, Paul and Mike as well. He seemed to want individual photos of most of the guests too, for some reason. Eventually, however, he was finished, and everyone piled into cars to get to the venue for the reception. It was another large hall, but this one was big enough for a dance floor too. It was decorated with white and silver streamers and lights. Tables around the edges were covered with white cloths, favours gracing each place setting. Everyone sat down at their places, ordered their food for the meal, and began to eat. Noel, Julian, Mike, Rich, Dave, and Paul sat at the top table, along with Noel's and Julian's parents. They talked and laughed as they ate, sharing jokes and memories. When the meal was finished, the tables were cleared, and Julian stood up. Noel stared at him.

"Where are you going?" He asked.

"Nowhere." Julian replied.

"What are you doing then?"

"You'll see." Julian tapped a spoon on his wine glass, trying to get everyone's attention. It didn't work. So he rapped on the table. The guests stopped talking and looked at him.

"Hello there, everyone." He began. "I know it's a tradition at weddings to have speeches, but Noel and I agreed that was fairly boring, so we won't bother. I did think I should say a few things, though, and I won't take too long. First of all, I know some of you won't have had a clue about the two of us being together. Well, it happened pretty quickly. We hadn't seen each other for two years, we met each other again, and everything went a bit haywire. It's been what you might call a whirlwind romance. It was so unexpected and weird, but I think that made it all the better. Nothing wrong with the occasional surprise. Secondly, we want you to know that we will never leave each other. We can't let go of what we've got now we have it. It's difficult to find love sometimes, and now we have it, we promised each other that we won't throw it away. So no divorce, no breaking up. We'll stay together. And I don't know about Noel, though I suspect he feels the same, but I feel like I've found where I belong. I've spent a lot of my life looking for something, and I never knew what it was. Now I know that all I needed was someone who accepted me for all I am, and showed me how he trusted me by showing what he is too. I've never been so happy as I always am working in the Boosh, and now I know why. Happiness comes from feeling like you belong. This is where I belong, and I won't ever forget that. Thank you." He sat down to the sound of applause from the guests. Noel looked at him for a moment.

"I love you." He said. "More than anything. I really do."

"I know. And I love you." Julian smiled and kissed him. They got up from the table together and made their way to the dance floor. Julian had to admit he hadn't been looking forward to this part. The first dance. He'd never been that great at dancing. But they had finally chosen a song, after changing their minds about six times. They had decided on Not With Haste by Mumford and Sons. It was a band neither of them listened to, but they had heard it one day, listened, and decided it was perfect. As they walked onto the dance floor, the first notes played, and the lyrics began:

Your eyes they tie me down so hard
I'll never learn to put up a guard
So keep my love my candle bright
Learn me hard, oh learn me right

This ain't no sham
I am what I am

Julian took Noel's waist, and they attempted to move around to the beat, but couldn't keep in time. In the end, Noel just leant on Julian and they swayed on the spot.

Though I may speak some tongue of old
Or even spit out some holy word
I have no strength from which to speak
Where you sit me down and see I'm weak

We will run and scream
You will dance with me
They'll fulfil our dreams and we'll be free
and we'll be who we are
And they'll heal our scars
Sadness will be far away

Noel was happy, just in Julian's arms. He often felt like he was doing no good in the world, like he was ineffectual. And yet Julian made him strong again, and he believed that with him by his side, he could do anything.

So as we walked through fields of green
Was the fairest sun I'd ever seen
And I was broke I was on my knees
But you said yes as I said please

This ain't a sham
I am what I am
I'll leave no time
For a cynic's mind

Julian was revelling in the way Noel could, just by being there, make a situation perfect. He could make you happy with his mere presence. He didn't need to say anything. You just knew.

We will run and scream
You will dance with me
We'll fulfil our dreams and we'll be free
We will be who we are
And they'll heal our scars
Sadness will be far away

Do not let my fickle flesh go to waste
As it helps my heart and soul in its place
And I will love with urgency
But not with haste.

The dance finished, and they withdrew as the guests flooded onto the dance floor to dance to the next song. They didn't let go of one another, though. Not for a while.

They sat in a haze, getting up to dance sometimes, as the room got more and more full of drunken amicability. The air got hotter, and Julian was uncomfortable.

"Shall we go outside for a bit?" He asked. Noel nodded.

"Yeah, why not?" They headed out of the door, slipping past unnoticed. It was freezing outside. Noel had taken off his jacket and tie, and shivered in his shirtsleeves. The sky was clear and full of stars, glinting bluish white against the velvet of the night sky. The moon was a thin sliver of silver above their heads. They looked up at it all, huddled together against the cold.

"It makes you feel so small, doesn't it?" Julian whispered.

"Yeah." Noel wasn't concentrating on the sky. He was looking at the starlight reflecting in Julian's eyes, trying to make sure he remembered this forever. He did feel small, but not because of the sky and its stars. Because of the love that he felt, so huge he didn't know how it fitted into the world, let alone his body. But they fitted together. And this…

This was their dream. It was what they needed, what they wanted. This was the point their relationship had got to, but it wasn't the end. No, their story had only just begun.

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