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The Broken Fairy

The sound of ripping flesh echoed through the alleyway. The hooded figure dropped the last corpse of the night and bolted off into the dark. The shadow's hood dropped as she hastily ran. The metal choker clamped tightly around her neck began to spark gold but slowly stopped. Her blond hair, empty eyes, and blank expression on her beautiful face became visible in the moonlight before it quickly vanished as she tucked the hood back onto her head. She never wanted to do this but it was against her own will. She hated the guilt that ate at her every time she had to do something like this, but this was her life now. A new life that she never wanted. She could never escape this nightmare, because this nightmare was reality.

Lucy at the mission board:

Lucy gazed at the mission board while standing near Nab. Her eyes searching to find the right mission that payed the amount that she wanted. While she searched she thought 'I need to pay rent soon! The deadline is coming up and I still don't have the cash. The landlady will kill me if I'm late again!'

Lucy found a mission that was simple and payed 2,000 jewels. She quickly tugged the mission off the board before getting lost in her thoughts once again. 'If I go on this mission I'll have enough money for rent and food too. If only Natsu and Happy would stop wiping out my whole food supply!' She thought.

Happy flew in front of Lucy as he nibbled on a fish. He stared at Lucy as he began talking, "Lushee! What are you doing?" Lucy didn't notice the blue cat, as she was still deep in her thoughts, fantasizing about what she would do with the extra money.

"Yeah Luce! What are you turning into, Nab?" Natsu asked. Nab, who was next to Lucy at the moment, grunted before walking away with a hurt expression filling his face. Natsu placed and arm around Lucy's shoulder.

Lucy quickly snapped out of her thoughts as she jumped back and shouted "Kyaaaah!" Natsu raised an eyebrow as he bent over in an attempt to whisper to Happy.

"What a weirdo," Natsu told the blue cat.

"Aye!" Happy agreed.

Lucy who could hear them crystal clear shouted angrily, "I CAN HEAR YOU!" Lucy crossed her arms as Natsu chuckled.

"So Lucy, what's in your hands?" Natsu asked as he eyed the piece of paper that her hands were wrapped around tightly.

"Oh, this? It's a solo mission I'm going on so that I can pay my rent!" Lucy replied enthusiastically.

"But Luceeee, were a team!" Natsu whined like a little kid as he pouted.

"Aye!" Happy added while nodding as his blue ears twitched.

"But I need the money for my rent and you guys always destroy everything!" Lucy responded.

"Fine! But you have to promise to come on a mission with us when you get back!" He said, flashing his adorable goofy grin. Lucy's heart nearly stopped as she became flustered. She loved that adorable grin he was always wearing. In fact she loved everything about him. She snapped back to reality as Happy said rolling his tongue, "She likesssss him!"

"I DO NOT, YOU DAMN CAT!" Lucy yelled, almost chasing Happy around the whole guild. Happy flew away and over to Carla before Lucy could grab a hold of him. Lucy looked back at Natsu awkwardly, remembering that he was still there. Her face grew hot and red in embarrassment.

"Alright, I promise. Don't forget that a stellar mage can never break their promises!" She replied, winking before departing the guild.

Lucy just finishing her mission:

Lucy walked up to the little girl and handed her the magical charm bracelet, that was stolen when the girl went to the park. The little girl jumped up and down with joy.

"Thank you sooo much Miss!" She said flashing Lucy a big grin with missing teeth.

"You're welcome," Lucy said smiling. 'Now I can finally get back home to the guild.' Lucy thought as she collected her jewels and waved good bye to the little girl.

Team Natsu and Lisanna:

Natsu, Erza, Gray, Happy, and Lisanna were all waiting for Lucy at the Train Station. Lisanna was trying to get Natsu alone but he was too busy fighting Gray behind Erza's back. Erza was looking concerned because the train was running late but she knew Lucy was alright. Lucy was a tough girl after all.

They could finally see the train approaching as it went up the hill. It was about a mile away. They saw Lucy's hand waving out the window. Her Fairy Tail mark visible in the sunlight. Then smoke quickly filled the window and her hand was now no longer visible. And with a loud "BOOM!" the train exploded right before their very eyes.

The conductor's car was still intact. It's slowly stopped and the conductor ran out to look at the wreckage. Team Natsu all looked at the train with shocked faces.

Lisanna turned around with a huge smile on her face. 'This has all gone according to plan' she thought. She didn't want them to be suspicious of her so she plastered on a sad face and fake tears and pretended to cry on Natsu's shoulder. Natsu was too shocked to shrug her off. He was still trying to comprehend what had happened.

When he finally came back to his senses he yelled, "LUCY!" And ran off to the wreckage. He was quickly followed by Erza, Happy, Gray, and Lisanna. Who looked upset that their tender moment was over.

They quickly met up with the conductor, who was checking the wounded. He finally came up with the conclusion that there were only minor cuts and bruises but that they were still missing one person. He said all he knew was that she was a female mage. Team Natsu and Lisanna split up to find her. But Lisanna knew that it was a fruit less search, for Lucy was already long gone.

Lucy a few minutes before the crash:

Lucy looked out the window knowing that she wouldn't see them yet, at least for a couple more minutes, she smiled at the thought of seeing her friends again. She looked at the man sitting across from her. She couldn't tell if he was asleep or not because he had a cloak covering his face. He hadn't moved an inch since they had gotten on. But that didn't concern her at the moment. What really concerned her was if Happy was going to pickpocket her renewed stash of jewels. She couldn't help the foreboding feeling that grew as they got closer to the train station.

The man in front of her finally took off his cloak. She could see the tattoos sketched across his face. She didn't mind at first but then she thought she saw one of the tattoos move. Then he started inching closer to her. She looked out the window, annoyed that when he finally decided to move it had to be to get closer to her. She tried to ignore him and the feeling at the pit of her stomach.

As the train station finally came into view, she got so excited that as she jumped up she almost wacked the guy on the face. She waved out the window. Overjoyed at the thought of seeing her friends once again. She could see them now, but what she saw made her heart ache with pain. Lisanna was clutching Natsu's arm and Natsu was smiling and waving as if nothing was wrong, like nothing was different. Her waving flattered a little bit. But before she could quicken it up so that it looked normal once again, the room filled with smoke.

She took her hand out the window so she could cover her mouth and nose from the toxic fumes. She looked around to see where the smoke was coming from. She saw that the man sitting across from her was grinning. The dragon tattoo on his arm had come to life and was now filling the room with smoke. 'What a strange magic' she thought. She went to grab for her keys but then a man, wearing the same cloak as the other guy, came in through the smoke. He grabbed Lucy and then her world went black.

Back to Team Natsu and Lisanna:

Natsu, Happy, Erza, and Gray all met up outside the wreckage. Just one look at each other and they knew that they hadn't found her. Then Lisanna ran up to them breathless and handed Natsu something blue. Natsu already knew what it was before he even got a good look at it. It was Lucy's ribbon. The one that held her hair up to the side. Her vanilla scent was all that his strong nose could smell. It intoxicated him. That was when he finally realized that Lucy was never come back.

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