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Lucy squirmed in the grip of the man's arms around her.

"Let go of me!" She yelled, annoyed.

"No" He replied quietly.

"Where are we?" Lucy asked. To tell the truth, the setting seemed similar to her. The name of it was on the tip of her tongue but she couldn't seem to figure it out. They passed yet another hallway since she had became conscious. Even though she tried several times to be free of the man's iron grip, but she couldn't escape it.

"Now girly, I can't tell you that now, right?" Lucy let out a growl in response.

"Now now Lucy, no need to be hostile." A voice said from behind them. Lucy took her eyes away and glared at the figure now in front of them, Lisanna.

"What do you want Lisanna?" Lucy put as much venom into her name as she could.

"Well as you could see, yesterday was a complete disaster. Everything was ruined." Lisanna pouted but it didn't look cute at all.

"So?" Lucy didn't care at all about how Lisanna's plan completely failed.

"They took Reyn." Lucy brightened up instantly. 'At least Reyn escaped' She thought.

"Oh really?" Lucy said, trying to hide the happiness in her voice.

"We need to get him back, pronto." Lisanna said dully, almost seeming as if she was in a trance of some sort.

Lucy raised her eyebrows, "Why?"

"Because he's one of the strongest mages we have. I can't just let him go!" Lisanna said desperately.

"But how?" No matter how much Lucy wanted Reyn to stay free, she still had to obey Lisanna's orders. Lisanna had really broken her. She had nobody to go back to. She could never go back to Fairy Tail because of what happened in the past, and nobody would believe her. Even if Fairy Tail tried to save her, their attempts would be a total waste. Lisanna was always one step ahead of her.

"Well we have to get him back from Fairy Tail." Lisanna said like it was the most simple thing to do in the world.

"Wait what!? FAIRY TAIL!?" Lucy said in disbelief.

"Yes, you dumb took him after all."

"Fairy Tail took him?" That made Lucy feel better again. Reyn would be safe from if he was in Fairy Tail. Not even Lisanna could face Fairy Tail, even with her guild.

"Yes. I won't explain myself again. Now if you'd come with me, I need you to do something for me." The man put Lucy down and she quickly followed after her. They entered a dark room where a woman sat at the end of a table. On the other side of the table was another chair. Lisanna pointed towards, motioning for Lucy to sit in it. Before Lisanna went out of the room, she shut the door. Lucy could hear a lock click from the other side of the door, blocking her only way of escaping. Lucy had a bad feeling about this.

"Hello Lucy. My name is Chiyo." The woman said in an almost sickly sweet way. You could tell that the women wasn't as nice as she seemed. Lucy could feel a powerful and menacing aura radiating off her, it sent shivers down her back. Chiyo was wearing a tight long red dress with fance back lace that showed off generous figure. She had long shining green hair and hypnotic gold eyes. In short, she was beautiful, but that just made her more intimidating.

"Hello Chiyo," Lucy replied.

"Well I'm guessing you know why you're here?" Chiyo asked.

"Well frankly, I don't."

"Oh really? Then let me explain." Lucy nodded. "You're here for a little hypnosis."


"Yes, hypnosis. Now dear let me explain. You still feel good inside, right?"

"What do you mean?"

"You don't feel entirely evil, do you?"

"Yeah, I guess."

"Well I'm gonna change that." A cruel smile played on Chiyo's face.

"W-what do you mean?" Lucy said as she panicked.

"Simple I'm going to hypnotize you.

"Wha-" was all Lucy could say before she was suddenly entranced by Chiyo's eyes. They suddenly seemed much more interesting than they did a few moments ago. Lucy couldn't understand why she had the urge to stare into Chiyo's eyes. She wanted to look away, but she couldn't find the strength to be able to.

"Yes?" Chiyo asked. She waved her hands in front of Lucy's eyes, and Lucy didn't react at all. The cruel smile returned to her lips. "Perfect."


Reyn sighed and looked around around Fairy Tail for the millionth time. His visit with his dad had gone great. Lisanna had mysteriously disappeared before Reyn's dad had enough time to finish their hug. Natsu said Lisanna had said something about going back to the guild to heal. Although, when they came back, she was no where to be found. They didn't question poor Wendy, for the fear that she might panic. Natsu had gone looking for her, and he hasn't come back yet. Reyn knew he wouldn't find her because she was long gone. 'Probably went to go torture Lucy', Reyn thought sadly. He felt so helpless. He promised himself that he would get Lucy freed, even if he wasn't able to get free as well. All he wanted was for Lucy to be freed, but things never seem to go their way. He had no right to feel happy that he was finally free. It was conceited of him to think that way. Reyn could feel himself tear up again. (A/N: Everybody knows a man who can express his emotions, is super sexy. ;D) What more pain could Lisanna inflict on the broken fairy? It made him worried, imagining the possibilities of what Lisanna could do to Lucy. He felt someone place a hand on his shoulder. Looking up he found a solemn looking Mira. He just nodded.

"Reyn everything will be fine. We'll find Lucy and get her back." Mira comforted. Reyn just looked at her in shock, how did she know he was thinking of her?

"Yeah, I guess." Reyn finally replied. "I just know they're going to hurt her, and I can do nothing about it." Reyn's frown deepened.

"And see, all the more reason to find her faster." Mira said sweetly. Reyn grunted in response. Satisfied, Mira walked back around the bar. Reyn wandered towards Levy's table and took a seat.

"Hello, Reyn right?" Levy asked.

"Yeah, hello... um..." Reyn tried to remember her name from Lucy's stories.

"It's Levy."

"Ah, thank you. I was just about to say that." Levy giggled.

"So what happened to Lu-chan? Is she okay?" Levy had been meaning to ask him, but he was being integrated by guild members when he arrived. There was a such a commotion, so she couldn't hear anything. She looked at him, hoping to get an answer. He just stared at the ground, guilt clouding his eyes.

"I couldn't save her." Reyn whispered.

"So she's not home resting?" Levy asked, tearing up.

"No, she's still with them. And it's all my fault." Reyn said venomously.

"Oh god..." With that Levy bursted into tears. Gajeel, who was standing in the shadows, walked up and took Levy in his arms and walked away. All the while he glared at Reyn. Reyn stared at the table, avoiding his glare. He felt aweful for making Levy cry, but she had to know the truth. Shaking his head, he again picked himself up and walked towards Erza. She was sitting with Gray, heavily discussing something.

"Hey." Reyn greeted, breaking into their conversation.

"Hello Reyn." Erza greeted.

"Yo." Gray said.

"What's happening?" Reyn asked.

"Oh, we're just discussing ideas to get Lucy back." Erza explained.

"Can I join in?"

"Sure." Gray granted.

"So any ideas?" Reyn asked.

"Not much. When we find their exact location, we'll ambush them." Erza looked disappointed her idea.

"What if they expect us?"

"Exactly, they'll be expecting it." Gray sighed.

"But it's all we got!" Erza exazperated.

"Yes! That means we have to get creative!" Gray argued.

"Calm down everybody. We'll think of something." Reyn tried to reason.

"Fine." Gray grumbled.

"What do you think, Reyn?" Erza asked.

"Well if I know the master well enough, she'll be one step ahead of us, no matter what we do."

"She?" Gray asked.

"Yes, she's a woman."

"Interesting, one more piece of information. Reyn please tell us more about the master." Erza asked. Before Reyn could answer, he felt a huge wave of electricity hit his neck. He fell to his knees, gritting his teeth so he doesn't yell out in pain.

"Oi! Are you okay!?" Gray asked alarmed as he knelt to Reyn's level. Reyn only pointed a shaking finger to his neck, where is choker was glowing lightly. As suddenly as the shock came it went away. Grabbing the edge of the table he slowly lifted himself up. Erza grabbed his arm and gently sat him on a chair. Before they could even inspect his neck the guild doors flew open.

A cold laughter filled the air, sending shivers down everybody's back. As the dust cleared, a woman stood tall with semi-long flowing hair. Next to her stood a shorter figure wearing a long cloak. A Blood Rose guild mark clear on their back. Reyn just stared at the first woman.

"Reyn dear, you don't want to be spilling secrets. Do you?" The woman laughed.





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