Discord Saga

Chapter 27: Unspoken Legend

Princess Luna blasted another group of pink figures, she then bucked another trying to hit her from behind making it dissipate. Luna looked around to see her group of royal guards tired from fighting. She bit her lower lip, apparently Equestria's military has been slacking and grown weak in the past thousand years during her imprisonment.

In fact, Equestria doesn't have many allies, as most of the nations are just neutral to them. Equestria also doesn't have many thrump cards either besides the Elements of Harmony and herself along with her sister.

And the newly arrived human twins, but they are still too young, a reliability. If anything for that matter, they are also still being integrated into pony society like herself, and are currently within the care of the loyal subject Lyra Heartstrings.

Luna looked up to see her sister, Princess Celestia, flying toward her with some back up guards. She smiled at her as she touched the ground. Luna mumbled a "Thank you father" before walking over to her sister.

"Sister, what news of Twilight and her friends?" Luna questioned.

Celestia looked at Luna, or Lu Lu as she called her, sadly. "Twilight and her friends have returned to Ponyville, only my faithful student remains un-discorded."

Luna's face fell "Then, we hath lost?"

"No, not yet, as long as Twilight remains normal we still have a chance, through we have to help her somehow..."


A blue energy wave tears through the castle tower wall in the distance, destroying dozens upon dozens of pink figures has the wave finally launches itself into the dark cloudy sky. Lighting up the dark clouds with a blue shine before returning to it's somewhat 'natural' color, and then returning to a chaotic pink.

"Sister did you feel that? it was like the energy that the humans use." Luna said, shocked at the power used from such an attack. Even though Alicorns could easily overpower it if not weakened by another magical source, too see, or feel, another living being to be able to use such energy levels and not be a draconoquis is both amazing and scary.

"Yes I did Lu Lu, and I do believe it was the humans, they must have been attacked recently. Through at least their fine as long as they stay within the castle." Celestia said.

Just then, the captain of the royal guard, Shining Armor, ran up to the Princesses. He had a couple of wounds and at least half of his magical reserves had been depleted in the many fights he fought. Shining couldn't help but overhear what the Princesses had said about what created the large energy beam that completely, and easily, decimated a large number of enemy forces.

"Princess, if I may make a suggestion." Shining Armor said while bowing.

"Speak up captain, you have our permission." Luna said to him.

"Thank you" He stood up tall and continued to say. "We are out of options and are of need of new military aid, the only current people that can supply such aid are the humans, they could supply us with a distraction while you both help my sister in un-discording the rest of the Elements of Harmony." He then quickly added in "Not that I would easily suggest to use the human children, but them seem to be our only option."

Celestia sighed in defeat. "Alright, we have to find them first at the castle grounds."

Luna was shocked and immediately protested. "Tia, we can't just force them to do this! They're only children, youngsters, kids! They only just recently turned eight years old, eight Tia!"

"I know! But to save the many, we have to use the few, even I dislike this idea, but it's currently our only option with us weakened by chaotic magic. Tell me Lu Lu, did the humans seem weakened by it?" Celestia exclaimed, showing sadness in her dislike of the idea.

Luna opened her mouth to protest more, but then closed it. The idea never occurred to her, looking back she noticed how the surrounding chaotic magic did not weaken the human's energies as it did to ponies. It was like with dragons and their own resistance to magic, it just didn't seem to affect them as much.

Her head fell slightly in defeat, before nodding to her sister's reasoning. "Alright, let's go find them." With that the group went off to find the human twins and Lyra heartstrings.

The twins, saiyans, humans, munchkins, heroes, or whatever you prefer to call them, walked out of the Castle tower, suddenly all the items that were unique and strange disappeared from them, such has the berries and seeds. Thankfully Lyra had one of those healing blue berries before they vanished. Now walking through the discorded land of Canterlot with the now not-discorded-and-back-to-normal Lyra Heartstrings. The small group made it's way through the alley way, all had been peaceful and quiet, for now.

Ken turned to his adopted mother with a question in mind that he had been wanting to ask her ever since they fought her discorded self back in the Castle Tower.

"Mom, how did you get so strong?"

Lyra looked up from her own thoughts and replied to her human son. "Well, when I realized you two had powers that can get...awfully destructive, I took the time to learn and master new spells so I could protect you two from bad guys, yeah, looked how that turned out." She said the last part quietly.

Ken smiled at her answer. "It's ok mommy, its behind us now." He was happy, mom wanted to protect them instead of them always protecting themselves or her. This also told him and dad that ponies of this world can grow quite powerful, which made his saiyan instincts excite him for possible challenges.

The group made it way out of the alley way, to see a garden area, or what was a garden area.

"Didn't a grass maze used to be there? Not a black crater?" Kira pointed out.

"Um, I think so?" Ken said, while scratching the back of his head.

"Whatever happened here must hav- Duck Ken!"

"Where!? OFH!" Ken was sent crashing onto the ground from a magical attack.

Kira mentally face-hoofed on why Ken thought about the animal and not the instinct. She got into a fighting stance and saw what hit Ken, a couple of discorded unicorns and some pink figures, eight in all, not to much of a challenge if the unicorns are not trained. Neither the less, her tail wiggled in anticipation.

Ken got up as quickly as he crashed down and set himself into his fighting stance. The battlefield remained silent, before two unicorns started charging up magical blast, however they weren't as fast as Lyra who brought her own blast onto them making them flinch and disrupt their spells. Five pink figures charged at the saiyan twins. Ken leaped forward and shot his foot with quick speed, smashing into one of them, he pushed off it, and using the momentum, leaped toward another with a fist crashing into it's head. Causing both figures to dissipate.

When the figure dissipated, Ken found himself launching toward his sister, they shared a brief moment of twin communication, before Kira grabbed her twin brother's arms and flung him toward yet another pink figure. He front flipped in mid air before bringing his right foot crashing onto the figure causing it to dissipate, he then landed on the ground and looked to his right to see a unicorn shoot a magical blast toward him. But before it could contact, a shield appeared in front of him causing the blast to be absorbed into it. Ken looked to see to Lyra's horn glowing with her magical aura and realized she casted the shield for him.

The little saiyan girl Kira, jumped up from a swipe aimed for her legs, now in the air she brought her hand forward and blasted the two remaining pink figures with a Ki attack. She used her Ki to remain in the air and flew with great speed toward the two unicorns who were now recovered from Lyra's earlier attack.

The unicorns saw Kira coming toward them, they started firing round after round of magical bolts, however they seemed to past right through the little saiyan. They realized it was a illusion, or afterimage, too late as the young hybrid knocked both of them out cold from behind. Kira, now standing and brushing off some dirt from her Gi, turned her head toward her brother to see him knock out the last discorded unicorn. Ken, Kira, and Lyra walked up together into a small group once again.

"Well that was easy!" Ken boasted proudly.

Kira nodded in agreement. "Yea! We must be getting stronger!"

"Now, where is Discord!" Ken yelled, he looked around but saw no sign of the spirit of chaos, he frowned slightly.

"Don't worry brother, we'll get him!" Kira encouraged him.

"I don't think you should." Lyra said.

"Why not?" The twins replied simotiously.

"Mom, it was Discord that made you turn bad!" Ken exclaimed.

"Yes, but-"

"And it was Discord that's been messing everything up!" Kira added on.

"Yes, but that-"

"And it was Discord that-"

"DISCORD IS TOO POWERFUL FOR YOU TWO!" Lyra yelled at them. "You may be powerful, but he is still far above you in strength, I'm afraid of what may happen to you two, please, please don't go after him."

'Ken, I know that you wish to get revenge on Discord, but your letting your saiyan instincts take control of you, calm down and think things through. Discord is probably called a spirit of chaos for a reason, and might have the strength similar to Freiza with all whats happen so far. Remember what I told you about him?' Chris explained with Ken's mind.

Frieza, the tyrant ruler that completely decimated the saiyan race to only a handful of male survivors. With enough power to destroy a planet outright, ceasing it's existence. Frieza was a powerful tyrant that never had anyone challenge him, that was until Goku transformed into the legendary status of Super Saiyan. A transformation that increases the strength of the user fifty-fold, along with bulking his muscles, giving him golden hair, and teal colored eyes.

If Discord was like Frieza in any way, they didn't stand a chance.

Ken looked down to the ground, clearly realizing that he let his saiyan instincts control his human emotions. He then looked up again and turned to his sister.

"Mommy is right, We don't stand a chance against Discord." He then telepathically added 'Because he has the power of Frieza, and we let out saiyan side control our emotions...'

'We...I guess we did. Kira mentally responded.

Ken then turned to Lyra. "We're sorry mommy, your right we are not strong enough yet."

Luna, Celestia, Shining Armor, and a few guards made their way toward the Canterlot Tower. They made their way to the alley ways to discovered absolutely no enemies, in fact when they made they're way further they saw the human twins and Lyra discussing about something.

"Lyra Heartstrings! Thank goodness thou is alright!" Luna yelled out to them.

The small group of three was shocked to see Luna and Celestia, but they soon passed it off as they walked up to meet them.

"Princesses! It's good to see you, I'm sorry we didn't stay in the tower, but I got discorded and my human children had to snap me out of it." Lyra said the last part softly.

Celestia nodded, knowing that her previous assumption was true. "Do not worry my little pony, I suspected that Discord was try as much in order to discord the humans themselves."

Unbeknownst to them, except to Lyra, and the twins. Chris was nodding in agreement within the seal. 'I knew I suspected as much, good thing Discord didn't expect me to be here.'

"So, what's going to happen now?" Lyra said.

"We need your help loyal subject, My sister and I need to get to the castle, however I sense Discord is nearby and we need a distraction." The Princess of the Moon said.

"What do you mean distraction." She unsurely replied.

The Ruler of Equestria, Princess Celestia replied is a 'I don't really like this plan but we got no choice' tone "We need your humans to distract Discord."

The twins perked up, with Kira's tail straightening up in attention. Lyra on the other hand was processing the information that she just received, but before long she instantly shouted in protest.

"We can't use them like that! They can't beat him, they lose for sure! In fact Discord will... will..."

"We know, we know. But it's only for a little bit, Shining would you be so kind?" Celestia said.

The Captain of the royal guard nodded, he looked around and gave out a "Follow me" before the group moved into a nearby building. Once everyone was seated, the captain of the guard took out his map and spread it upon the wall with magic, and then got quill and ink.

"Alright, as much as I and the Princesses personally disapprove this action, it will give us time to get something to help my sister to combat Discord."

"Who's your sister?" Lyra asked.

"My sis is Twilight Sparkle." He smiled at Lyra's shocked face before proceeding on. "Now, we think Discord is right around here." He pointed to Ponyville, the Twins eyes widened at the fact that Discord was currently at their home. "All we need you to do is get here, distract Discord using whatever methods while we try to get to my sister and get Discord's mind off the Princesses."

The twin saiyan warriors were flying a high speeds towards Ponyville, the plan was simple they guessed, distract Discord with a little fight until the Elements of Harmony were ready to get him. Oh how they didn't realize how 'little' that fight would be. They flew into the streets of the once town of Ponyville, everything around them was in total chaos, ponies gone crazy in discorsion, buildings upside down, evil pink figures seeking death and destruction? Yeah, definitely normal to a saiyan.

The Dark twisted figure of Discord rose from his made up throne. The twins landed on their feet a couple meters before the spirit of chaos, this was it, this was the battle that their saiyan urges pushed them for so long. This was their battle, their fight, their war.

"Well, well, well. Isn't it my good friends? The little humans, I must admit, your little Pokémon adventure in the tower was quite interesting to watch, if only they made a game about you two." The chaotic spirit said while grabbing a glass of chocolate milk, and drinking the glass, tossing the chocolate milk behind him which then exploded.

The twin hybrids glared him with, instinctively going into their personally favored fighting stances. The thought of how much chaos he had done, and what he had done to Lyra going through their minds as their saiyan blood begins to boil in the anticipation of the upcoming battle, with all of Ponyville and the surroundings being their war zone.

"Already ready to play my game I see? I haven't even explained the rules! Now listen well kiddos, we are gonna play Extinction, since we are both the last of our species, we're gonna see survival of the fittest in action! All you have to do is beat me, which is unlikely, while trying not to go extinct!" Discord said enthusiastically.

Discord's claw and paw clenched themselves, he grinned, and the battle began.

Discord summoned clouds out of nowhere and pushed his paw forward, suddenly dozens upon dozens of tiny chocolate cloud needles came bursting through the clouds toward the twins. The twins flew upward, and the clouds redirected their fire toward them, in continued to shoot needles at them like a Gatling gun.

Kira shoot a volley of Ki blast toward the needles, which even out between the two attacks as dust began to settle. Ken came flying toward Discord's side in a fiery red aura, signifying he was already in kaioken form, he tried to hand a kick to his side, but was grabbed by Discord's tail which flung him back toward the ground.

"Your going to have to try much much harder than that, humans. Else this is going to get boring really fast." Discord mocked.

Kira let gravity take control and she fell plummeting toward the ground, but landed on the ground with one knee. She quickly brought her hands toward her forehead and rapidly charged her attack.

"Masenko Ha!" She yelled out, the bright yellow beam which decimated the cloud Gatling gun. The beam shot through it toward Discord, but he brought his left foot up, kicking the beam toward the sky!

Kira rushed forward at him, holding her left hand with her right. Discord seem to want to see what she was doing, he suddenly noticed Ken was charging a blue beam in his hands.

"Ha...Me...HA!" Ken's Kamehameha wave came forward toward him. Kira jumped up just in case Discord was to dodge it. Discord seem to notice Kira's action, and went along with it. He jumped up out of the way, making the beam explode a nearby stall market place.

"Tsk, Tsk, Tsk, you do realize how much is cost to repair those for those poor traders?" He asked them mockingly.

He turned his head back to the female hybrid, only to block an attack.

"Geken Rock!" Kira yelled out, Discord blocked the blow his paw "Paper!" She put a open palm toward his chest, but Discord made a small magical barrier to block her attack. "Si-ah!" She tried to attack his eyes but Discord shot magical beams from his eyes which forced our young heroine to retreat from him in order to dodge it.

"Let's take this to the skies!" Discord flew quickly into the sky, Ken and Kira flew after him.

Ken and Kira were now next to each other once again, Discord looking at them with his grinning canines. Suddenly both hybrids and dragon thingy charged forward at each other, which resulted into an all out brawl in the sky.

The brawl in the sky was going at incredibly fast speeds, to the naked eye, it'll look like light three light lines continuous fighting each other for territory, each time they collided a 'BANG!' would be heard that sounded like someone broke the sound barrier.






The sounds continued to shake the very sky, as the energy radiating from the battle disrupting any 'pony energy' in the atmosphere, causing the planet to return to it's basic natural course, clouds began to form naturally, some where destroyed by the resounding collisions in the battle taking place.

After what seemed to be endless sounds of battle, the sounds suddenly silenced, with two half saiyans falling from the sky, plummeting into the earth leaving craters for each of them.

Ken felt pain, lots of it, but thankfully he managed to slow down his sister's descent so she takes less damage from the fall. He himself, got a lot more of it. But thanks to Chris's seal, he is already beginning to heal.

'Sis, you alright?'

He saw his sister standing up from her crater, 'Yeah, I'm ok. Thanks for helping me slow down.' She wiped some blood off her bottom lip with her sleeve. 'This guy is so powerful Ken, I don't think we can win. Why aren't they done yet!'

'I don't know.' He mentally replied. Ken got up from his crater and went over to his sister's side. The two twin hybrids saw the figure of Discord flying downward in a standing position with his arms crossed.

Discord stretched himself a bit and re-crossed his arms. "I must say, humans are quite an interesting species, much more interesting than ponies with all you did in that little skirmish." He popped his claw and paw knuckles. "I haven't fought like that in ages! I mean literally, in one thousand and three hundred years, I haven't fought like that. Bravo"

"I was worried at first that I'll have no other challenges besides the Elements, but you proved me wrong. Too bad those Charka ponies don't exist anymore, they were quite an interesting challenge before Celestia banned the use of the energy and completely obliterated the knowledge of how to use it. Of course, in my small time out I made copies of the Charka books and spread them around the world, a little token for future users."

'Charka?' The twins thought.

"Anyhow...backtothefight!" Discord suddenly came charging at them! The human children were unprepared for his sudden change of tactics, if he had any before that was.

He clenched both of his claw and paw into fist, smashing them into the stomach areas of both Ken and Kira. Who instantly lost their breath of air and were flung onto the ground, with him still holding them down as he continued to fly forward making them smash into tons of rock as they desperately tried to get a gasp of air and out of his grip.

'D-dad, help!' Ken mentally cried out to his father for a boost.

'Here Ken! Just be more careful and watch your senses!' Chris gave some of his Ki energy to Ken, giving his body a huge boost as a small blue fiery aura took over Ken and he Kicked Discord's elbow, hard!

Discord recoiled and stopped his assault, giving enough time for the Ki-powered hybrid boy to come at his with a assault of his own. "kaioken times 2!" Ken yelled, further increasing his powers making hits, well hit, which made Discord wince as he took damage from the boy's relentless blows.

Discord crossed his arms and gathered magical energy, Ken sensed this and crossed his own arms to block as Discord let loose a surrounding explosions making Ken fly backward but thankfully land on his feet.

"Now that was interesting! I wonder how you got that sudden burst of energy hmm? It didn't seem like your own nor your mate's." Discord said grinning.

"W-what?" Ken said blushing at Discord's assumption of his sister.

"Ha! Finally you talk. Seriously I much as I have a lovely singing voice, it's never enough without a few others to pitch in."

Kira flew to her brother's side, clearly looking better other days. Her teal Gi was now torn and dirtied in many places, of course, Ken's own Gi was looking worse than well as well. The two hybrids looked at their opponent.


Kira ducked as Discord tried to land a punch, Ken came from behind Kira doing a somersault and attempted to land a kick down at him only to be blocked by Discord's arm, Kira started punching at Discord's lower body but he flipped Ken and jumped back in evasion, he then charged Ki-like magical blast in his claw and started to rapidly shoot them off while his paw created another Gatling gun cloud to shoot dozens of needles toward them.

The two twins ran to the right side by side at Ki enhanced speeds as the Discord's magical attacks landed behind them as they attempted to land on the two hyper speeding running saiyan hybrids. Ken suddenly jumped forward in a zig zag motion as he dodged the incoming projectiles, Kira back flipped high in the air dodging her own set of attacks trying to harm her, he landed her hands on a lamp post which helped her swing around and start front flipping toward Discord.

Discord gathered energy in his tail, stopped his magical blast attacks from his claw. He spinned making a slicing wave of chaotic energy towards the Ken and Kira, the two twins jumped above the wave of energy, Ken grabbed his sister and propelled her toward Discord. The young female warrior gathered white energy in her fist, her tail swishing with the wind.

Discord could swear he saw an image of a huge giant monkey behind the young girl, but such before Kira could laid a punch on him he brought his right foot a devastating speeds up toward her chin knocking her clearly into the sky with one bruise to go. Ken kept dodging the Gatling gun needles, before he charged a Kamehameha wave while in the air and shoot it toward the cloud, destroying it.

'You alright sis?' He thought to her worried.

Kira rubbed her chin with her hand, trying to ease the pain. 'I can't believe I didn't expect that! I did the same thing to you on our first spar!'

"Well, I do believe it's time to end our game. So before it does, let's add another player." The twins were confused at Discord's ranting, but before long ANOTHER Discord appeared from his body. They felt the energy decrease evenly between then, than suddenly Discord powered up to back to normal for both!

'He's been holding back this whole time!'

'Ken, we're in deep trouble, we can't handle this!'

'Ken, you two shouldn't stay here any longer! He's too much for you two!'

'Kira, we have to get out of here!'

The two started to try to leave, but both Discords came rushing toward them, the clone that was made attacked Kira, while the real one attacked Ken.

Kira dodged to the right from Clone's fist, and blocked his Knee with her own. The clone rushed forward and hit her with his other knee, making her gasp. It then gathered a magical blast in it's claw and blasted her left shoulder with it, she cried out in pain and tried to Ki blast the clone off her. It disappeared in an after image and Kira sensed it coming from behind, but it was too quick for her to react as she found herself kicked in the back making her fall down into the dirt so hard it left cracks all over.

Ken was fairing only a tiny bit better. Discord came first with a whip like weapon. "Tsk, Tsk, you been a bad boy little human, better teach you better manners." Ken grabbed his slicing pole from a nearby crater and the two weapons colliding with sparking magic. However Discord's whip got a grasp on Ken's own weapon and Discord, having superior strength, got the Slicing pole out of Ken's hands. Tossing it across the town, he then attacked Ken with his whip, Ken kaiokened and continued to dodge the barrage.

Kira strength had drastically weakened, his reserves were low and she didn't having the healing benefit of Ken's seal. All and all, she was loosing horribly. In fact, she was being given a beating as the Clone's blows continued to pass her defenses and hit her all over her body. Finally when the clone let up, Kira fell to her arms and knees, gasping for air and writhing in pain. Blood dripped from her wounds, bruises covered her, and cuts were apparent on her arms and legs.

The clone only laughed "I see your bowing down to me, well I am a King after all and your species are well below my own!"

The clone looked down at Kira's beaten figure as she struggled to stand and resume her fighting position. However then the clone did something Kira hated.

The clone lifted the young saiyan, by the tail, and squeezed it hard. Making the young saiyan warrior begin to lose her strength bit by bit, her Ki reserves depleted even lower as the clone squeezed it. "Well, I guess you lose this game, and with you, goes the hope of your species for *cough* pro-creation."

The Clone squeezed her tail harder, then flipped upward grabbed her shirt, and then gathered magical energy in his paw. He then tossed the still weakened Kira in the air, before shooting a powerful magical blast at her.

Before the magical blast could reach her, Kira did one final telepathic message to her brother.

'I'm sorry brother, I love you.' She thought to him, before the blast impacted at the center of her chest, where her heart resided. Her heart beats slowed, and slowed, and slowed, she came falling to the ground her body laid out, and still.

Ken was screaming in pain as the whip's electric current flowed into his body, shocking him drastically at high levels. He began to fight it off but it increased even more, then suddenly, he heard his sister.

'I'm sorry brother, I love you.'

He looked over to his sister, and watched her get blasted by the magical attack. His instincts took over as his hidden potential's power increased his own, he snapped the whip, rushed toward the Discord and punched his so hard he flew toward his clone, which fused back with him and then continued to fly toward the other side of Ponyville.

He immediately flew toward his twin sister, he stopped a few feet away from her and began to slowly walk toward her still figure. Dark clouds hanged over head, darkening all but figure in front of him. With every step, he began to move slower, and slower. And then finally he stopped, and fell to his knees.

And he put his arms around his sister's body, and he hugged it and put his ear with an hope that he would hear her heart, her still beating heart. But he heard nothing.

'Kira?' He thought to her.

No response

'Kira!' He tried again.

No response

'Kira, please!' He shook her gently, but still...

No response.

And he yelled to her in a crude attempt. "Sis please! Please open your eyes! Don't leave me, don't die please! Don't die sis, please...please...don't..." Tears flowed through his face as he desperately tried to awaken his twin sister. But she would not awaken, she would not respond to his calls.

He let her go, and stood up and backed away from her corpse, her figure still looking like his twin sister, in a peaceful loving dream of her smiling. But he knew she wasn't dreaming...She was dead, his sister was dead, and he did nothing to help her.

And it angered him, it angered him so greatly, that the figure responsible for it all stood tall in it's power as it joked around about it's games.

And Ken screamed.

And he screamed loud.

And he screamed not of fear, but of pure anger, pure rage and sorrow.

And he felt something reply, something so deep inside him, and he screamed for it, he yearned for it, He NEEDED IT.

Thunder and lightning crackled through the sky, both awe inspiring, yet terrifying in it's show of power. It crackled above the area where the battle was still taking place. Lightning came raining down onto the ground, creating craters as large as a small meteorite landing.

The nearby lakes and rivers, their waters becoming waves upon waves of furious rage, the edges of cliffs became shattered and fell onto the giant whirlpools of water. The earth shook in undeniable rage, within the battlefield, cracks formed from the earthquakes that ravage it. Pebbles defy the laws of physics and float within the air, some turning into dust from a unseen pressure.

The buildings of the now far city of Canterlot shook with the ravaging earth, some crumbled down into the streets and discorded citizens and soldiers scrambled around in panic. Windows cracked and shattered and fell upon those unlucky.

Within the battlefield stood a force of pure rage and sorrow, the figure standing on two legs as his fist clenched in pure need for strength. His hair flowing upward, fighting victories against the mighty wind that sweeps along the now war-like town.

The figure begins to change, it's body bulges in increasing mass, his hair turns from the black of the night into a golden color of holy light. But his eyes, are the most changed. The boy's eyes change from that of his innocent onyx colored pupils into a color fit for a being that could only be described as a entity that seeks to render judgment.

The eyes shift into a bright yet ominous teal color, a color that shows you that the being before you holds power, great power. The once child now turned into a powerful being screams his last yell of power as the transformation completes itself with a bright golden fiery aura.

And on that day, a legend unspoken in the universe that the child resides is born. The legend, known as...

A Super Saiyan