Hello all. Long time no see, eh? It's been about two years hasn't it? I guess you all wondered when or if I would come back. Heck, I didn't even know and I'm still not entirely sure as I write this. I suppose I should explain my absence. When I first began writing, I thought of it as nothing but a hobby, something to do for fun and when I had time. But then, as I went on, I began getting more and more intimidated by how much I foresaw I had to do. I became easily overwhelmed by my own second-guessing and worry. Now, two years later, after not checking my account in about as much time, I decide on a whim to see if anyone even cares or remembers my work. And I see there are new reviews and all of them are positive and as recent as last month!

All of you, you have no idea how great this makes me feel, that you took the time to read something of mine that hasn't been updated in two years. It's nice to know I still have fans out there among the millions of fanfics that exist on this site. Now, I am two years older, and perhaps, two years wiser. We will just have to wait and see, won't we? I want to get back to the old way of thinking I used to have, to write for fun and something for myself and not to please others. Hopefully, this will work out. Now, to business.

I will not lie or make promises about Mizore's Tears. I honestly love this story. I really do. However, I cannot say when the next part will be out or if it will out at all. I do, however, feel you all deserve to know what happened to me, which is why I write this to you all now.

All I will say is that I will try. I hope that is good enough for you all. No deadlines. Only my word I will try. I will only be working on Mizore's Tears from now on. So if any of you have read my other story, The Lost Colony, I'm sorry but it is gone and I'm not going back to it. Now, if any one here has suggestions or words of encouragement for me, you can either leave a review or shoot me a personal message. Or if you want to chew me out for taking so long to return, message me, but please keep it out of the reviews. Again, I apologize for being away for so long, but I am back for now. We will just have to wait and see for how long.

Archangel 52