Five years ago...

It was one of those typical nights for four year old Andrea Sillings and her five year old Cousin Lewis Street are inside the small room with small children beds that did not complement the big white computer set at the back-middle.

"Lew,lewy." The little child with long light brown hair whines, the green goggles over her aqua-blue eyes and the sleeping beauty dress reaching to her knees made child seem like a modern-day princess pilot holding something bigger than a usual egg. "Egg!"

"It's not Eas-" The little boy with brown hair covered by a dark blue-green baseball cap began, then stops when noticing she held a big orange and blue egg decorated in what appeared to be red-orange armor somewhat matching the color scheme. "-ter yet"

"I woke up and found this egg that somewhat resembles like a Bakugan ball eggyilized!" The little girl babbles,rubbing the top as she explained. "I just made up Eggyilized!"

Tonight is April 5th,of 2007.

Andrea's Grandparents are sleeping after watching a long movie, so it leaves a perfect time-line for the two toddlers to make sense of this armored egg with blue claw marks coming from the right side.

"I wonder what's inside..." Lewis begins, inspecting the object as a lack and brown male Doberman sneaks into the room wearing a red collar with light gray spikes. "Maybe Max knows if its good or not."

Max has this unique quality of sniffing something other than a human and attack it quite literally if the scents source gave bad impressions,but he would not attack the object if it had a good undescrible-able result.

"I wanna keep the chicken if it hatches." Andrea says, her hands wrapped around the oversized egg. "I'll name him 'Jack'."

Max nudged the egg after sniffing the sides.

"Nah, I'll name him 'Fire'!" The child squealed, hugging the egg while being so cheerful;At the center, there is a heart symbol with patterns of flickering flames radiating from it as the child smiled without any care of noticing what is going on.

"Andy,i-i-it's hatching!" Lewis exclaimed, pointing his hand at the cracking egg.

Instead of reacting, Andrea continuously squealed.

'I can't wait!" She repeats over the top of her lungs till and squishy slime-shaped body with grown thick, black amber armor sat in her lap. "Cool!"

"Botamon." The creature echoed,cheerfully at 7:39 PM.

"I'll get the old tuba!" Lewis easily says, darting out of the room.

"Tuba?" Andrea says, clueless until she heard a large stomach growl emerges from the protected newly-born creature,with the sound of a elephant. "My, you must be hungry."

8 Minutes later...

Lewis went all the way downstairs, after he had realized they were not in Andrea's room complete by a extra bed for any children relatives at the little girls age range and would be taken out her room into the attic above.

"Hey,why did you all-ANDREA!" The Little boy snapps,his hands on-top his baseball cap.

Behold, there is a messy kitchen with tomato soup and cottage cheese spread across the floor while a pink kirby-like creature wraps has ears around the girls face, emitting kissing-like noises.

"Get off her!" Lewis shouted, pushing the robotic kirby-creature with a red helmet nearly covering ninty-nine percent of the head except for the ears.

"Sorry, Whats the thing you are wearing? Whats this place called? What year is it? What your names? What-" The creature drones on, repeatedly asking questions like a fire missle.

"I'm Andrea Sillings."

"Lewis Street Silings."

"I'm Koromon, from the Digiworld."

Koromon? The relatives thought at once, scratching their heads with their head-gear off. What is the Digiworld? Gee. so new.

"Do you wanna go out? I wanna go out and explore!" The Koromon chirps, hopping up and down. "I just wanna Digivolve again to do this!"

"He's so random." Lewis remarks. laughing at the small creature with no legs. "Does he remind you of anybody?"

"Not really." Andrea said, her eyes being wide as a quarter sparkling at a very impressive cool sight. "I don't care if this likes to fight, leave, or run away. I adore ball-ear!"

Woof Woof!

"Ball-ear?" Lewis repeats, while Max licks the unusual creature. "I'll get some sound from this Tuba!"

Just by a long shot, The Koromon somehow transformed into a medium sized basketball often used in games by students or most famous people playing Basketball to score some points in their games.

Max curiously sniffs the ball, then stepped back when it hopped on its own.

"AWESOME!" The Relatives squeal at once.

"I totally forgot, this is Max, the Doberman." Lewis remembers, pointing to the dog huddled at the front door. "We can't go outside because we are too small. We can easily get kidnapped."

"Kidnapped?" Koromon says, his ears retract from the ball and then two remainder parts moved off for the eyes as the sharp fangs reappeared like he is related to a dinosaur. "I'll promise to keep you safe and protect you,in any way for exploring!"

The kids sigh.

"It's when small toddlers to twelve year olds get snatched away from their families, My Moma taught me about stranger danger." Andrea said, her words not completely sounding right. "What's the Digiworld? Your egg came out of the old computer."

"I don't think he knows." Lewis said, shaking his head. "Besides, he's just hatched."

"Well, I better clean up my mess."

Lewis and Andrea watch Koromon completely wipe the kitchen clean, leaving not a single sign of food left on the shining floor. It was as if Koromon had not made a big mess or was never there in the first place.

"I'm ready!" The creature cheerfully said, hopping up and down like a bouncy springer. "Koromon, Digivolve into..."

Then small light blue squares floated around the little hyper critter;they went faster as yellow big T-Rex legs with truck-like wheels attached to red metal at the wraist area,the claws sticking rom the feet are a light gray strongly resembling something related to a truck as parts on top is part of the back-bed, the shoulders have red-orange armor-carvings dented inside the structure, the arms are somewhat built like elbow-gloves being fingerless, and last: the head has a red helmet with two raised up light orange claw-like surfaces,The helmet is halfway on enough to leave fangs and his yellow skin beneath the neck be revealed towards the children.

He has blue eyes.

"Can we go now?" Andrea pleads to Lewis, giving him the puppy eyes look as her hands are together. "Pretty please with a cherry on top?

"Ah, alright." The boy sighs in defeat, looking down to his tuba and his camera hanging around his neck. "But, on one condition,we need pictures!"

"Yipe!" Andrea squeals, hopping up onto the dinosaurs back. "Lets go!"

Two hours and 36 minutes later..

"Woohooo!" The two relatives shouted, as the dinosaur ran through the streets carrying the two on his metal back not even close to being spiky.

"Did I see a robot Dinosaur?" A male passenger inside a Taxi exclaimed, with his eyes darted straight at the area where the large yellow and red/orange dinosaur once had been seen.

"Nah,You were just asleep." The Driver said,snoozing comfortably with his legs on top the dash-board and his baseball cap shadowing the eyes.

"You were asleep!" The other man said, pointing out a rather golden key factor;The kids laughed as the Dinosaur continued on its original path, while they have bags of chocolate hanging from his reptile tail.

"Fire, Transform!" Andrea shouted, while Lewis is hanging onto the body as the tuba emits these loud lengthy noises.

The dinosaur began rolling; the doors come into place at the left and right side, the engine hood flips down in-front followed soon-after by the window sheild on his chest,his legs came together form the back bed,and then the top red/blue/white sirens come in place.

After he had transformed, all three bags are beside Lewis.

"Lets do it again!" Andrea said,raising her hands into the air.

From afar, there is a peach Digiegg in the sky that has a pattern of armored chicken pox all over the shell.

"I wonder what kind of Chicken made that egg." Lewis said outloud, his eyes being goggly.

"Where?" The little girl said,her goggles drifted to another direction as her long hair came in her eyes direction. "I can't see."

Out of the egg comes a jet-like parrot creatures being very large enough to be mistaken as a dragon from the ancient medieval times. It simply drifted through space in the portal as a Digiegg. it is not a permanent resident of this planet. The Dinosaur knew by his digital Heart.


Andrea and her Nephew were thrown back from the truck,whom transformed back into his rookie stage.

"Woah." Lewis Street said, his eyes being all big.

The Dinosaur digivolved into a huge version of himself simply a Digimoned version of Optimus Prime with only red/orange color scheme ontop of his yellow and blue color; however,he has a more complicated robotic structure needing four wheels beside his feet that left his eyes the typical sea blue, and his red/orange helmet now has a tall soft-tipped spike above the nose.

"Lew,lew,lew,take picture!" Andrea demands, shaking her nephew.


The Parrot blasted blue static energy from its mouth, right at the digital monster whom clashed his horn up at the tip-top of Parrotomon's beak-seemingly breaking it by half-in attempt to apprehend the enemy.

The gigantic Dinosaur is thrown back to a building wall,somewhat unconcious.

"Lewis,gimme the Tuba!" Andrea shouts, pushing the goggles above her hair instead of being on top her eyes and reached her hands to the yellow big tuba.

"Take it, take it,take it!" The boy willingly response, giving her the instrument as the Parrotomon summoned static to its feathers.

"Koromon, remember what you said?" The girl begins, a little tear forming on her eye. "You promised."

"I'll promise to keep you safe and protect you,in any way for exploring!"

Then, she blew a big long lengthy musical note ,while her five year old cousin held her back from the gigantic dinosaur.

His aqua blue eyes shot open,then The gigantic Sami-truck dinosaur stood onto his feet and blasted a large flare of fire through his mouth at the Parrot.

Seemingly, after the attack, there is a blue-white portal hovering in the sky as a circle is around the battlefiield at which the two creatures from different universe now stood with defeat and victory.


Andrea and Lewis watched the Dinosaur float into the sky as if he did not have any neither weight nor gravity keeping him down to the damaged ground.

Fire!" The girl shouted once more; blowing the tuba again and again,long after they had left...