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Tears and nothing would sooth her, not a bottle not changing her not rocking her not even the song would sooth the child that he was pacing the floor with. "Carlisle she won't stop no matter what I do she just won't stop," Edward sounded desperate and like a disgruntled child even to his own ears.

"Here let me take her," Carlisle relived Edward of the weight of the now six month old babe. He swayed from side to side with her cooing to her but her face was twisted in distress and hot tears poured down her baby cheeks. "Now little Isabella what can distress you so that you must cry thusly," Carlisle spoke to the baby studying her intently, when she wailed once more he noticed her gums were inflamed he laid his hand against her forehead and felt the fever burning her skin. He placed his finger on her gum and felt a tiny bump where a tooth was trying to erupt. "Ah so there is our problem," he handed her back to a bewildered Edward and went to fetch something to numb her poor mouth. He rubbed the baby's gums this seemed to sooth her as her wails subsided and he gave her a bit of medicine to combat the fever that ravaged her body. Finally her eyes grew heavy and closed she leaned her head against Edward's shoulder and he rubbed circles in her back.

"Do you think she'll be ok now," Edward whispered not wanting to chance waking her from her exhaustive slumber.

"Yes I think she'll be fine we'll just have to keep an eye on her and give her more medicine every couple of hours until the fever breaks. Edward nodded before laying Bella down into her cradle and covering her lightly with a blanket. He watched her sleep gently tracing the dried tears on her cheek. "Edward," Carlisle tried to gain his attention.

"Yes," he answered but didn't turn his eyes away from the sleeping baby.

"I have to go to work, I've left the medication on the table do you think you'll be able to handle her by yourself." He gave a jerky nod he'd tell Carlisle he could do it and he'd try his damdest to do it but that didn't mean he wasn't scared out of his wits to be left alone with a sick baby. "Ok I'll be home in the morning," and with those few spoken words he was gone.

Well the baby slept Edward sat at his piano and let his fingers fly across the key's he put the song he was known to hum to Bella to music. He took ink and pen and wrote and wrote until the flowing music words stood out against the crisp white paper. He polished and reworked the song until it was perfect in his eyes. He was cleaning up the house when he heard a tiny little voice.

"Ed," he turned towards the cradle and hear it again "Ed" he looked over the edge and there was tiny Bella staring up at me all big brown eyes, "Ed," surely he'd heard wrong surely she hadn't said what he thought she did," "Ed," and there was the word once picked her up from her bed and held her in front of him.

"Ed," she stared at him intently so much more intelligence in her eyes then should be afforded a child of her age. Tiny tears once again started to glisten in her eyes and he checked the time giving her the medicine that Carlisle had left behind for her and then playing her the remastered song. She was once again sleeping soundly when Carlisle made his way home. Only six months old and she already had him wrapped around her little finger.

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