Bonus content! Part 3

A/N: I really didn't intend to write so much fluffy bonus content, but a drabble like this doesn't really belong in my catch-all "Shore Leave." Will there be more? Your guess is as good as mine.

Shepard lay in bed, eyes open. Weeks had passed in a sort of rural paradise at the orchard house. During the war, she had sometimes allowed herself to dream of "after" of simply resting and not fighting. Now that it was a reality, she enjoyed it more than she thought she would. But there was also time for more thinking than she'd had in years. Thinking about what she'd thought her life would be….

The silhouette of the bassinet was outlined by a faint line of moonlight shining through the window. Kaidan had just settled beside her, his breathing starting to become even.


"Hmm?" he murmured sleepily.

"Is this what you wanted?"

"What?" His voice was thick with sleep and she turned over to face him as he blinked and rubbed his eyes.

"This life. Us. The baby." She licked her lips. "I mean, we never really talked about kids—David was a surprise to both of us and as soon as we head back to London, the press will have a field day—the first two human Spectres—us being who we are... in an open, acknowledged relationship—"

"Married, you mean," he interrupted, now awake, as he grasped her left hand and kissed the ring on her finger. His matching silver band glinted in the dim light.

Shepard continued, refusing to be distracted. "And with a baby... I don't think the Alliance will court martial us because of the rebuilding and all, but there's going to be consequences." She took a deep breath. "I just want to know that this is what you want."

He stared at her for a moment then reached out, sliding his fingers through her hair. "Actually... no.

Shepard was so surprised she just stared at him, open-mouthed.

"I had pictured something different than a baby," he admitted, his voice low and serious. "More than one, actually. Two or three little Shepards running around the orchard, climbing trees, stealing fruit, getting sticky fingers everywhere—"

"Two or three?" Shepard said faintly, finding her voice.

"Or four or five," he continued, his fingers tracing idle patterns down her arm. "Not to mention the litter of varren pups that will be at their heels—"

"Kaidan Alenko!"

"Hush," he said smiling, leaning over to kiss her on the mouth, "you'll wake the baby. Besides," he continued, tugging her close, nuzzling her until her grumbling had faded into little sounds of pleasure, "who said anything about moving to London? I sent an e-mail to Hackett yesterday. He wants us to head the recovery efforts in Vancouver and here in Okanagan is a nice place to commute from. Lots of fresh air for little David," he murmured, his mouth finding that sensitive spot on her collarbone, "and however many of his brothers and sisters."