Hey! This story just came to me as an idea after re-watching The Almost People and A Good Man Goes To War. Basically, 3 years after Amy giving birth to Melody she is pregnant again. She is alone in her and Rory's house and is about to give birth. She is terrified that she will have to to it alone again. Rated T, I don't think it should be M rated but I'm not sure. Inform me if I am wrong and I will change it!

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"What kind of life will you grow up in eh? We could keep from you, that you have a sister who is god knows how many years older than me. How she is half human and half Time Lord, and is already married after giving birth to her away from Earth only 3 years ago. One day, hopefully one day we can explain so you can understand. We'd love to show you the stars and the wonderful places me and Rory have been. How our lives are different to anyone else's. Oh and the mad man with a box who comes every Christmas time for dinner. I am so exited for a happy family this time, with a proper way to bring you up. I am so exited for the day you arrive yet so scared that something will happen like last time, alone and in agony." Amy rubbed her stomach, looking down at it as she laid back into the comfort of the sofa, taking a deep breath in and out trying to put aside the horrible memory of last time.

Amy was due in under a month's time. She wasn't feeling too great; pains in her stomach had emerged and disappeared all day. Ones she had never felt before. She didn't know what it was during the pregnancy as that was skipped previously. She just thought it was normal. Maybe she shouldn't have sent Rory to work. He should really be here with her, but Amy insisted he went. Why? She didn't know.

She gripped tightly onto the sofa and slowly dragged herself up, holding her stomach with her free hand. Dragged her tired feet and headed for the kitchen. She grabbed hold of the door handle and opened the door to the kitchen but suddenly.

A horrific pain streamed though Amy's stomach, a feel of sickness ran up to her mouth. She gasped and held onto the door frame. Another pain shot though her, adding to it and made it even worse. She let out a yell and collapsed, sliding down the wall and landing in a heap on the floor. She took sharp intakes of breath and hugged her stomach. But that is when she realised. There was only one time she had felt this pain that was as bad as this before and it was when she gave birth to Melody. No, no, no, it's not happening now is it? It can't be, please not now. A cold feeling reached her heart, her blood turned cold, terror took over. Rory, Rory's not here. She thought of how scared she was last time; she can't be alone, not this time. The phone, she needed the phone. She rummaged into her pockets desperately trying to find her mobile. Unable to find it her hands weakly wrapped around the door frame and she tried to pull herself up. Her skinny legs shook as struggled to walk to the living room, which was where the house phone was situated. She almost crawled into the living room and caved in onto the sofa. She let an agonising groan out as the torture in her stomach rose rapidly. She snatched the house phone and dialled Rory's mobile.

She held it to her ear, tighter and tighter as each second that Rory didn't pick up. The dial rang once, twice and then rung off. She tried again, desperately, then a third time.

"Please pick up, please, please, please." Amy whispered to herself in distress.