"Come on Amy, you have to push now." A midwife urged Amy as she lay on the birthing bed. 'Push', that word haunted Amy, Madame Kovarian's words. But she knew that couldn't get to her at this moment. Rory is here and they are about to have a baby, it is what she wanted and what she is going to get.

She stared deep into Rory's eyes, still wearing his nurse uniform from work as she squeezed his hand tightly. He stoked her hair as she took deep breaths in and out pushing as much as she could. She closed her eyes tight, held her breath and focussed. She gave one last push, the pain screaming inside of her and…relief. A new life cry began, the baby was delivered.

Amy lay sat up on the hospital bed and Rory next to her. She held the new arrival in her arms. A beautiful ginger haired girl was snuggled up in the white blanket. Rory and Amy smiled at each other as the baby gripped one of Rory's fingers.

"She's beautiful." Rory declared, kissing the baby on her head.

"We finally have it." Amy said, caressing the baby on its cheek as it gurgled up at her.

"Have what?" Rory questioned.

"A proper, human family. I cannot wait for River to meet her."

"Now what shall we call her?"

"What do you like?" Amy asked, "I chose Melody, so what do you like?"

"I like…Harmony."

"I like Harmony too." Amy looked at her warmly, as if the name was meant for her.

"Well, welcome to the family, Harmony Williams." Rory leant in and kissed her softly again. Amy retracted her look and gave Rory a glare.

"Hah! Harmony Pond!" she proclaimed jokingly. They both laughed together for a moment and then tenderly kissed to celebrate their new arrival.

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