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Mrs. Everdeen frowned as she watched her 5-year-old daughter tackle the neighbor boy. The girl was small for her age, though she made up for it with her strength and speed. Being an apothecary for the poor side of district 2, she knew it would only be a matter of time before the little brunette attracted The Academy. Sighing she turned back to the pain medication she was making for the said academy, when she heard a knock on the door.

Wiping her hands on her apron she made her way towards the door, to see Marcus's smiling face through the screen.

"Ah Marcus, I'm almost finished with the pain medication, you can come come in if you want." The young man nodded. Marcus Blackard was the 49th Annual Hunger Games victor, and one of the 5 current trainers for The Academy. Nodding the 20-year-old walked into the small house and smiled as he saw the little girl pin the boy on the ground. Turning back to Mrs. Everdeen he frowned.

"I'm afraid I'm not here for the pain medication Mrs. Everdeen... I'm here for Katniss..." Tears formed in the older woman's eyes as she realized what was happening. District 2 was taking her only child away from her. Knowing it was futile to refuse The Academy she nodded, placing a hand across her face in attempt to stop the tears. Walking to the back door she looked through the screen.

"Katniss" she chocked. "There's someone here that wants to see you" the little 5-year-old automatically got off the boy and ran into the kitchen, frowning when she saw Marcus. She looked back at her mom.

"Why's Marcus here?" she asked in her innocent voice. Trying to smile Mrs. Everdeen pulled her daughter into a hug.

"Marcus is here to take you to The Academy, you've been called to be a career" Katniss's eyes lit up, it was a huge honor to be called so young. Nodding she gave her mom a hug before walking over to the Victor.

"I'm ready Mr. Marcus sir" the man laughed and pulled the young child into a hug, one of the last she would have from a parental figure.

"Alright little one, let's begin your training."


Cato frowned as he stared at the target his father had put on a tree. As the son of two Victor parents Cato was a guarantee to be a career. And today was the day the almost 6-year-old would be taken to The Academy. Smiling Cato took aim before letting the small knife fly through the air, hitting the target, but not the bullseye. Groaning the blonde raced over and grabbed the knife again before going back to his original spot and repeating the process. This time he was much closer, but still not close enough for his liking. Sighing he had just gone back to the knife when he heard a clap. Turning he saw Marcus with a girl that couldn't be much younger than him. Running over to him he frowned at the little girl before smiling up at Marcus.

"I'm practicing EVERYDAY!" The 5-year-old said. The girl behind him snorted and grabbed the knife out of his hand. Throwing it towards the target it landed perfectly in the bullseye. Looking at the little girl in shock he frowned. "How'd you do that? he asked. The little girl shrugged before getting a smirk on her face.

"I'm just better than you obviously!" Cato frowned, but perked up when the girl offered him a hand. "My name's Katniss, and I'm going to The Academy... you want to be friends?" The blonde nodded.

"I'm Cato... We're going to be BEST friends."

Twelve Years Later.

Cato laughed as he sprinted through the obstacle course, focusing on getting to the weapons rack before his opponent. Looking back he smiled as he saw his best friend on his heels. He was just about to reach for his sword when he felt himself falling to the ground. Rolling he turned ready to attack when he saw Katniss poised to kill with a knife in her hand. Laughing again Cato held up his hands in defeat, knowing full well that the brunette was just as lethal with a knife as she was with a bow.

"Ok, ok you win this round beautiful." he said looking into his girlfriend's eyes. The brunette smiled and threw down the knife before laying down with him. The two sat in comfortable silence for a few minutes before anyone spoke.

"The reaping is in two weeks Cato, what are we going to do?" The blonde career wrapped his arms around her pulling her securely next to him.

"They won't choose both of us Kat. They know we won't kill each other, and they want to win. District 1 has been too good these past few years to let them do that."

Katniss nodded.

"I Know C, but what about the rules? What if one of our names is reaped? Careers aren't allowed by The Academy to volunteer for another career." Cato shook his head.

"If you're reaped and I'm the one to volunteer, I won't do it, I'll talk Lou into it ok?" Katniss nodded again, leaning up she placed a small kiss on her boyfriend's lips. "We're gonna be fine Kat, I'm not gonna leave you. No matter who they pick as a tribute. We are the two best careers in District two, and you're only 17. You've got one more year. They'll want a huge story, to bring more 'Pride' to the district." Laughing the blonde brought his hand up like he was reading a headline. "The 74th Annual Hunger Games Victor Cato Sky, Marries 75th Annual Hunger Games Victor Katniss Everdeen at the capitol, President Snow has accepted invitation." Katniss laughed and slapped her boyfriend's chest playfully.

"We will see Cato... Who says I want to marry you?" The blonde looked at her shocked, concern clearly on his face. Laughing the younger girl smiled.

"I'm kidding Cato..." the girl laughed but stopped when she noticed he wasn't laughing with her. Sitting up she looked into his eyes, slightly concerned. "what's wrong baby?" she asked.

"Well would you?" he questioned. Katniss looked at him confused.

"Would I what? Come on C you're being more cryptic than Marcus." Cato sat up and looked at her.

"Would you marry me?" Katniss's eyes widened.

"Are you asking me as in formally or are you asking in general?" Cato stuck his hand in his pocket and fought for a few seconds before pulling out a ring box, and opening it.

"I'm asking you Katniss Everdeen, to marry me Cato Sky and give me the greatest honor of them all, to be your husband when one of us, probably me, gets back from the games." Katniss looked at the ring, it was small for a District 2 engagement ring, but most careers waited until they became victors to propose to their loved one. Tears forming in her eyes she nodded. Cato smiled and placed it on her finger. "It's official then, Katniss Everdeen, you are MINE, forever.


Cato sat nervously as he waited for his fiance to come out of the training center. It was three days before the reaping and the District 2 Academy was having it's annual evaluation to choose the tributes. Tapping his foot impatiently he stood when the door opened, only to see Madge come out. Sitting back down he called her over.

"How's she doing?" He asked. Male careers were not allowed to watch the women be evaluated. Madge smiled and rolled her eyes.

"She's kicking ass what else do you expect? You've trained her well, Though I heard you got a 10, that's pretty good Cato" the blonde nodded but still looked at the door wearily.

"Yeah I got a 10, but what if she scores higher than me? She'll go into the games, and at 17, I should be the one going in there. If I can keep that girl out of the arena I will." Madge nodded and sat down next to the career. It was no secret that Cato and Katniss had been dating for 5 years. And while careers dating before becoming victors, was against the rules, Cato and Katniss were so well liked the Trainers made an exception.

"She'll be fine... Marcus and Tamarah love you two... they know that Katniss has one more year... she'll probably participate in the quarter quell instead" Cato nodded and stood up as Katniss walked out of The Academy. Looking at her he frowned, not being able to tell what she was thinking. Walking up to her he pulled her into a kiss.

"What did you get?" She looked at him sadly, before handing over her sheet. Reading it out loud he began.

"Survival skills 10, Plant knowledge 11, Hand to Hand combat 11, Weaponry 11, Archery 12, overall score... 11" Katniss looked up at Cato before bursting out into tears. Pulling her into a hug, the blonde tried desperately not to cry. "it's ok babe..." Madge looked at the two confused. Since she was not a career she didn't realize what this meant. Seeing the confusion on her face Cato looked at Madge sadly. "Whoever gets the highest score and the lowest score are usually the tributes chosen to volunteer, with the lowest score chosen as the sacrifice." Madge still looked confused causing Katniss to step away from her fiance.

"It means Madge that Cato won't be volunteering... It means I am the tribute for District 2."


Cato awoke to his bed slightly shifting. Opening his eyes he saw Katniss roll out of bed and put on her hunting boots. Technically She wasn't supposed to be in his room, but they never had followed the rules, even when they were younger. Sighing he rolled over and sat up. Seeing he was awake Katniss sighed in sympathy. Walking over to his fiance he pulled her into a hug, and Katniss slipped her arms around his bare waste.

"Morning beautiful... why are you awake? it's only 5... the reaping doesn't start for another 6 hours" he questioned. Katniss pulled back and looked up into her man's eyes.

"I can't sleep C... what if something goes wrong? What if District 1 is stronger than me? you know for a fact that Lou isn't strong enough to help me more than past the cornucopia he got an 8! I have no idea how he's going to.." Cato pulled the blonde into a kiss effectively cutting off the girl's paranoid rant. Pulling back he smiled.

"Babe, you're going to be fine ok? My mom and I have a ton of money saved for anything I might need in the arena... and since I'm not going... it's going all to you ok... Just remember... when you start 'training' make an alliance with the other careers ok and don't run from the cornucopia... as much as you want to. Get to a bow, and the throwing knives they are there every year." Katniss nodded, before grabbing her coat and making her way down to the training area. She figured she had a good twenty minutes before Cato came down to join her in their morning routine.


Katniss groaned as she stripped her clothes off and got into the shower, The reaping was in an hour and she would never be ready for it in time. It was traditional for the two volunteers to dress very fancy, as it only took them four hours to get to the capitol. Taking her hair out of the usual braid she let her waist long hair fall down, making sure it was completely wet before starting to shampoo it. She started to hum as she slowly washed her body. She was her own little world was disrupted by the shower door opening and closing. Turning she saw Cato, smiling she leaned up on her tip toes and kissed him.

"I about broke your neck! you know it's not the smartest idea to sneak up on a career right?" Cato laughed and rubbed her shoulders, slowly kissing her neck. Grabbing her luffa she smashed it against his face causing him to laugh, and tickle her stomach. Giggling the brunette pushed off the bigger blonde and continued showering.

"The reaping is in less than an hour Cato, we don't have time for any funny business." The blonde shook his head, wrapping his arms around his fiance's thin waste.

"But that's exactly why we should, you'll be leaving in an hour, and we won't get to have sex for a very. long. time." he said kissing her shoulders after every word. Rolling her eyes Katniss turned back to her lover and sighed.

"This is my first impression on the sponsors, and you want me to mess it up by being late, or by not looking my best don't you?" Cato put on a mock shocked face.

"Me? Never!" Cato looked down at Katniss, playing with her wet hair. "I just don't want you to forget me," He pouted. Katniss rolled her eyes, and kissed him.

"Well I don't think I could forget you Cato, even if I wanted to, you're my life, my soulmate... And I don't know what I would do if I lost you." Cato smiled before shaking his wet hair at her.

"I love you too Katnip." Katniss hugged the blonde, and they stayed there in the shower for a few more minutes, in silence.


Cato and Katniss ran through the town hand in hand as they made their way towards the town hall. When they finally made it there they checked in. Grabbing each other's hands they looked into each other's eyes for the last time. Kissing her cheek Cato made his way to the 18-year-old males while Katniss went towards the inside of the 17-year-old females. Since Katniss knew she was going be volunteering, so she made her way towards the front inside and looked to Cato. The blonde turned and gave his fiance a wink, before turning back to Effie, District 2's chaperone.

"Welcome welcome, now we all know why we are here, so why don't I just skip the boring parts and get to the tributes?" The crowd cheered and the strange woman bent down into the bowl, picking out a name.

"Madge Undersee" Katniss let out a sigh of relief. She would be saving Madge, one of her best friends. Taking a deep breath she smiled taking a step around the barricade.

"I volunteer as tribute!" She shouted. The entire group clapped as she walked up to the Capitol woman.

"Ah... as usual, we have a volunteer, what is your name lovely?" passing the mic to Katniss. Clearing her throat she smiled.

"Katniss Everdeen," The strange looking woman smiled.

"Well then Katniss Everdeen, let's see who you are competing against." Cato clapped as he smiled proudly at his fiance. He then turned to the men's bowl, and watched as she pulled a name out. 'Not that it matters,' he thought. He watched as the white haired woman smiled, stepping back up to the microphone.

"The male tribute for District two is. Cato Sky"