'Fuck...' Karkat screamed in his head. "She asked me to hold on to it. She's got something on there that she doesn't want Feferi or Equius to see." He said. Hopefully this sounded believable.

"Ahh." he grinned a little bit, not letting it show in his voice. "Okay. If you thay tho."

Karkat waited until he heard the patter of Sollux's typing resume before breathing a sigh of relief. He had successfully lied to his matesprit... Wait... He was lying to Sollux. He felt a knot form in his stomach. "This sucks..."

Sollux dug through the files, keeping an eye on the bathroom door. He felt a twinge of pain in his chest. Karkat was lying to him. Why? What was all of this?

Karkat tried to not think about the current situation by figuring out what he was going to say to James to get the kids in school to leave Sollux alone.

"Hmm..." he hummed quietly, sitting back as he looked through the pictures, not really... Getting anything from them. He knew what this was. He knew how it worked now at least. Karkat seemed so secretive over all of this. Sollux grinned, shaking his head as he got up, locking his computer before going into the bedroom and changing into pjs.

Karkat decided that he needed to just stop thinking in general as he turned the water off. He wrapped the towel around his waist before going into the bedroom. He had stopped caring about Sollux watching him change so when he got to his dresser he got a pair of boxers and his pajamas out. He let the towel drop as he pulled his clothes on.

Sollux curled up in bed, looking at him. "Nice ath KK." he said, laughing a little as he pulled the covers over him.

"Shut up." Karkat said as he climbed on to the bed, sliding under the covers to cuddle with Sollux. "Go to thleep Thollukth."

"Dick." he grumbled curling up next to his lover. "You're tho mean to me." he mumbled, "But I love you."

"That's the first time I've made fun of your lisp in a while!" Karkat grumbled. "Besides you know I think it's cute." He kissed the tip of Sollux's nose. "Seriously though, go to sleep."

Sollux nodded. "I know. You're cute too." he said, gently curling up with him as he fell asleep.

Karkat heard the alarm go off, turning it off quickly before it woke Sollux. He gently pulled Sollux's arms from around his waist as he sat up. He ran his fingers through Sollux's hair before kissing his cheek and getting up to make food. Karkat cooked himself something small for breakfast, taking most of the time to make a good dinner/lunch for Sollux. He sighed as he put the food into the Tupperware containers thinking about how much he acted like a housewife... "Oh well... It seems to make Sol happy..." he smiled softly. He went back to the room to change clothes for school.

Sollux grumbled a little, rolling over into the warm spot left by Karkat's body. "Nnn..." he grumbled quietly.

Karkat smiled, walking over to the bed after he had finished changing. "I love you Sol. Sweet dreams." He kissed Sollux's cheek before heading out to the living room to get his shoes, bag and jacket.

School was fairly boring. Tavros was finally back. Gamzee was in all of his classes which made things so much better. He almost missed his horns. He felt naked without them. His hair had grown out some, making the hair droop down part of his face instead.

It was lunch time and Gamzee had grabbed two trays, one for him and one for Tavros. "Here's your food, Tav." He smiled. "Hey look! Karkat!"

Karkat heard Gamzee say his name. "Hey fuckers. How's your first day?"

Tavros shrugged. "Okay I guess." he said quietly. He wheeled up to the table. "Still adjusting. I've been uh... Out of the hospital for a week and it's still hard getting used to this."

"When are the new legs coming in?" Karkat asked. "That didn't make any sense but you know what I mean."

Gamzee sat down by Tavros. "Where is Sol?"

"He... He had an episode yesterday and they suspended him... He won't be here again until next week." Karkat sighed. "Speaking of that little fuck. I need to go call him to make sure he eats." Karkat got up, waving to the pair before leaving.

"Next month." he grumbled. "Had to get them ordered and made and stuff." he frowned. Tavros waved and smiled as he watched him leave. "I'm so happy he has someone."

Sollux sat at his computer watching the files that had been addressed to Karkat. It was so funny having to hack them. It took almost no time at all.

Karkat walked into the bathroom, pulling his phone out and dialing Sollux.

Sollux made a face as the videos started. "Ew..." he grumbled, pausing them to pick up his phone. "KK why are you calling me from thcool?"

"Don't forget to eat. There is food in the blue Tupperware containers in the fridge. Microwave them for 5 minutes before eating them." Karkat said. "I told you I would call..."

Sollux grumbled. "Do I have to?" he said, shaking his head. "I will in a minute. I'm buthy."

"Sollux. If I don't hear the microwave turn on in the next few seconds, I'm coming home and shoving the food down your protein shoot." Karkat grumbled.

Sollux grumbled. "Fine." he got up, grabbing the food from the fridge and shoving it in the microwave. "How long?" he asked again, clicking his tongue.

"Me too. He seems a lot less crabby when he thinks of Sollux." Gamzee said. "But I have to say

that I'm luckier than he is and that's all because I have you, Tavbro." Gamzee smiled at him.

"Awww, Gamzee, you're so sweet." he said, smiling.

Gamzee smiled. "Can I have a kiss?"

Tavros nodded, looking around to make sure no one was watching before he leaned over and gently gave him a kiss on the cheek, his face turning pink.

"Thanks." Gamzee smiled. "You're so cute."

"5 minutes." Karkat smirked. "You know I only do this because I love you."

"I know, I know." he grumbled, making a scowl as he turned on the microwave. "Thith ith tho boring here at home without you. Therth nothing on TV, no one online... Guhhhh..."

"Well... Watch a movie or something. We have tons of movies plus you know you can hack that Netflit thing." Karkat sighed. "I need to go eat something but I'll text you later. Okay?"

Sollux nodded. "Yeah." he said, rubbing his arms. "I'll find thomething."

"I love you." Karkat smiled as he said it.

"I love you too." he said, frowning. "I hope you know I can't eat all of thith."

"That was the point. You better put a nice sized dent in it. Talk to you later, fuckwad." Karkat smiled as he hung up.

Sollux rolled his eyes, letting it finish cooking before he took it out of the microwave, digging in. Whatever it was, it tasted good.

Karkat rejoined Tavros and Gamzee at the table after getting himself some food. They spent the time talking about various things before they had to part ways. Later, Karkat walked into the gym, heading toward the locker room. He saw James changing in the corner. "Hey, I need to talk to you."

James blinked, pulling on his shirt. "What's up?" he asked, blinking.

"I want you to get your friends to leave Sollux alone." Karkat said bluntly. "He doesn't want me fighting any more so I can't do much more than ask you to help without him getting mad at me." James blinked.

"Why should I help you?" Karkat smirked.

"If you don't I'll tell everyone about what you were doing yesterday with the male Biology teacher."

The boy gasped, his face turning red. "Y-You have no proof!"

"I do and you won't get it until the end of the school year. Get them to leave him alone. Think you can do that?"

James stuttered over his words and nodded fiercely.

"Good boy." Karkat smirked as he turned to go change into his gym clothes. He didn't care what he had to do to protect Sollux and if that meant blackmailing a human then he was perfectly okay with that.