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The sun blazed down creating another beautiful day. A slight breeze kept everyone from complaining about the heat especially as it was an exceptionally busy day.

Danny had intended to have the day off from working and Ed and Rosie were more than happy to let him but emergency calls and sick giraffes left him with no choice. In the meantime Nomsa and Caroline were keeping busy in the kitchen, they'd made enough food for what seemed like the entire town, which was about right seeing as most of them were coming this afternoon.

Alice was switching between looking after Robert and helping in the mad rush in the surgery. Nothing ever went to plan round here anyway. Charlotte was happy to keep Robert company, she like everyone else had a tendency to spoil him rotten. Especially today.

Baby Robert was fast growing up from being a baby. He'd spent the first 6 months of his life living in England with his mum and for an even shorter period his sister and his father were there too. And the last 6 months here, in Africa. Not that he was really aware of it, he was still too young to take much notice of the vast surroundings, but his family were there. His parents, his sisters and however else you'd describe everyone else. Oh and Cassidy, the cheetah, who had surprisingly taken a warm liking to Robert.

The house and outside was being decorated for his 1st birthday. Balloons and streamers covered the living room and were slowly being transferred outside to attach to the veranda. Danny had gone all out in buying supplies for the party and making sure everything was perfect. Alice was quite happy to let him take care of things, it was his way of trying to make up for the fact that he'd missed a lot of his first year and the fact that he'd tempted Alice to move back to Africa.


By 4pm the party was in full swing, all the guests had arrived including many of Roberts friends from the baby and toddler group he attended. Dup's son Kirk, his wife and children had also come down from the city so everyone was enjoying catching up with them. Danny, the proud father paraded Robert around on his hip whilst Alice attempted to not fuss over him.

Fatani was in charge of the braai, a role of which he had assigned himself to much to Liv's worry who was constantly watching over his shoulder sure that something would be charcoaled.

"Liv I'm perfectly capable!" He tried to get her to back off

Liv giggled wrapping herself into him, she wasn't going to let him go.

Rosie watched on from the veranda as she caught up with some shade. It was times like these that she loved being back home and it made her wonder how she ever lived without it. Beyond the mix of people and chatter the vast backdrop of the African bush made her smile. For miles all you could see was grasslands, hills and trees. The whole place was alive yet it looked so calm and peaceful.

Whatever it was that kept her in Cape Town for those years didn't seem to make sense now. Well she knew what it was but there was nothing she could do about it, at the time it made perfect sense.

"You alright love?" Danny asked coming out of the house behind her

Rosie turned to him and smiled

"Yeah course, you having a good day?"

"You bet" he winked

"Come on then" Rosie took his arm and led him back down the steps to where life resumed. Life was good.