Hello readers! This is my first YJ story ever so bear with me. I originally just wrote Disney show stories but I like superhero shows way better. I've just never been confident enough to post one. My favorite superhero EVER is Batgirl (Barbara Gordon) and I would absolutely LOVE if they brought her on the show. I did most of my Batgirl research on Wikipedia and the tv show "The Batman". In "The Batman" Batgirl actually appears a season or two before Robin (Dick Grayson version) but obviously that's not the case in YJ. So yeah this story is a Batgirl story. I hope you like it and would love it if you would review! Thanks so much! ~Britt

p.s. sorry its so short! it looked so much longer on my Ipod.


Please say today is the day! I've wanted this for years, I have to get this. I walk over to the mirror and brush my red hair. I wonder if Batman will have me cut my hair for 'function'. I sure hope not. My dad knocks on my bedroom door.

"Come in!" I call. My dad walks in with his full police gear on.

"Hey Barbara. So you're coming home straight after school today, correct?" he asks, well more of states with a cocked eyebrow.

"I was wondering if I could go over to a friend's after school actually." I say slowly. My dad, being the commissioner and all, is a wee bit overprotective.

"Who's house? Is it that Richard kid?"

"Yes actually. We're just going to do homework and have cookies. Like we do practically every day." I say, a bit annoyed with my dad's constant questioning.

"Alright honey, but make sure you get a ride home."

"'Course dad." after that riveting, exciting conversation, we head off to school. My dad drops me off with the usual "love you have a good day be safe" stuff. I run over to my friend Dick Grayson, who as usual, has a mischievous smirk on his face.

"Did you freak out that poor Artemis girl again? You do know that eventually she'll figure out... You know..." I say.

"No, of course not. I value my identity more than anything Babs. I was just thinking about my friend Wally, who right now is probably just waking up and realizing he's late for school." he answers. At my confused expression he says: "We had a late night mission last night."

"If he went to Gotham Academy he would be expelled the first time he was late. Not the fifth." I say shaking my head.

"So, you meeting the Bats today?" Dick asks. I still couldn't get over the fact that calm, collected and proper Dick could really be Batman's protégé. Apparently his friend Wally was a hero as well. He wouldn't say which one, just that he was. I know everyone is wondering why in the world Robin told someone his secret identity but let me just say that I found out on my own. I followed him one time when he was fighting crime and told him the next day my suspicions. He could tell I wasn't convinced with his various excuses so he just confirmed by hunch. He then asked Batman about possibly enlisting me. One, to ensure his identity would be safe, and two, because I am at an Olympic level in gymnastics. I obviously can't go yet (I'm only fourteen) but I am still quite a bit better than many Olympians (or so I've been told.). After a lot of convincing Batman agreed to, in Dick's words, "audition me" for a possible part-time "job".

"Yeah, but my dad thinks me and you are studying and eating cookies."

"Well, technically you are studying. Just from the Batman instead of books. And we'll probably eat cookies anyway." Dick responds.

"Good point. Do you think Batman will want me on your team thing?" I ask.

"What team?" he asks nervously.

"Uh, you and Batman, and I'm guessing Alfred's in on it too." I respond.

"Oh yeah, that team." he says.

"Is there another team you work for?"

"No, of course not."

"You are a really strange human being, Dick Grayson."

"Same with you, Barbara Gordon."


"Jeez, Di- I mean Robin. This sure is high up." I say, slightly nervous.

"Not really. It's only two stories." he answers, unconcerned. I don't see how he's not out of breath. We just grappled up here, which for me was a very frightening experience. Stop it Barbara! I tell myself. You have to be totally unafraid.

Batman arrives. I'm not exactly sure when, because one minute I'm just standing there and the next he's right behind me. Freaky.

"Miss Gordon. Nice to see you came." he says in a low, scratchy voice. I'm not really sure if he's serious about that because he doesn't sound pleased at all.

"Um... Thanks." I respond, adjusting the ski mask that Robin insisted I wear.

"First. I already know how you figured out who Robin is but I do not intend you find out who I am. Second, I gave Robin a list of questions to ask you and then I want you to show me if you really are as good at Robin says you are." he says, narrowing his eyes. Robin looks a little surprised that Batman actually talked so much to a stranger. Batman gives him a look and then he starts reading from a piece of paper.

"Why do you want to be a "hero"?"

"I've always been interested in criminal justice but have never had the chance to study it." I say, hoping I didn't just make a fool of myself in front of Batman.

"Uh Batman, that's the only question." Robin remarks, confused.

"I know that." Batman responds.

I take it that this my cue to do my gymnastics. I back handspring five times and do a flip onto the chimney of the roof. No response from Batman. Dick told me not to expect much, apparently Batman's an emotionless person. I do a few more gymnastic feats but don't really feel like a gymnast is what Batman's looking for. He's looking for a crime fighter. He points to a laundry line that is stretched between the two roofs.

"Walk across." he says. I swallow hard. I've never done something so dangerous. But I have to. This is my chance to be what I've always wanted to be. Not an Olympian, a masked vigilante. I walk over to the edge of the roof. Take a deep breath, and start. I'm surprised at how easy it is. I feel like I'm on the balance beam at the gym. I do stumble a few times (hello people, this is a line of rope!) but get to the other end safely (I even flip onto the roof just for good measure.). I walk back across, this time more confident, and look at the Batman for further instructions.

"Robin, spar with Ms. Gordon." Batman says. Robin looks a bit hesitant but does as requested. He knows way more ways to punch someone than I do (but thankfully never actually makes more contact that a light tap.) but I'm quick and dodge most of them and even kick his feet out from under him. After we're both thoroughly tired Batman tells us to stop. Suddenly both him and Robin run over to the edge of the roof. I follow. They are looking down at a few men carrying a rather large crate out of the building we're on top of.

"Those three are planning to use the chemicals in that crate to poison Gotham Lake. Ms. Gordon, go take them out." Batman says quietly.

"What? But they're probably armed." I say, frightened.

"You can do it Babs, there's only three." Robin says, smiling encouragingly.

"Well if I die it's your fault" I say, right before I jump off the building onto one of the men. The rest of them look startled but quickly regain their composure. I jump and do a split kick to knock the guns out of their hands and then kick one in the head and punch the other. The one I kicked apparently has a really concussion-prone head, because he is out cold. The other was shaken but wouldn't give up that easily. I start doing an all-out fist fight with him (I'm not quite sure where I learned all this stuff, but assumed it was from watching superhero movies on Saturday nights with my father.). He almost won many times but eventually he realized it was a lost cause and ran off. I started to chase him when. Robin laid a hand on my shoulder.

"Don't worry Babs, the Bats has got that one covered. Help me handcuff these two."

"Did I do okay?" I ask.

"Really good actually, but Babs, do you really want to do this type of stuff? I don't want you getting hurt. You're one of my best friends ever and I don't want to be the reason you possibly die." Robin says quietly.

"I've never been more sure in my life Robin. When I was taking those dudes down, something in me just clicked. I've always wanted to be a part of the justice system, but I didn't know how until this night. Besides, Batman might not even want me. Right?"

"I don't know. He seemed pretty impressed, I mean, as impressed as Batman actually gets."

"I'm guessing that's not a lot."

"Not really, but hey, it's something. He said he'll sleep on it, assuming he has time to sleep tonight, and he'll get back to you."

"Great now I just have to wait."

So that's it for this chapter. I do think I made Batman talk a little much, but I'm used to him in "The Batman" and he seems to talk a bit more in that. Yes, Barbara may join the team, depending on whether Batman even takes her on and if he does, if he thinks she's ready and if the team accepts her. Thanks Again!