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Chapter 1

A man wearing a pair of baggy black pantaloons and a dark blue vest stalked across the desert city; his long ebony hair flowing behind him in a high ponytail. Attatched to his white sash was a long sword that was foriegn and had the air of something that had seen battle more times then not.

"Kanda-sama!" someone whispered from the building to the left. Kanda turned to see a redhead with a bandana and an eyepatch.

"Che, there you are baka Usagi." Kanda stated flatly. The redhead in turn opened his door a little wider to let his boss inside.

"So King of all Theives, hows the desert treating you?"

"Fine. I'm planning on stealing a prized jewel in two days and you better be there to get me out of trouble, if I even get into any unlike somebody coughLavicough." Kanda replied flatly.

"Fine fine Yu-chan~" Lavi teased before backing up slightly, the tip of his boss' sword Mugen only inches from his throat. 'Tomorrow will be very interesting.' he thought to himself.

"I'll give you a tour of the city tomorrow, not like you don't already know every turn and alleyway there is." Lavi insisted before retiring into his bedroom to sleep. Kanda shifted in his seat and closed his eyes, waiting for the morning to come quickly.

Allen sat on the rail of his balcony gazing up at the stars in the summer night, his white hair ruffled by the passing breezes. A golden bird was perched next to him and was staring intently at his white haired master. A nudge from the birds head got the attention of the boy.

"I know Timcanpy, I'll come inside in one minute." Allen said with giggle. He turned back to the sky with a jingle from his golden earrings. After a few moments he sighed and went inside his room. A guard stood at the entrance to his room and another sigh escaped his lips.

"Your Highness, you shouldn''t be up this late. Tomorrow you have another meeting with a possible husband." the guard stated as Allen made his way into bed. 'Tomorrow, tomorrow I have to endure yet another marriage proposal in which father will be agreeing to everything.' he thought sadly before drifting into a dreamless sleep.


Allen was woken up by the pecking from Timcanpy, the bird shamelessly pecking at the soft white silk for hair.

"Timcanpy, stop! I'm awake now!" he exclaimed before sitting up and pushing the bird away from him. His hair was spiked and his pale blue shirt came down only to just above his naval. The rest was a pair of baggy pantaloons with a beaded gold sash and sheer cloth draped around his hips.

Brushing his hair quickly, Allen made his way to the main entrance where his father stood with the turban of the Sultan planted on his head.

"Ah Allen! Come here my boy!" Sultan Mana exclaimed happily. His father moved to the side so that Allen could see a man with bushy brown hair and wearing the traditional royal robes.

"This man is Prince Jarlik. He has come to ask for your hand in marriage." Allen stared at the Prince with an annoyed expression. 'Might as well get this over with.' he thought to himself before walking up to his guest. With a small curtsy, he introduced himself.

"Hello Prince, it is a pleasure to meet you but I am not yet ready to marry someone." he said and the Prince before him physically deteriorated. Allen smiled a small smile and bowed before returning to his room. 'Why can't I just marry who I want to?' he thought to himself.

Kanda pulled Mugen out of its sheath so he could chop the baka Usagi's head off, the idiot just had to get them lost in the middle of the city. 'That baka! He knows that I haven't been to this city for six years and he has the fucking nerve to get me lost on the second day!' he thought to himself angrily.

"Now now Yu-chan~ No need for violence, wouldn't want the royal guards to come and chase you down now would you?" Lavi slurred as the tip of Mugen barely missed his the mention of the royal guards, Kanda stopped and growled loudly before sheathing his sword.

"You got out of it this time baka but next time you won't be so lucky." Kanda growled and then headed back to the direction of the house or the direction he thought the house to be in. 'Tomorrow I will steal the most precious item during the displaying hours.' he thought before he entered the house and spent the rest of the day in anticipation for the following day.

It was night and the stars shone brightly in the clear sky. A certain white haired prince climbed the walls of the palace with a thick light blue cloak covering his small frame. Perched on the wall was Timcanpy who gave Allen a worried look and cocked his head to the right.

"It's alright Timcanpy, I'm just going to spend the day tomorrow at the displaying for the lamp, then I'll come right back." he said to reassure his companion. Timcanpy however didn't look convinced.

"By Tim!" Allen called as he went over the edge and ran towards the city.

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