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- Maru-chan

Allen sighed to himself as he walked back to his room, his two newly established bodyguards following him in a confused manner.

"Hah, alright here's the deal. My father the Sultan has for whatever reason decided to make the both of you my personal guards. I don't know why but that's just how it is. So you two will follow me to the guards rooms where you will be taught whatever it is you need to know." the white haired prince explained. As the group walked, Allen couldn't help but look back a few times to make sure his two new guards weren't trying to sneak off.

As the group came to a door with metal bars nailed to the wood, Allen turned and gave the two men a quick bow before leaving to do whatever he wanted to do without the watchful eyes of guards. Kanda glared at Lavi once Allen was no longer looking.

"What do you have to say for yourself rabbit, before I chop your head off." the King of Thieves snarled into the red heads face. Said red head gulped and gave his King a shaky grin before running away, knowing that he will be in immediate danger if he stayed any longer. Kanda sighed and let his 'servant' run away because he knew it was only a matter of time before Lavi couldn't run from him. Then his thoughts went to the Prince he was now being forced to serve; he was beautiful, stunningly so, but his attitude left much to be desired.

'Why would the sultan give two unchecked men to his heir without doing any proper back ground checks?' Kanda thought to himself before deciding to see what the prince had run off to do. He walked for a few minutes before he came up to a room with the door slightly open. Inside Kanda saw the prince dancing slowly, his hips swaying enticingly. The light blue of the boys outfit seemed to accent the slightly more feminine body of the prince along with showing off the unusually pale skin the prince had. Being in the desert and with such pale features suggested the boy was albino and also why the Sultan never let the prince out of the palace.

"We have something urgent to discuss, my prince." a voice came from within the room. Kanda looked closer and saw the royal advisor moving closer to the prince who was taking several steps back at a time.

"And what would that be, Neah?" the prince replied as he took a few more steps.

"You ran away from the palace once again my dear. I think some punishment is due, don't you?" Neah said as he backed his desired prince into the wall, his hand coming up to slither around the boys waist.

"Unhand me Neah! I will tell father if you don't." Allen threatened even though he already knew that was not going to happen. Neah for his part chuckled before he slid his hand up the princes top and made to pinch the supple nipples that lay there. Seeing this, Kanda bolted in and pulled the advisor away from the prince.

"Fuck off!" the newly appointed guard yelled before taking the prince's hand and leading him out of the room.

"Hmmm, looks like there's some competition now." the advisor slyly whispered to himself, his plan already formulating.

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