Prologue ~*~

It was the same dream again. She walked slowly, turning corner after corner of the long, snaking corridor. She told herself it was a dream. She knew it was a dream, but it never took away the anxiety that accompanied the journey. The anxiety about the destination. She was drawn, willing or unwilling, to the end. She had never reached it, but each time the dream occurred she walked far enough to turn another corner before she awoke.

She walked onward, approaching the next turn. She had the sense that something or someone waited for her, but ever beyond the next bend. Curious, she turned the corner to begin the next leg of the journey...

Lorien awoke. The anxiety from the dream faded as consciousness returned, and was replaced by mild curiosity. She didn't have the dream often, but it occurred periodically and without predictability.

The early morning sun was beginning to shine into the room, and Lorien arose to shower and start her day. Today was the day that she would write the letter, indicating her interest in the position at Hogwart's.

There were, evidently, two positions available, but as much as she wanted to teach, she didn't feel that she had a strong enough background in Defense Against the Dark Arts to instruct upper level students. She was quite sure her resume would reveal that she was more than qualified to act as interim Attending Healer for a few months, and it would give her an opportunity to decide where she was headed with the rest of her life.

She sat down with a cup of coffee, picked up a quill and parchment and began.

Dear Headmaster Dumbledore,

I am writing in reply to your recent request for applicants to fill the position.....