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Chapter 10: Between Reality and Virtuality

A sudden shudder trembled through me. It was cold, as if a lightning of ice had shot itself up through my veins.

What's going on?

I tried to turn my head, but my muscles would not do as I command.

It was dark.

So very dark.

My eyes wouldn't open.


Something was binding them.


Something is wrong.

I tried to speak. Tried to shout out.

Something was stuck in my mouth.

I gagged. I choked. I spat.

Suddenly I became aware that I was surrounded by water.

The mouthpiece loosened.


I sucked in a breath. And a cold fluid invited itself in.

My body convulsed, I could feel the muscles on my bones twitch with renewed vigor.


I can feel bubbles rush over my skin.

Someone stop this!

I felt myself being pulled out.

I gasped for the welcomed air.

Suddenly my mouth was stuffed again and I was sent back down.

There should be no more problems with the experiment now.


I shot up into the air, my chest heaving up and down in gasps. My heart. I can feel it pounding.

"Oi, girl."

"Gah!" I jumped again, only to find that it was the redhead who called out.

He looked down with a confused shimmer in his grey-blue eyes.

"You alright?"

I just nodded my head. I couldn't respond.

I nodded yes, no.

I shook my head no.

Then I smiled.

"It was just a bad dream," I said in a chipper manner, trying to get up and twirl in a girly manner.


It seems that I had suddenly decided to plop down onto the ground instead. (T A T)

The redhead up above does not seem to believe me.

Why not he believe me? We best buds, man! Trust in yo amigo sometime, yeah?

Okay that accent does not work with me.

I gave a little huff at the look in his eye.

"Fine! I'll tell you what's wrong!"

I saw him give me a little nod. Fool!

Why is he a fool?

I dunno. Just want to insult him in my mind.

I let out a sigh, "Okay then. In my dream I was in someplace dark and cold. I couldn't move, it was like something was binding me!"

There was a certain flicker in his eyes when I said that. Then again the sun had also appeared again, so it maybe the shining rays of that ball of 10010110 that made his eyes flicker so prettily.

His mouth started to move.

Like a lamprey, I interrupted his words, "Then I found out I was stuck in last night's giant burrito and was about to be fed to a bubbly unicorn! 8D"

His mouth clamped shut again and he started to walk away from me.

Why does the scene look like he had lost all hope in me?

"Hey wait!" I cried in a childish manner, reaching out to his retreating figure.

"Don't leave meeeee- ooh? Why is there a ring on my finger?"

Twinkle, twinkle, the white band on my right index finger said to me and I lost all thought of that redhead gir- I mean guy.

Redhead came back.

"The ring is there to manage your elemental state."

I just kept staring at shiny ring.

He sighed and decided to just continue his explanation, "It prevents you from dripping all over the place again."


STARE. Twinkle. Twinkle. 8D


He just rubs his forehead as if he was dealing with the most difficult person in the entire world.

"Usually the Head of the Village of the Water Elementals would give you a basic charm that would prevent the leaking," he looked down at me, "But you never got to the starting village did you?"




Twinkle. Twinkle.

"I got a common ring and had it infused with the Water Elemental charm with the help of a Water Elemental magician, since we are nowhere near the village."



Twinkle. Twinkle.


Yeah. He was alone on this conversation.

He sighed, and plopped down onto the ground next to me.

"This will take a while, won't it?"

It wasn't until another hour of staring that I noticed something.

I was a helluva lot shorter! D:

"Hey! Why am I so short!?" I cried, finding that I reached up to redhead's waist.

Said redhead grunted and rolled over.


When did he fall asleep?

I shuffled over to him and poked his face.

Ooh, what a funny face.

Poke. Poke.






"Enough," he glared, his manly blue eyes saying that they needed some butternut coffee with a dash of lollipops.




I don't think I'm translating that one correctly this time.

He sat back up and looked up at the surrounding trees among us, his fingers running through his thick red hair.

"What is your name?"

I glanced up at him, "Huh?"

What's with the sudden question? My sudden change of height is of a more pressing matter, right? Did he not hear me? The jerk! I listen to him all the time! Should he not listen to me in return? D:



For some reason the bell of irony is ringing...

His steel blue eyes glanced down at me.

"Answer the question."

"X-Xia Xue?"

"No," his eyes narrowed.

"I meant your real name."

I stiffened. Could I lend out my real name here? Jatien had always told me of identities being stolen while online. Is this an example of it?

I bit my lip, "Sorry, but I don't think I should hand out that information to anyone."

The redhead just nodded and sighed, falling back down onto the lush grass below us.

I tilted my head, "So what's your name?"

The redhead stopped moving for a bit. Then he rolled over, facing away from me.



He let out a tired sigh, "They called me Dictator of Life."


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