I was back in the dark universe of my dreams. But the usual roaring wind was absent. It was absolutely silent.

Is this death? I wondered. Nothing? A dark abyss?

I was so not spending eternity without form of entertainment.

Suddenly, the solitude was interrupted by a distant, echoed moaning-no, I was wrong. It was a voice. Not the rasping voice of Gozer. That mother was gone for good; I'd made sure of that. No, this wail was a warm deep voice, friendly and comforting. I wanted to run toward it, if only I had feet.

The cry was slowing growing louder, and I could make out that it was someone calling for someone else. Venkman? Spengler! Jennifer!

Another voice, equally inviting, joined the first. Jennifer, wake up…Jennifer…

My eyes fluttered open.

A figure spattered in white goo knelt beside, gently shaking my arm. "Jennifer? Wake up! Are you okay?"

Had it not been able for the protruding nose, with a chunk of white goop clinging to the end for dear life, I would not have been able to recognize him. "Egon?"

The figure exhaled with relief. "You're alright."

"I sure hope so," I replied. Egon chuckled and helped me to my feet.

"Thanks," I said. Then I looked down at myself and groaned. I, like Egon, was covered head-to-toe in marshmallow. "Yuck!"

"Spengler! Jenny!" I heard Ray call. I turned to see two more white snowmen walking toward us; Ray and Winston, I presumed. "Oh, are you okay?"

"I feel like the floor of a taxi cab," groaned Egon. I giggled. Then I noticed Peter was missing. "Venky! Where are you?" I called.

Peter emerged from the stairwell. He had somehow managed to survive the blast, receiving only a fleck of gook on the back of his head. How unfair.

"Oh, thank God!" Ray sighed with relief. We exchanged "Are you okays?" and "I'm alrights."

I laughed excitedly. "We did it! We saved the city!" I turned to Egon and hugged him enthusiastically.

Egon froze, not to sure what to do. I laughed. "Egon, you're such a dork."

He relaxed and hugged me back.

I watched Peter stare miserably at the statue that had been his girlfriend. My heart bled for him. He really had loved her.

Ray sniffed the air. "Ugh, it smells like barbecued dog hair."

I elbowed Ray in the ribs. "Ow! What was that-" Then Ray noticed Pete. "Oh. Venkman. Oh, Venkman, I'm sorry. I just-I just forgot."

Peter gave him a melancholy gaze. Suddenly behind him, a chunk of the statue broke. I gasped.

A human hand poked itself out of the hole and we heard a moan from inside the dog. "She's alive!" I shouted.

The rest of us hurried over to break the statue apart. Suddenly, a little cry came from the other statue. "Somebody turn on the lights!"

"Go check on that little guy!" said Pete.

We pulled the nerdy man out of the dog remains. He looked around, bewildered. "Boy, the superintendent's gonna be pissed."

"Are you alright, sir?" asked Egon.

The nerd stared at as if he'd just noticed us for the first time. "Who are you guys?"

"We're the Ghostbusters," said Ray proudly.

The nerd looked at of us, dripping marshmallow. "Who does your taxes?" I tried not to laugh.

Peter helped Dana down the stairs while Ray and Egon started excitedly questioning the nerdy man. I watched Winston look around and raise his arms to the sky. "I LOVE THIS TOWN!" he shouted.

I grinned. "Me too, Winston. Me too."

Down below, Peter passionately kissed Dana, making our fans cheer even louder. I rolled my eyes. "He always has to have the spotlight." Ray, Egon, and Winston cracked up.

I heard someone call "Egon!" I looked up to see that it was Janine, fighting her way through the mass. I grinned and elbowed Egon. "Yo, brainiac. Your fair lady approacheth."

Janine hurried over to us and hugged Egon tightly. "Oh, Egon!"

I snickered. Poor Egon was blushing. He obviously did not like Janine. But he graciously returned the hug anyway. I shook my head.

Suddenly, I was distracted away from the "happy" couple by a yell of, "Jennifer!"

I turned toward the voice and gasped delightedly. "Alex!"

Alex pushed a cop out of the way. "Jennifer!" He put his strong hands on my shoulders. "I saw what happened! Are you alright?"

"Well," I mused. "A little sticky, but I'll live!"

He laughed and wrapped his arms around me. Then he looked me straight in the eye. "I guess you weren't kidding about this whole parapsychology thing, huh?"

I chuckled. "Nope. Go on, say it!"

He looked sheepish. "I…I was wrong. I'm sorry."

I smiled. "You're forgiven." Then I hugged him again.

Someone tapped me on the shoulder. I let Alex go and turned to the person-Ray. "Hey Jennifer, Egon needs to load up your pack."

I nodded. "Okay. Bye, Alex!"

Alex watched me dash off. Ray put a hand on his shoulder. "If you hurt her, I'll kill you."

"That goes double for me," said Peter, who had snuck up on the other side of poor Alex.

Alex gulped. "Yes sir."

Ray and Peter grinned. "Just kidding," laughed Ray. Then his face turned stern again. "But seriously." Then he and Peter headed over to the car, leaving Alex to scratch his head.

The crowd went wild as we were preparing to drive away. "Who you gonna call?" I yelled.

"GHOSTBUSTERS!" They all screamed back. I laughed and climbed into Ecto-1. We were heroes.

I stared at the screen nervously. "Well, Egon? Can you tell?"

We were all gathered at the firehouse. It was a wreck thanks to the explosion. But I had needed Egon to check my psychic abilities again. Thankfully, Egon's brain scanner had came out unscathed.

Egon looked at the screen too. The rainbow silhouette looked the same as before when Egon had checked out my brain, but I really couldn't tell. "Hmm…yes, just as I thought: I was wrong before. There's definite psychic ability there."

I gasped. "The dreams! That explains them!"

"I'm sorry I was wrong before," Egon said.

I shook my head. "If there's anyone who should be apologizing here, it should be me to Peter." I turned to him. "I'm sorry."

Peter shrugged. "I'm a rock, kid. Nothing hurts me."

Suddenly, Janine ran in, looking hysterical. "Guys! Guys! You'll never believe what just came in the mail!"

"Let me guess," said Peter. "It's time for your yearly mammogram!"

Janine glared at him briefly. Then she thrust an envelope into Egon's hands. "No! It's an injunction! We're being sued!"

Well, there we go! The first installment, signed sealed and delivered! Stay tuned for Part 2: Back in the Saddle! I hope you enjoyed. And if you didn't read it, well SHAME ON YOU! Although, if you didn't read it, how would you be reading this?...Whatever! Smell ya later! -Catie