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The look in Peeta's eyes I've only seen one other time before. It was when I fought with that one mountain bear a few years back. His eyes told me that he wanted to devour me, to sink his teeth and claws into me and make me dinner. Peeta had the same look, only I knew he didn't want to physically eat me (after all, cannibalism is frowned upon and really gross). His look told me he was going to get me. One minute, he's holding the painting in his hands, the next, I'm underneath him while he kisses me strongly in the mouth. The sweet taste of bread and sugar on his lips reach to my tongue and it feels heavenly the way his hands roam my body. I've never tongue-kissed a guy before, but with Peeta it all felt so natural, as if we were born to do this and only this. What we were doing right now wouldn't feel the same way if someone had sat us down and gave us a whole course on foreplay and sex. We were made for this.

He moved from my lips, across my jaw and up to my left ear. I could feel his teeth tug on my earlobe, which made me moan with desire and ignited a fire within my loins. His kisses trailed down my neck, over my sensitive collarbones, and to the top of my breasts when I stopped him. God, that was hard to do.

"Did I do something wrong? I'm sorry," he said, his face looking defeated and let down. I quickly shook my head no and answered by tugging at his shirt and pants. Peeta quickly understood and hurriedly took off his shirt and pants, leaving his boxer briefs on. I seductively motioned him back to me with my point finger, and he crawled over like a hungry beast, slowly taking one of my breasts in his mouth. I hissed at the way his tongue came in contact with my erect nipples, hard from the cold and feeling the warmth of his mouth felt amazing. With his other hand, he massaged and teased the other nipple, causing my mouth to gasp and my body to wiggle around underneath. I don't know why, but when Peeta nibbles on my nipples, it makes me jump and moan really loud. And when he figures this out, I can already see that he's taking mental notes behind his eyes of what I like and what I love.

By this time, I'm yearning to grab Peeta and show him some kind of pleasure. So, I stop his chest playing and make him go under me. I begin to kiss his lips gently, then with more and more passion building up, our tongues meeting each other, hands touching everything. I'm kissing all over his neck and collarbone when an idea pops up in my mind. I slowly smooch my way up to his right shoulder and take a little bite at it. Boy, I never thought a guy would groan and twitch over a bite. Maybe Twilight had something going there. I continue to leave a few more bites on his neck and collarbone when I reach his nipples. They're beautiful and average-sized, not too big or too small, and very erect. I take a lick at the right one and hear a hiss come from between Peeta's swollen lips.

"Shit, Katniss. Are you sure you haven't done this before?"

I smirk and tell him, "I'm sure, darling. Now hush and let mama take care of her baby boy." I honestly do not know where that came from, but that must have really turned up his engines because I felt his penis twitch under my pelvis. I lick his nipples a few times and kiss around his belly before I make my way down to his underwear. My heart is starting to race as the moment of truth arrives: I will see my first penis ever. I carefully pull his boxer briefs down his legs and stare at his glory. Maybe I was staring for too long because Peeta spoke up.

"Katniss, sweetheart, are you okay? We really don't have to do this, you know…"

"No, I want to, baby. Just… fuck, is this going to fit?"

I could see the chuckle coming up his throat and out of his mouth as he said, "I think it will, my dear. Would you like to touch him?"

I nodded and he reached over and positioned my hand around him. He motioned for me to make an up-down movement. Once I began, Peeta's head was tossed back, moans and groans came out every few seconds, and his pelvis began to thrust into my hand. White stuff began to come out of the top part and curiosity told me to lick it off. As soon as my tongue hit the tip, Peeta's head shot up and a loud moan erupted from his mouth. Seeing the effect I was having on him, I kept licking up, down, around his dick, enjoying how much he was loving this. Enjoying how I was creating pleasure for him.

Suddenly, he stopped my hand, a wild look of desire and need in his now deep blue eyes.

"We need to stop before I blow."

I don't know why, but I felt a jolt of electricity hit my pussy, and I knew I was incredibly aroused. We switched positions again, this time he was positioning him above my opening. I already had the idea that this would hurt; I mean, really, have you ever seen someone put a hot dog through a Cheerio? So, I was getting myself prepared for the worst. But, at the same time, I knew this is what I've always wanted: to become one with Peeta Mellark.

"Ready, Katniss?" He kissed my eyelids, cheeks, nose and lips. I smiled at him and nodded.

"Okay, do you want me to go slow or fast? I would prefer fast so the pain doesn't hurt you so much, but I can do slow, too–"

I shut him up with my finger, wrapped my legs around his firm butt (so good), and pulled him towards me, right into my small hole. And I felt it. I felt myself widening in a way that my pussy didn't want to open. I felt the initial pain, the sharpness, like someone had stuck me with a needle down there. I shut my eyes as I let the pain sit and then drift. However, I couldn't hold back the couple of tears that squeezed out of my eyes. Peeta's hand reached over and cleared them away from my face, kissing the spots they lingered on. He waited for me to finish riding out the pain, and once I gave the go ahead, he began to move inside of me.

"Fuck, Katniss! Damn, you are so freaking tight… I love it," Peeta said, through gritted teeth and eyes shut. I knew how tight I was because I could feel the way his dick rubbed against my walls, and it was growing pleasurably by the second. Soon enough, he started to grab my hips and thrusting in harder and faster, and all I could do was mercilessly moan and whimper at this pleasure I was feeling. If I had known making love would feel this good, we would have done it in that cave during the Hunger Games. Somehow, I feel it wouldn't be as good, though.

In the midst of our passionate love making, Peeta grabs both of my legs, pushes them in front of him and over his shoulders, causing him to go even deeper and consistently hitting something inside that's making me go insane.

"Oh my God, Peeta! Yes, fuck me, fuck me! Fuck my pussy! Please don't stop!" I really couldn't help myself at this point, it was just too intense, too strong a feeling for me to contain it inside. I felt I'd explode if I didn't let him know how this was making me feel.

"Ay, Katniss, you have such a pretty, dirty little mouth. Just turns me on so fucking much, shiiiiit," he moaned and groaned, feeling his pleasure meter going at its utmost high as well. I knew at this point, we were about to creating a mess on this couch. Oh well, they do say, "Bless the mess."

My toes are starting to clear as my mind begins to fog up. My hands reach up to my breasts as I touch and squeeze them. I want to tell Peeta that I'm about to cum when my pussy beats me to it and I just lose it while he's inside me. I guess this triggers something in Peeta, too, because the next thing I know, he's moaning and groaning and saying my name over and over while his body is racked with shivers, as is mine. Our sounds of passion mix as we ride this tidal wave of pleasure. We find each other's lips and kiss deeply and hungrily at each other. Finally, after the storm has calmed down within us, we lay on the couch, holding hands.

And Peeta whispers in my ear, "That was the best trust exercise I've ever done with you."

I can't help the giggles that escape my mouth.