One moment I was cleaning up the kitchen after putting a chocolate cake in the oven, and I was thinking about something Fiona said, and the next thing I knew, this little piece came out onto my computer screen! Enjoy!

Guilty Pleasures

By WritePassion

Mmmmm, this is sooo good!

"Frankly my dear, I don't give a damn."

Ohhh, fiddlesticks!


"Rodriguez pitches a fast ball..."



"I love you, you love me..."



That deserves two!

"...has a range of well over ten miles. Mating ducks can..."

Oh, dear!


"...rebel without a clue and the girl without a plan...I've been watching Xena, this is what Xena would do."

Oh, brother..

Wait a second...

Fiona sat with the piece of chocolate half way to her lips and her thumb hovering over the channel button on the remote, watching in fascination at the scene on the television. He was much younger, his hair a lot darker, but the actor could have been Sam's much more handsome and suave double. Oh, this is too funny! She grinned and settled back into the couch, watching the entire episode and eating a half a box of chocolates.

If only Sam in real life could be that entertaining! She smiled as she bit into a creamy bonbon with a liquid caramel center and moaned as she swirled it around in her mouth. Maybe working with him wouldn't be so...

The front door rattled as someone pounded on it. "Fi! Fi, open up!"

She visibly withered into the cushions. Sam! Only you could ruin a girl's afternoon of guilty pleasures! "Coming!"

I could use someone more like that charming, conniving Autolycus to distract me from missing Michael.

As she turned off the television and hid her box of chocolates, Fiona sighed. Tomorrow was another day, another day to wallow in her guilty pleasures and not think about Michael being so far away. Maybe she would find his double and waste the time and a thousand calories on him. Until then, reality rudely intervened.