Author's Note: Inspired by Chevelle's Paint the Seconds. I consider this a practice in writing action scenes, which will help in my story DFTR. ;) Also, I need to get into the mindset of writing Nero, so a practice run of that as well.

Also, I know Frosts can regenerate body parts; as I stated before, this is a practice run. :)

Disclaimer- IvoryTears doesn't own Devil May Cry, nor does she make any profit from this work of fiction.


Paint the Seconds

Nero panted, sweat matting his bangs to his forehead. He hurriedly wiped them out of his eyes, lest it hinder his vision. A frost appeared in front of him, deadly claws raised to deal a killing blow. Nero barred his teeth and revved Red Queen, sparks and fumes wafting through the air. He swung the sword in an arc, slicing off the left arm of the ice creature.

A high pitched shriek erupted from the frost as its remaining arm flailed at Nero. It snarled and hissed as it brought the stump closer to its chest. It backed away, trying to retreat as Nero followed, swinging Red Queen and purposefully missing its mark.

Nero smirked, blood lust and adrenaline pumping through him heightening his senses.

"Aw, now don't tell me you're afraid?" Nero slipped Blue Rose out of it's holster, "hold still, this won't hurt a bit."

The frost hissed its distaste at Nero's goading and summoned a barrage of icicles. Nero quickly dodged out of the way, narrowly missing a large chunk of ice headed for his eye.

Nero growled, "Two can play that game."

He ran straight at the frost, shooting a few rounds causing it to take the bait and dodge right only to meet Nero's demon arm. He grabbed the ice demon's shoulder and flung it against the wall; it's head cracked and left a trail of blood as it slid down. He shot a few rounds in the creature's kneecaps causing it to scream out in agony.

Nero crouched in front of the frost, taking in its ragged appearance and shallow breathing. He quickly dodged backwards as a lone icicle stabbed the ground he had previously occupied.

"Heh," Nero scratched his nose and pointed Blue Rose at the creature's head.

He pulled the trigger and watched as chunks of skull and brain matter splattered the wall and parts of the ground. He re-holstered his gun and swung Red Queen in a lazy figure eight as he turned around, only to come face to face with three more frosts.

"This just got interesting," Nero grinned, flexing his devil bringer.


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