The True Chosen One

By Bloody Phantom

Disclaimer: If I owned Star Wars, I wouldn't be writing fanfictions online! I don't own Star Wars. Though, I did make up Shela Kenobi and Healer Skent Usling. They are mine.


The wind blew harshly between the tall buildings. It was rare to have such strong winds on Coruscant. They had to ban certain old models from flying. The older speeders did not have the power to fight against the heavy winds. With the older models grounded, the sky was clearer, showing the bright stars in the night sky. It was late, very late. Almost everyone in this part of the planet was either asleep, in their sleepers, or flying overhead, anxious to get home to their awaiting sleeping couch. Everything seemed calm.

A young woman was standing in front of the giant doors of the Jedi Temple. The wind wildly blowing her ginger-colored hair into her face and her skirt brushed around her legs. She held her shawl tightly around her shoulders with one hand in an attempt to remain warm. She eyed the structure with her piercing brown eyes with doubt as she stroked her round belly with her other hand. She had been to countless healers to help explain why she was pregnant, but they were unable to help her. Until the last healer she saw, told her to try the Jedi Temple. This was her last hope to explain this mysterious phenomenon. She traveled far from Stewjon to see the Jedi.

She felt the child in her kick against the side of her stomach, as if he was telling her to enter. She glance down at her large belly and shook her head. "You sure are eager, my little miracle," she said. She glanced back up at the large building and sighed with determination. With a hopeful heart, she entered the building.

The entrance hall was void of everything but a half circular desk with a young Anisonian Jedi, tall, thin, and big eyes. The Anisonian looked up when she entered and bounced in excitement, finally having something to do to pass the time. "What may I help you with, madam?" he asked when she approached the desk.

She hesitated. Was it within her rights to request aid in their infirmary? She was not a Jedi. The baby kicked again and she felt the first wave of the labor pains. She gasped and one hand grasped the desk to prevent her from falling over. The Anisonian Jedi stood up quickly. "Madam, you alright? Should I get a healer for you?" The Jedi was obviously flustered, unsure what to do.

"Calm yourself, you will, Padawan Alwani. Take care of this, I will," a voice came from next to her.

"Yes, Master Yoda," the young Anisonian Jedi said respectfully as he returned to his seat, eyeing her with concern.

She turned and saw a short, old, green troll-like creature standing there, leaning against a cane. He eyed her until he saw the grown belly. He stared at it with such knowing and wise eyes, that she knew she came to the right place.

"Master Yoda, the Jedi Grand Master, I am," he introduced himself. "And you? Hmmm?"

"My name is Shela Kenobi, Master Yoda, from Stewjon. My baby…" she started to explain, but the short Jedi interrupted her.

"To the healers, we will go. Explain there, you should. Follow me," he said not unkindly, before turning and walking down the hall, his cane making click, click sounds down the hall.

The baby calmed in the Jedi presence and she was thankful for it. Ever since she developed the little bump in her stomach, there was such discontent. Her baby always moved around, hitting the side of her stomach. It made her very uncomfortable. It was like her little boy was unhappy where he was. There was nothing to calm him down, but, since she first caught sight of the Jedi Temple, he had been still for the first time since the pregnancy was noticed. It was like the mere sight of the Jedi Temple had calmed the baby down, like he knew. Knew what, she did not know, but she did not complain.

The lights of the Infirmary was on and there was a Mon Calamari in white, a healer, to her relief. Sleepers were lined the right side of the room. On her left, closer to a set of doors that led to an office at the other end of the room, was a hallway. Closer to her, on the right, was an open door to a sitting room of some sort, with chairs and end tables, a waiting room maybe? The Mon Calamari seemed to have been expecting them. He bowed in respect to the Grand Master Yoda. "Master Windu told me to tell you he'll be down shortly, Master Yoda. He wanted to change into fresh robes before presenting himself," he explained before turning to her. "Come, come, madam. Let's get you checked out," he said, ushering her to a sleeper.

"In a private room, Miss Kenobi should be placed," Yoda interrupted.

The Mon Calamari titled his head in confusion, but didn't question his orders. Instead, he led her down a white hallway that went off from the main room and placed her into a private room. Yoda followed behind them.

"My name is Jedi Healer Skent Usling. How far along are you, Madam Kenobi?" he asked as he ushered her to the sleeper.

"I should be due any day now, Healer Usling and it's not Madam," she said just as another Jedi entered the room. The man was dark-skinned and bold. He had broad shoulders and looked rather young, compared the small green Jedi beside him. He closed the door behind him, allowing them privacy.

"Nice it is, Mace, for you to join us," Yoda greeted. "Begin her story, Miss. Kenobi, was."

The dark-skin man gave her a quick look over and titled his head in greeting to her. "I am Jedi Master Mace Windu and you are…?" he asked

"I'm Shela Kenobi, Master Windu. I…" She looked over at Yoda for permission to continue.

"Healer Usling..." He turned to the Mon Calamari instead.

"Yes, Master Yoda?"

"Confidential information you are about to hear. Tell no one, you must, or lives might be ruin."

The Healer nodded as he helped make Shela comfortable by handing her more pillows. "I understand, Master Yoda. I pledge to remain silent on what I hear tonight unless told otherwise by you," he promised. He sat down on the stool next to the sleeper. He turned to Shela. "You may talk while I check your health and that of the baby's health." He held up a device that would scan her body for any health issues.

"You may begin your story, Miss Kenobi," Master Windu encouraged.

She nodded, ignoring the Healer next to her. "I…I don't know how it happened, Master Jedi," she finally said in distress. "I have never touched a man. I had made a vow to myself never to touch a man until I was wedded, unlike my older sister. She was cast out of my family when they found out and d…died alone during childbirth, not even her baby girl survived." She paused to take a deep breath. "I swear, Masters, I am clean and untouched. When my parents found out I was pregnant, they did not believe that I haven't been with a man. I was cast out as well, but I…I haven't been with anyone. I went from healer to healer trying to find an explanation to my sudden pregnancy, but they had no clue. All they could prove was that I was untouched, but somehow pregnant. The more time went by the more my baby kicked inside me, as if anxious to get out. My last healer had told me to come here that you might be able to help me understand why this happened." She had tears outlining her eyes, but they didn't fall. She refused to let them fall. She had cried too much over this already. "Do you know why this happened to me?" she asked desperately.

"Hmmm…" Yoda murmured thoughtfully, ignoring her last question. He and Master Windu shared a look before he turned back to Shela. "Quiet the baby is now, hmm?"

She nodded. "Since I first saw the Temple, Master Yoda. He had calmed a lot. It's…comforting."

Yoda closed eyes and Shela could do nothing but wait in confusion. He opened them again and stared at her stomach. "Powerful, he is. Strong, he will be." He turned to Master Windu. "Child born from the Force itself, he is."

Master stared at him. "You don't think…" He ran the sentence off in well-disguised disbelief. "That would mean the Sith will soon be upon us, if they aren't here already. It's been over a millennia since they were last heard of." He turned to Healer Usling. "Are you able to test the child midichlorian count from inside the womb?"

The wide-eye healer nodded. "It will take some time and it would hurt the mother," he said turning to Shela, silently asking for permission.

She eyed the three Jedi. "What are midichlorians?"

"They are tiny intelligent microscopic life forms that live inside the cells of all living things. It is what allows Jedi their powers. The higher the count, the more in tuned one is in the Force," Healer Usling explained. "You need to have at least the midichlorian count of 7,000 to be considered for Jedi training and the average Jedi has about 10,000. I will test the child once he is out of your womb. It's only a question of doing it now or later."

She shifted on the sleeper. "May…may we do it later?" she asked. The three Jedi nodded, to her relief. She was not big on pain. She opened her mouth to return the conversation back to why this was happening to her, but a knock on the door interrupted them.

"Speak more of this later, we will," Yoda quickly said before Healer Usling called the person to enter.

The door opened and another Jedi appeared. He was a tall and broad human with blue eyes that sparkled with warmth and amusement and long, rich brown hair, parts of his hair was tied back away from his face. He had a slight beard starting to grow around his lips and chin.

At the sight of him, the child in her kicked and a feeling of joy washed over her. She gasped at the sudden movement and emotion. The feeling did not seem to come from her, but from her child, if that was possible.

"Madam, you alright?" the Healer asked in concerned.

She connected eyes with Yoda. He had a thoughtful look on his face as he eyed her and the new Jedi. He nodded as if he approved. Confused by Yoda's actions, she nodded in response to Healer Usling's question. "I'm alright, Healer Usling. I'm alright," she reassured, eyeing the new Jedi.

The Jedi eyed the room and bowed. "Master Yoda and Master Windu, I did not realize you were in here. I apologize. I was looking for Skent, but…" He glanced at the pregnant woman. "…if you are busy, I am sure it will do some good for my padawan to wait to be healed. It is not life-threatening," he said with a twinkle in his eye.

Healer Usling groaned. "Qui-Gon, you know how late it is? What could your reckless padawan do this late at night? Fallen out of his sleeper?"

The Jedi, Qui-Gon, chuckled. "You know how teenagers are. He was up showing his lightsaber skills with Padawan Hunda Likna." A smoothing feeling came over her from the baby when he spoke. She couldn't help but stare at the new arrive, wondering why he was having such a calming effect on her baby.

"Those two again," Healer Usling murmured under his breath. "Let me finish with this patient first, Qui-Gon. If she and the baby are healthy, I'll go see to your padawan," he promised.

Qui-Gon nodded his thanks. "Sorry for interrupting. I'll leave you to it." He bowed to Yoda and Master Windu. "Masters, Madam, Skent," he said as a goodbye before turning to leave the room.

Shela didn't know what came over her, but she suddenly wanted to know the man's name. "Wait," she called out softly. Her hand reached out as if she could stop him with the simple gesture.

The man paused and turned back to her. His eyes showing his confusion. "Yes, Madam?" he asked.

Shela narrowed her eyes at him, considering him, as she lowered her hand back to her stomach. "Who are you, if you don't mind me asking?"

The only sign that she had surprised him would be the slight way he leaned back, as if struck. "I am Jedi Master Qui-Gon Jinn."

She kept her eyes on him, studying how comfortable he made her baby feel, but couldn't seem to understand why. "Qui-Gon Jinn," she whispered, almost to herself. She tested the name on her lips.

Master Jinn stood there, waiting to be addressed again. His eyes flickered to Master Yoda and Windu as if they carried the answer. Shela nodded, satisfied, as she leaned back against her pillow.

"Go now, you may, Master Jinn," Yoda said.

Master Jinn gave her another confused look before nodding. He turned and left without another word. The door shut behind him.

Shela shook herself from her thoughts. "How am I pregnant, Master Jedi?" she asked, getting back to the topic. "When I have yet to touch a man?"

"Touched by a man, you were not, but by the Force, you were," Yoda explained.

"What do you mean?" she asked.

"The child growing inside of you, Miss Kenobi, is the Chosen One. The one from a prophesy foretold long ago. He would bring balance to the Force. He is the hope for the Jedi and, possibly so, all species in the Galaxy," Master Windu explained.

"What?" she asked in disbelief, but before there was an answer, Healer Usling gasped. Everyone turned to him. He was holding a device over her stomach with one webbed hand and holding a data pad with his other webbed hand.

"Bad news, you have?" Yoda questioned.

He shook his head as he put his device down. "She's in labor!" he exclaimed. "Do you feel any pain, Shela Kenobi?" he asked as he rushed around the room to grab the proper equipment for delivering babies.

She sat up in shook. "Labor? But I don't feel any pain at all!" She placed a hand on her stomach. "He is pushing against my bladder, I believe, but that's it!"

The Healer turned to the two Masters. "Masters, I will need you to leave."

The two nodded. "In the waiting room, we will be," Yoda spoke before leaving with Master Windu.

Once the door closed behind them Mace Windu turned to Yoda. "You truly believe her baby is the Chosen One, Yoda?" he whispered quietly, in order to not be overheard. They made their way slowly down the hallway.

"The Chosen One, he is. Doubt this, I do not," Yoda said. "Hide him, we must, or tempted the Sith will be."

"Where would we hide him? Who will train him?" Mace asked as they stopped just before the main infirmary room, knowing Qui-Gon and Padawan Xanatos would be there. This was a conversation best not be overheard by anyone.

"Hide him in plain sight, we will. Know who should train him, I do." Yoda glanced into the main infirmary room where they could just hear the low tones of Qui-Gon's baritone voice and Padawan Xanatos tenor voice speaking to one another.

"What do you have in mind?" Mace asked.

Yoda leaned against his cane and peered up at him with wise, piercing eyes. "Rise in the Temple, he will be. Just like every other youngling, he will become. Hide his force signature, we must. Know he is the Chosen One, he will not."

"Which brings to question on who should know this information?" Mace brought up.

"No one else," Yoda said simply. "You, me, and Skent Usling only. Inform the rest of the Council, we need not. Less that knows, the better it is."

Mace nodded in agreement. "What of the Jedi you plan on training the boy? Will he or she be informed?"

Yoda shook his head. "Needn't be informed, he will be, unless needs be," he said before walking away into the main infirmary room. Mace sighed, but willing dropped the subject and followed him.

They waited in the waiting room for an hour. Padawan Xanatos had fallen asleep with his arm wrapped to stop any infections by his Master, leading Qui-Gon to talk to Mace. Yoda sat cross legged on a chair, meditating. He was the first one to feel that bright riffle in the Force. He opened his eyes just as the other two Jedi Masters felt it. Their conversation stopped in mid-sentence. The first scream down the hall from the mother, as the pain hit her full force.

"What…?" Qui-Gon started to ask, but Yoda was already rushing out of the room with Mace right behind him. "Qui-Gon, stay here," Mace said on his way out. Qui-Gon settled back in his chair, hesitantly.

Yoda didn't bother to knock on the door. He entered and Mace followed him, closing the door behind them.

Skent was by the sleeper, slowly placing a small, quite baby wrapped in a blue blanket in the mother's arm. Shela Kenobi looked unhealthily pale and exhausted. Perspiration made her skin shine in the light, but it enhanced the sickly pallid color of her face. Her hair was sticking to her forehead and cheeks, but her sparkling brown eyes stared at her baby boy with joy.

Skent made his way over to the two Master Jedi with his face in distress. He spoke quietly to them. "She has done her part, Masters. The Force is ready to take her. It was an easy birth, but…" He looked towards the mother and son on the sleeper. "…I don't know. She is dying."

"Will of the Force, it is," Yoda said sadly.

Mace nodded in agreement. "As you said, Skent, she did her part, bringing hope into the galaxy."

"Her child, Masters…" The Healer shook his head, as if not understanding. "…her child was protecting her from the pain of childbirth. As soon as he was out, the pain hit her. I don't understand how he was able to do that."

"Strong in the Force he is. Wanting to protect his mother from pain, he did," Yoda explained. "Talk to her, I must." He walked over to the mother who was smiling down at her young son. She looked up when he approached. He climbed on the chair and sat down. He stared at the child in her arms. "Name him, you should."

Shela smiled at her young son and said in a weak, exhausted voice. "Obi-Wan, my sweet son." She looked at Yoda with knowing eyes. "I'm dying, aren't I, Master Yoda?"

Yoda's ears fell slightly against his head and nodded, somberly. "Dying, you are. Remembered, you will be, Shela Kenobi."

She nodded, seemingly accepting her fate. She smiled down at her son. "He will be happy here?" she couldn't help but ask. "You'll take care of him for me?"

Yoda nodded. "Very well cared for, he will be. With the other initiates, young Kenobi will be raised. Become a Jedi, he will expect to be. For him, a Master picked out for already."

She swallowed back a sob. "Who?" she asked weakly, as her eyes began to drop. She forced them opened.

"Know who, you do."

Her eyes lit up with recognition. "The tall Jedi who…who came in before. Qui-Gon Jinn." Yoda nodded. "I trust your choice, M—Master Yoda," she said softly.

"Picked him, I did not. Picked him, your son did," Yoda corrected. "Good man, he is. Teach him much and care for him, he will." He shook his head slightly and corrected himself. "Love him, I dare say Qui-Gon will."

"Thank you," she said to him. Yoda nodded in recognition of her gratitude. She smiled and forced her head over to kiss her sons head. "I love you, my son," she whispered weakly. Her head fell back and her eyes closed.

Yoda closed his eyes as he felt her pass, only then did young Kenobi start to cry. Skent came over and picked the child up to smooth him through the Force.

"He has the midichlorian count of over 20,000. It went off the chart," Skent said. "We should hide his force signature now before someone senses him, Master Yoda."

Yoda nodded. "Once done, put with the other initiates, young Obi-Wan Kenobi will be."