Disney had two love songs meant to be sung in the Court of Miracles after Esmerelda saved Phoebus and Quasi from hanging. But because it took focus off of our hero Quasi and put it on the budding love of Phoebus and Esme. I sat and listened to it intently so I could type the words up and it took forever but they are not mine… Though I do plane on altering it for my story for some point latter I am going to tell you now…. NOT MY SONG! You can listen to it on youtube…. Everything is on youtube…

In A Place Of Miracles

Girl: What's happening to me?

My heart is pounding so fast.

Boy: What sort of place it this?

Where we're together at last.

Where our misgivings are past

And we're together at last

Girl: Here we are nearly stranger

From two world that have rarely met

But tonight you are dancing

In my heart

Boy: Look how far

We have traveled

And the journey's not over yet

For I'm feeling I just might

Let you win my heart

Can this sweet delusion be true?

Am I really here holding you?

I must be

In a place of miracles

Girl: Where the blind can see

In a place of miracles

Boy: Love can work its alchemy

The solider and the gypsy

Dance in an embrace

In a place of miracles

Boy: Like this place safe and secret

I have hidden my heart away

Till tonight

It was known to only me

Girl: See my face

Always laughing

That's just part of the part I play

That's just part of this masquerade in lonely me

But now I can drop all disguise

When I see myself in your eyes

I know I'm…

In a place of miracles!

Where my heart is free

To believe in miracles

Like you here in love with me!

Boy: And all my rusty armor

Gone without a trace

In this place of Miracles

Girl: in this place of miracles

Boy2: There's a place

In the city

There's a chance you may chance upon

Where the true

Hidden you is clear to see

Where you're secret self is revealed

And your deepest wounds will be healed


In a place of miracles!

Boy2: Love will hold the key

To a place of miracles!

Boy: To a new reality.

Here we are together

I a state of grace

Boy: In a place of miracles

Girl: in a place of miracles

Boy2: In a place

of miracles…..