Standing in a room a young raven haired boy named Daisuke was jumping around in joy. Yelling in happiness he looked toward the

door calling out "Mother! Father! She's given birth! Fuji had puppies." Juming foot to foot he threw his hands into the air."Fuji's

puppies! Mother Father come see!" he exclaimed happily. Walking into the room his motherspoke in a soft voice "We're coming."

Daisuke bend down looking at the pups happily "Look theres four of them!" Laying down as the pups fed Fuji looked at them

tiredly. Fuji was a brown and white Akita Dog. All of the sudden two of the pups were tipped over as two of the pups moved. One

of the pups was silver with black stripes while the other was adark grey with black stripes on its back. "Two tigered stripes!"

Daisuke exclaimed juming into the air. Juming onto fuji's back he wrapped his arms around her neck laughing. "Well done Fuji!" he

laughed out happily playing with her head. "Be careful not to step on the puppies Daisuke." His mother sccolded him gently.

Picking the Silver up up Daisuke sounaround before throwing him into the air. Fuji looked at Daisuke worriedly as he spun around.

"Daisuke give her back her puppy. She looks worried." His mother told him the puppy down Daisuke laid down infront of them

kicking his feet. Then he started to explain the importance of an Tora-Akita dog. Suddenly he remembered that he hadyet to name

the pups. "The silver one while be named Gin, Dark grey is Tora, the other two are Ginta and Leon." Daisuke told everyone.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Time Skip a few days later~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Running into the room dressed warmly Daisuke looked at Fuji,"Akakakbuto killed Riki." Picking up Tora and Gin he looked at them

sadly. "But I dont believe it. Your dad was a bear-hound! He can't die before he meets you two!" Putting Tora and Gin into his coat

Daisuke walked out the door exclaiming to the group "I'm going to dad!" Everyone out there looked at him before his dad replied

"Don't be stupid this is no place for kids!" Daisuke frowned watching as the group left mumbling to himself he looked at the pups.

Then Daisuke saw a snowmobile and hopped on heading towards where Riki and his grandfather were. After a few moments later

he saw the Akakakbuto Riki fighting. going faster he drove off a small ledge jumping off. Rolling on the ground he watched as the

snowmobile hit the bear. When he hit the Gin and Tora fell out of his jacket. Suddenly the bear started heading at them when a

hand came out of the ground pulling daisuke down. Tora and Gin rolled in opposite directions when Riki attacked the bear.