Elsword: Rune Slayer
Aisha: Elemental Master
Rena: Wind Sneaker
Raven: Blade Master
Eve: Code Empress

Chapter I: Scared

Aisha's POV:
I was alone in the dark. I saw a shadow, a deadly looking one. I was extremely scared. I wanted to run but can't. I wanted to scream at the top of my lungs but can't. I wanted to let someone know I am alone in the darkness. I wanted to cry… wait if I cry I won't be the 'Aisha' that everyone knows well. I'll be a… NOTHING. I am brave, strong, and vicious magician. I was once a full mage, before that red looking ring sucked my power in it and disappeared. I'm stronger than anyone else I know so far. Struggle or not, I'll live! Because I am AISHA!

"Are you sure?" a voice said.

"Who's there?" I screamed out.

"Maybe you should die in sadness," it started. "Just like your mother,"

"What do you know about my mother?" I demanded. "Why are you talking to me? Do you know anything about my mother? Did she die in sadness, just like you said?"

"Everything you ask will be answered," the voice said calmly. "Patience… wait until then, right now you will suffer!"

"What for?" I asked.

"Everything…" the voice began to fade.

Just then, I saw myself tied to strands of cords. It started to run electricity. I try to use my magic but can't. I couldn't even budge. The cords zapped through and shocked me. I was in pain. It hurt so much! I wanted it to stop. STOP I thought. The words in my mind are just like mist that can't be seen or heard. The cord keeps on repeating the same process. IT HURTS! STOP! I WILL DO ANYTHING!
I woke up gasping for air. I had the same exact dream each and every night. I always wake up and fall asleep again 'til morning, but today it's different. I put on my purple coat. I saw Rena and Eve sleeping. Rena was wearing her hair in a ponytail with a white flower stuck to her hair. Eve was sleeping like a princess. Her bed was finely made by Oberon and Ophelia. I walked out the room. I silently opened the door of Elsword's and Raven's room. I saw Raven sleeping with his sword sticking to the side of his bed, waiting for him to use it against demons and enemies. There was Elsword under his covers. I wonder why he was under the covers. I slowly closed the door and walked out. I ran to the house entrance. I was running freely in the wide open field of the grass. I was thinking of how nice it felt to stay up at night starring up at the moon. I sat on the log, thinking of my nightmare. Suddenly, I heard a foot step heading toward this way. I thought it was just an imagination of mine. I heard another foot step. I pulled out my staff and point at the air.

"Who ever you are come out?" I yelled.

"Just a foot step, you get all grumpy," the voice said.

"Oh, it's you," I said not surprised.

"So… why are you up 3 in the morning?" Elsword asked.

"Why do you want to know?" I said not looking at him.

"'Cause you always sleep 'til 12," he teased.

"Whatever," I said, annoyed.

He took a sit next to me. He looked at me. I was trembling, it must be because of the nightmare. My eyes began to fill up with tear. I try my best not to let it fall out of my eyes, but for some reason it fall out of my eyes brushing down my cheek. Elsword look at me in surprise. He noticed that I was scared.
"You know there are times when you are scared," he began. "But there are always times when you are happy. Overcome that fear and make it your happiness."
I looked at him, wordlessly. He just turned around. I also turned around and stared at the stars.

"Thanks," I mouthed him.

It was morning. I can't believe that I fell asleep in the field. Especially with HIM! That was sweet of him last night. He comforted me when he noticed that I was s…scared. He was still asleep. I touched his red hair gently. It felt soft. I stroked it. Suddenly, he opened his eyes. He stared at me with the 'what the heck are you doing' expression. I pulled my hand away from his hair. There was a long silence. I was sort of embarrassed. He got up.
"Let's get in before they started to think weird thing," he said.
I nodded. I wore my coat and followed.

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