They're fools in love. Everyone knows it. When they walk hand in hand in downtown District 12, everyone sees the way he looks at her. The love and tenderness he shows to her. The way he gently places his hand on the small of her back, guiding her to wherever it was that they were going. The way she leans against the countertop inside his family's bakery, with her hands holding up her chin, while he kneaded dough, both of them laughing. Sometimes people would watch them together from outside the bakery window, jealous of how easy their conversations were.

His eyes told a story. The pain they had both endured, the loved that they had fought for, the life they were now happy to be living. Those bright blue eyes sparkled with the love he had for the woman he had wrapped in his arms. The strong arms that waded away her nightmares each and every night, but made them so much easier to bear. The entwinement of their fingers showed how much they needed each other, afraid to ever let go.

Each and every small smile, gentle touch, a look into a pair of eyes made them fall in love with each other every time. Too many of their days had been wasted on the war, and not another day would pass where they would let each other out of their sight. After a few months of practice, he had learned how to hunt which they finally did together. The neighborhood had only known this because a young boy had told his mother after walking past the woods and heard laughter from them. It didn't take much for the word to spread around to almost every living person that they were always together.

But of course, they still came across the sad times, such as when she thought about her old best friend and mother who lived in different districts. Or something small that made them remember one of the many people they had lost in the bombing, especially her little sister. Through it all, they stuck by each other's side. Through thick and thin they knew whatever came their way it wouldn't ever stop them from loving each other.

They learned to go on with their life after death and destruction. They learned to find that dandelion in the spring and kill the fire that burned them down. They were fools in love, but even if they were fools when it came to love, they sure weren't fools about anything else.

Hey guys. I know it's been a while since I've wrote anything. School's been keeping me pretty busy so I haven't had any time at all to be on the computer. I also just finished taking driver's training and that was every day for three weeks. Yeah, it was terrible. But anyways, I'm back and I'll start writing again. I have this story almost completely finished so look for weekly or every other day updates(hopefully!). I'm thinking of starting a blog having to do with writing. Any thoughts on that?