Ryoga stepped off the stage, wand clutched in his hands and deep violet cloaks swirling around him in whispers against the cobbled stone floors. Barely a scratch was on him when he finished the duel in a stunning combo of intellect and non-verbal spells. His opponent had been no match for his skill, something he'd spent years training to achieve.

"That was fun!" called the kid he'd so ruthlessly beaten, a smile on his battered face. "We should try again when I'm a little better!" He stumbled to his feet and his schoolmates helped him off the arena.

Ryoga closed his eyes, striding out of the room. The kid challenged him every time he mastered a new spell, only to be severely beaten. He was by no means a green wizard, but he wasn't exactly skilled when it came to duels. The kid studied strategy and spells and practiced day and night, but when it came to the real thing, he was a flop.

But still he smiled at Ryoga, sparking something in him that he had long ago forgotten: dueling was fun.

Next time, Ryoga promised himself, he'd let the duel last a little longer than the mere minute of today's win.

Author's Note: requested by BlueSharky on tumblr a while back :) Prompt was "Sharkbaitshipping in a fantasy universe (like with wizards and stuff)"