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I climbed up the hot, humid bus. It bounced under my weight a little as I hurried on and claimed a seat.

First one.


I pulled off my backpack and placed it in the seat behind me to prevent other kids from taking that seat as well. It was my job to get here first. I always had. My brothers and sisters were depending on it so they sauntered on whenever they wanted, but I was mostly doing it for my youngest siblings. I didn't want them to have to sit next to a strange kid who was much older and much bigger than them. I had to keep an eye out for them. It was my job as the big sister.

After a minute or two, Yorick came on too. He sat in the seat across the isle from me and used his backpack in a similar fashion to claim the seat behind him as well. He smiled a silent greeting to me in the sort of half-smirk he does. Quirky little kid but dependable. I nodded back.

Next David clummered on and took the seat Yorick saved. He hoisted the tan backpack over the seat with his small arms, and it slid back to Yorick's side. David fidgeted around in the seat. The kid could never keep still. Maybe that's why he peed his bed even at age seven.

He was shortly followed by Northrop and Sal. They were in all the same classes, being twins, so they always got on the bus around the same time, but they kept about a few feet's distance apart. They didn't want to have to associate with each other for as long as they could help it. They saw the other all the time. It got boring and annoying. They often fought over stuff, and their arguments could be heard in the wee early hours of the morning. Their personalities just clashed too severely. Sal took the empty seat I claimed while Northrop sat with me.

Constance Tay trodded aboard the huge yellow bus after them. Her shoulders hunched over as she tried to avoid strangers' glances. She sat next to Sal.

The bus was filling almost to capacity by now, but I was still missing two brothers. Eventually, among the last kids out of the K-6 school, waltzed Reginald. He walked on slower than molasses like he owned the place. He probably did in his own mind. Time meant nothing to him. He didn't care how long we would have had to wait for him. The world revolved around his time schedule. He would get on when he darn well pleased. He walked to David's seat and picked up the littler kid's backpack. With a few short moves he tossed it in Yorick's seat without a word.

"Reggie! I was here first!"

"Move, David."

David stopped his pleading as he knew it would not get him anywhere with him. He sighed angrily and stomped over to the seat with Yorick. He crossed his arms and pouted his lips while Reginald, quite pleased with himself, stretched his entire nine-year-old frame over the entire empty seat. I flashed Reginald a dirty look for picking on poor David, but he just smiled and stuck his tongue out at me. Ugh.

Well, now, where was Jermaine? I pressed myself to the cold glass window as I combed the stragglers of the crowd for my youngest brother. I was looking for his buzzed, red hair and his stubby, five-year-old form.

The sidewalk cleared, and the busses started to pull away from the school.

"Have you seen, Maine?" I asked frantically because our last brother never appeared.

My siblings shoot their heads as Yorick stood up on his seat to see if Jermaine had snuck on and sat somewhere else. Everyone was crammed two to a seat except for Reginald. Our bus started to lurch forward knocking Yorick back to sitting in his seat.

"Stop the bus!" I yelled as I took my turn to stand.

The bus driver lady glared at me questioningly in the mirror and squawked at me to sit down.

"No! My brother isn't on! Stop!"

She took a brief look at the sidewalk. Seeing no one she cackled, "Maybe you should recount your herd?"She then coughed from too many years of chain smoking.

It was common knowledge that there were a ton of us -the Churches- but I was not about to let her leave my brother at the school. I shoved Northrop out of the seat and ran to the front of the bus. The driver lady stopped quickly, and I slammed against the doors. She was screaming with what volume her damaged lungs would allow her. I pried the doors open and ran out to the concrete sidewalk and back into the elementary school.

I ran to the kindergarden wing poking a head into all the classrooms along the way. No sign of him.

"Maine!" I called.


"Jermaine Church! Where are you!" I screamed, panicking more by the moment.

I heard a thunder of footsteps behind me as I saw the rest of my team was running after me. Yorick had my backpack for me.

"Why didn't you guys just go home?"

"Reggie did, but we wanted to help. Did you find him?"

"No," I sighed. "Maybe he got on the wrong bus?"

It was a possibility, but wouldn't he have noticed we weren't there? Wouldn't he have seen me flying into the school?

"How are we gonna get home?" Constance Tay asked softly as she scraped her foot along the carpet, preoccupied with the squeaking of the little wheel in the sole of her shoes. Something Dad got for her when she wasn't in a stubborn and rebellious mood.

"We walk, genius!" Sal said, frustrated more at the situation than Constance Tay herself, but there was still venom in her words none the less. The younger girl spun around on her heels with a little huff and continued making the wheel spin while looking down away from the group.

"Well, we have to find him first, right?" Northrop tried to take some of the tensity out of the situation.

"He's not in any of the classrooms."

"What about the cafeteria? Or the bathrooms? Or the playground?"

"Good idea. Boys check the restrooms, and the girls will check everywhere else. Meet back at the lobby when you're done," I ordered as everyone dispersed.

I headed to the play ground. It was just a hunch, but that was where I would go if I wanted to hide on school grounds. Sure enough, when I climbed to the top of the jungle gym, I found him hiding half inside the top of the multi-coloured plastic slide. He didn't even flinch as I sat down outside the tube.

So this is basically a RvB AU where the Freelancers are actually siblings and the Director is their dad. I'm not planning on adding in the Reds and Blues into it, but I might if I get really hooked on this. I have no plan to introduce any OCs so for those of you who hate them, this will make your day. I just really hope that I don't make the characters OOC. I'm gonna try not to.

In case you haven't figured it out, this was written from Carolina's point of view. You can probably guess which Freelancer is which. I had to get really creative with the names which was actually lots of fun. I'll have more detail about them in a later chapter.

I'm planning on having three stages of time. The first when they all range in ages from 5-11 in which this chapter would fall under. Then progress to when they're slightly older 11-17. Then 17-23. Each of the Freelancers are a year apart in age except for North and South, and their age is dependent upon their rankings on the board we first see in season 9 with Carolina being the oldest and Maine being the youngest. I made CT older than Maine because it seems like when we first see her in season 9 that she just got knocked off the board from the mission she just failed. And then we have no idea where Maine is in the rankings initially so I just made him the youngest of the bunch.

Sorry for the long outro. Looking forward to it!