The God of Mischief snarled as he was led roughly forward with his hands tied behind his back. He glared defiantly up at the king of Asgard, Odin.

"My son, why have you done such terrible deeds? To a helpless Midgardian race nonetheless?" the king asked in mournful tone.

Loki, God of Mischief and Evil things curled his lip into a malicious sneer, "Don't you dare lecture me I'm not your real son and I did as I pleased, nothing more, nothing less."

Odin frowned, "I fear you are close to the point of no return Loki, and I fear for the Nine Realms should you be freed to wreak havoc."

Loki watched with narrowed eyes as the king stood and approached him slowly, stepping down the stairs from his golden throne.

He lifted Loki's face up by his chin and stared deeply into the sharp green eyes scowling back at him.

"Take him to the edge of the Bifrost," Odin ordered, not removing his eyes from Loki's.

"What do you plan to do there Father? The Bifrost was eradicated by my tactless brother, what use does it hold to you?" Loki asked as the soldiers containing him suddenly began dragging his body away from Odin.

The king was silent and turned away, his face holding disappointment and anguish.

Frigga wept silently in the arms of Thor who had remained silent. He was in no position to barter for his brother's life seeing that Loki tried to kill him as well as enslave an entire race.

"Mother, I must go."

Frigga glanced up at her son who had eyes filled with sadness. Thor hugged his mother tightly and then followed his father towards the Bifrost.

Loki was silent as he was turned around to face the edge of the Bifrost. His expression was serious as he looked down into the abyss of the universe. He remembered the day that he had been suspended in mid-air at this very location, his father and his brother were the only things keeping him from plummeting into the darkness. Loki had let go of his brother because it was darkness he sought. His father had only ever wanted peace for his sons, not darkness and war, but Loki was a jotunn by blood, and it wasn't in his blood to be content with peace.

The God of Mischief was snapped out of his thoughts when he heard footsteps across the prism-like bridge behind him.

"Will you make the same mistake twice?"

Odin paused and realized what Loki meant. He had watched his son fall from this bridge once before, and with his incredible powers he was able to save himself; coming back stronger than ever.

"I will not," Odin stated sternly, motioning for the guards to turn Loki around.

The slender man was flipped around quickly and he stared directly into the king's eyes with no sign of remorse.

"Loki Odinson, you have betrayed the express command of your king and through your arrogance and thirst for power you have opened once peaceful realms and innocent lives to horror, death, and war. You are unworthy of these realms and you are unworthy of your title. You are unworthy of the loved ones you have betrayed!" Odin's voice rang out powerfully.

Thor's eyes grew wide as he recognized the words that his father was speaking as they were the same words he heard before his own banishment.

"I now take from you your power!" Odin continued, reaching out with his hand.

Loki's body began to glow and he let out a small gasp as his power was drained.

"In the name of my father, and his father before, I, Odin Allfather… CAST YOU OUT!" the king shouted with furious eyes.

Loki's face changed from indifference to shock as he flew off the edge of the bridge. Everything seemed to move in slow motion and then the former god fell into the dark abyss once again.


"Jane do you ever take a break? Come on, Thor obviously isn't in a rush to get back here," Darcy said lazily as she watched her friend scamper about her scientific workspace.

Jane shot Darcy a nasty look, "Thor would come back if he could something is preventing him from coming back. That's why I'm working harder than ever before to find a way for him to get here, or for me to get to him."

Darcy rolled her eyes, "Sure."

Jane typed rapidly on her laptop, "There's a strange energy signature…" she trailed off, looking up at Darcy with wide eyes.

"No, it's not him Jane, don't get your hopes up, besides, the last time he was here it was night, it's still pretty light outside."

Jane shook her head, "The time of day doesn't matter! It still could be him, let's go check it out!"

She grabbed the keys to her van off of the counter and the pair ran out into the New Mexico heat where they hopped inside the van.

Jane slammed down on the gas pedal and Darcy held onto the door tightly, "Jeez Jane, this van is pretty old, it's not a racecar so chill out."

The scientist frowned, "I just want to get there as soon as possible."

Darcy gripped the door handle tightly until the van started to slow down, "Are we there?"

Jane nodded slowly and pushed the door of the van open, "Let's go."

Darcy reached into her pocket and pulled a shiny black taser out, "After what happened the last time this kind of thing went down…" she mumbled, getting out of the van.

Darcy looked around carefully and spotted a dark dot in the distance, she ran to the front of the van and called out, "Jane, whatever it is it's over here!"

The pair ran toward the dot which grew larger.

"It's definitely a person," Jane said, excitement brimming in her voice.

Darcy put her hand in her pocket, wrapping her fingers around her favorite weapon as the dot changed into a figure crumpled on the ground.

Jane fell down next to the man on the ground, her knees skidding in the dirt. She reached out quickly and then paused, realizing the man in question did not have bright blonde hair, rather crisp black hair.

"That's not Thor," Darcy stated slowly, sensing that Jane was about to lose it.

'Maybe Jane is the one who I'm going to have to tase when she goes crazy and tries to kill this guy,' Darcy thought.

Jane slowly rolled the man over onto his back and both girls gasped in horror when they saw his face.

"That's not Thor… but it's definitely his evil brother," Darcy squeaked.

Jane shook her head rapidly, "Why would he show up here and not Thor?"

Loki stirred ever so slightly and he hissed as the blaring sunlight hit his eyes. He tried to sit up quickly and swooned in dizziness. He placed a hand over his eyes, allowing his pupils to recover from the dose of extreme light. He opened his green eyes only to be met by a sight he did not expect.

"You're that mortal woman who made my brother soft!" he spat menacingly, pulling away from her like he had been bitten.

"Where's Thor?" Jane asked with pleading eyes.

Loki curled his lip and looked around at his desert-like surroundings. It was too hot he immediately decided.

"Where's Thor?" Jane cried out desperately grabbing his shoulders and shaking him.

Loki let out a fierce growl, "Don't you dare touch me with your filthy hands you mortal temptress!"

He leapt up and took rapid steps backwards, "My brother is probably enjoying a wondrous feast with my father and toasting to my demise."

Loki rubbed his chin thoughtfully, "I asked the old fool if he was going to make the same mistake again, and he indubitably did!"

"What's he talking about?" Darcy cautiously called over to Jane with a wary look on her face.

Jane got back on her feet and walked towards Loki with careful steps, "Why are you here?"

Loki's glance shot up and he spat in a nasty tone, "Why are you here?"

Darcy huffed, "Jane knew something from your world was coming, her computer told her, so she rushed out here, thinking you were her 'cut' homeless boyfriend."

Jane gasped, "Darcy! He's not homeless! We know that now!"

She shrugged, "I still like to say it, and besides, when he's here he is homeless."

Jane narrowed her eyes, "No! He's allowed to stay with me when he's here, that's not homeless!"


Both girls turned to stare at Loki, whose eyes were swimming with pure irritation.

He closed his eyes and then opened them quickly, looking about.

"He's really creepy," Darcy whispered in Jane's ear.

Loki let out a small growl, "Why am I still here?"

Jane and Darcy stared at each other in utter confusion.

"Maybe he's trying to apparate, you know, like Harry," Darcy commented.

Loki's eyes grew dark and he glared up at the evening sky, recalling Odin's words, '"I now take from you your power!"'

He looked down at his apparel and realized that he was still wearing his black and green leather suit. Loki held out his hands and tried to perform a simple spell but nothing happened.

He swung around quickly and took long strides towards the two girls who took steps backwards as he became closer.

Loki reached out toward Jane and stated, "Hold still mortal, I need to touch your mind!"

Jane gasped as Loki fell to the ground in a heavy heap with taser wires attached to his chest. She slowly turned her head to look at Darcy.

"That freaked me out more than Thor, seriously, touch your mind?"

Jane kneeled down next to the fallen man, "Darcy, I think he lost his powers, just like Thor did when he came here."

"Where do you come up with that idea? He seems just as frightening as before when he was trying to enslave us!" Darcy cried, pulling the wires off and resetting her taser.

"To be honest, if he had his powers, he would have either killed us, teleported, or flew away, that's the kind of weird stuff he does isn't it?" Jane asked.

Darcy shrugged, "Your boyfriend is his brother, so you'd know more than me."

"I'll stay here, go get the van," Jane said.

Darcy shook her head with disbelief, "You aren't actually going to bring him back with us are you?"

Jane spoke, "Of course I am, right now, he's my strongest piece of evidence to help me get back to Thor, and I'm not going to lose him like I lost Thor the first time."

"Great…" Darcy said sarcastically, "Taking a murderer home as our new pet, sounds like fun."