Title: Trying Not To Love You

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Prompt: Trying Not To Love You – Nickelback

A/N: Ok this is my first attempt at a multi-chapter story, so here goes. Also a big thank you to BMG for looking it over and ellyfanfiction for the prompt.

He looked at her lying asleep next to him and couldn't believe how blessed he was to have her in his life, how much he loved her and the best bit, she loved him back. Smiling to himself he thought back to days past.

When they entered the TARDIS after the Adipose incident and the whole 'mates' embarrassment, the Doctor was thrilled to have Donna onboard as she was different from other companions. The glimpses of her personality he had seen the first time they had met were amazing and he wanted to get to know her; and if he was lucky, become her best friend.

When they had put Donna's luggage in her room the TARDIS had created for her, he gave her a tour.

"...and this is the library," he stated proudly at the end of the tour as Donna looked around the room in awe.

"It's beautiful; I can't wait to get a look at these books," Donna said in wonder. He looked at her in surprise.

"What?" she asked in surprise also.

He didn't say anything for a few moments, just staring at her intently until he saw a faint blush appear on her cheeks and realised he was staring.

"Oh, well, nothing, it's just a change for me. Normally it's the pool room or the games room that everyone wants to spend all their free time in, and I think you're the first companion to want to hang out in here," he said in one breath, afraid he would offend her.

"I'm not as ignorant as I look, you know," she said, smiling at him fondly before laughing softly. "I love to read and, despite popular belief, I can be quiet." Donna smiled at the look on the Doctor's face before yawning and telling him that she was off to bed.

He offered to escort her back as she might get lost in the vast hallways.

"No, I'll be fine, I'm sure if I start going the wrong way the TARDIS will help me out, won't you sweetheart," she said as she lovingly patted the wall. The humming intensified into a purring sound, making both occupants laugh.

"Ok, good night, Donna," he said softly.

"Good night, Doctor," came the sleepy reply as she walked away.

On his way back to his room the Doctor was trying to decide where to take Donna first.

"Hmmmm, Barcelona...? Nah. Ancient Greece...? No. Oh I know; ancient Rome," he mused out loud. Smiling to himself at what a great idea it was he got ready for bed and feel asleep still smiling.

Things were quiet in the TARDIS after leaving Pompeii and dropping off Caecilius and family in Rome. Donna went for a shower while the Doctor sent them into the vortex. He felt so guilty and not guilty at the same time; and it was a very confusing feeling. And he didn't like it, so he decided to head to the kitchen for a cup of tea. He was slightly surprised to find Donna there as he thought she would have gone to bed after her shower. She turned at his footsteps and smiled at him before getting another cup out of the cupboard for him as well. Accepting the cup of tea from her, he was surprised to hear her speak to him.

"You ok?" she asked softly when she sat down across from him.

Looking up he smiled sadly.

"Yeah, I'm alright and I'm so sorry about today," he said so softly she nearly missed it.

Looking at him for a few seconds Donna took her time deciding what to say next. "Doctor, it's not your fault, ok? Bad things happen and you were right, sometimes there is nothing we can do about it. I'm just glad to have been able to help you with your burden, is all," she stated sadly. Looking at her he realised that, even though this day had been terrible, Donna would always be there to help him.

"You're brilliant, you are," he said, sounding a little happier.

Donna just smiled that smile that said 'that's what mates are for' and kept drinking her tea. As Donna got up to put her cup in the sink and head to bed, she heard the Doctor speak again.

"Thank you for today," came the softly spoken words.

"Onwards?" came her equally soft reply.

"Always," he said, smiling a genuine smile.

To Be Continued...