Chapter 6

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Sam didn't get any better. Six wasn't giving up though; in fact, she only tried harder and harder to treat him — even if it meant no sleep at nights, after kicking some mogs' asses all day.

"You don't have to do this," he told her one day. "I'm perfectly fine! Don't mind me."

She ignored him; she would be a fool to actually not mind him — especially when it was so obvious.

One night, he was in a totally different mood; disappointed would be a good description.

"I'm sorry," he started.

She stopped what she was doing, which was fixing his bed covers, when he continued; "I'm slowing you guys down, which was the last thing I ever wanted to do."

She bit her lip, thinking hard about what she should tell him after that. Instead, he saved her from saying anything by grinning.

"Are you gonna shoot me yet?" he joked.

She smiled, which he knew was a very rare sight for him. Number Six rarely smiles; she's a tough *****. She isn't made of stone however. She is still living after all; maybe not human but Loric. She can actually feel surprisingly enough. In fact, she can feel, A LOT.

She answered him then, smirking. "Once you're better".

Sam's grin totally got erased and was replaced by fear. He gulped and she laughed, leaving his room. She found it relieving to have a good laugh once in a while, even though her way of doing so strikes fear to the victim which in her case, was always Sam.

Yes, it was always Sam Goode. Teasing him became a habit for her; it became one of things she loves to do the most. Maybe the reason to this was the connection it creates whenever she does it. She got the impression first hand that Sam thought of her hot whenever she plays hard to get so that could be another reason.

Seriously, being in the same room of the one you could possibly or even be already in love with is complicated! It is confusing whenever she tries to figure out how she should act around him. Not to mention the fact that she suspects that she hardly knows herself anymore. They say that 'love makes you blind', so cliché yet so true.

"You like him huh?" Sarah once asked her.

She looked at her as if she had grown two heads, "Are you mad? How in the world did that thought ever crossed your head?"

She thought that it was better to avoid answering for now. Besides, she wasn't even certain herself.

"I just thought," Sarah started explaining but she immediately interrupted.

"Look, I don't like anybody okay? Especially not a human being." This was an insult, she knew; she should be feeling nothing at all after saying that but the words tasted bitter in her mouth when she said them and there came a sudden tingling feeling from the pit of her stomach.

Sarah looked insulted — who wouldn't be? "Look, I just don't want him to get hurt okay?"

She snorted; "It's not like not like he has any feelings for me! Whatever he has, I'm sure that it's anything but love. Definitely not like that."

Sarah frowned; "Alright. Let's say that it is not love, but you'd be blind to see that he has affection for you and is working very hard to obtain yours in return." The girl then started to walk away.

She thought hard about what Sarah said. Still, she was afraid to do anything about it. This whole thing was a new stage for her; when a Loric falls for someone, he or she do so for life. At least, that was what Four had said. She wasn't sure whether she should believe it or not but he definitely does. True or not however, all she knows that taking action would be a very big risk because what would be at stake is her heart, her body, mind, soul...her everything! And what if everything failed? She was sure that there would be completely nothing left of her.

Shaking her head, she went to Sam's room to check on him. She found him sitting up on bed staring out through the window.

"I really like you, you know," he said to no one, although she was there listening.

"You heard," she said, pertaining to her and Sarah's conversation.

"It would be impossible not to hear," he answered then looked at her and grinned though to didn't really meet his eyes like his grins always uses to do. "You guys were practically a wall away."

She looked at his crestfallen face and mentally slapped herself. Why couldn't she just blurt the truth out? "Sam I," she started but Sam halted her.

"It's okay. I'm only human after all. I'm sure I can get over a petty rejection."

Her mind stopped working, and she was at lost for words. "Sam I —".

"If you don't mind, I uh would really like to be alone," he said.

She understood this as her cue to leave but she was stuck. She didn't really want to end everything like this. In fact, she doesn't want anything to end! "But Sam I —"

"Please?" he begged.

She shut her mouth and bit the inside of her right cheek. Mustering all her strength, she stood up, first walking towards the door then turned around. Instantly, her lips were on his and just as quickly were pulled back. She found herself flustered while she said, "We'll talk later," and immediately rushed out of the room, shutting the door behind her. She leaned on it, reflecting what the hell just happened while clutching her chest. She found herself counting one to ten, trying to even her breaths out. Once she was sure she had fully regained herself from whatever that was, she walked away from the door and sat herself on the couch, ready to take her mind off of things by watching a little bit from the tv. Once she had adjusted to a comfortable position, she flipped to the news channel, but did not really realized when she had finally drifted off to sleep.