Kuro kissed the younger male in his arms' head softly. "Love ya" he purred.

"I got to go home…" the blushing submissive growled.

"…Really? I was hoping to bring ya home with me…my family would love to meet ya" Kuro pouted.

A soft laugh from the younger. "I'm supposed to be the cute one" he scolded.

Kuro grinned. "Dominants can be just as cute as submissives" the oranget purred, nuzzling his boyfriend's lightly paled neck.

A squeak and smack to Kuro's head later, the younger male scowled at his boyfriend. "No…this is a public place asshole" he snarled, his light blue ears flatten against his snowy hair and his fluffy similarly blue tail swishing back and forth.

"Awww" Kuro pouted.

"Look. I have to go home right now…I will try to come meet your family really soon."

"mkay…do I at least get a 'goodbye, love ya' kiss?" Kuro asked, pursing his lips.

The younger sighed, strolling over to his dominant. They shared a quick kiss. "I love you Kuro" the snow haired one blushed.

"Love ya too my vanilla" Kuro purred, nuzzling his lover's cheek before letting the submissive go.

Kuro watched his lover race away, following the sky blue and white till it disappeared down the street. He already missed his love, his Aibou even though less than a minute had pasted. The oranget sighed, turning and running home to his loving family.

As soon as Kuro stepped through the front door, he was ambushed by his half-sisters, Inu and Ino. Both of them had silverly white hair and matching grins from their 'mother'. Inu, the male had golden eyes like his father while Ino, the female had light blue eyes from her 'mother'. They were 2 and beyond curious, both loving their 'Nii-san', Kuro.

Kuro didn't bother stopping them, pretending to be surprised before faking his death. The giggling toddlers playfully beat on him. "Save Nii-san" Mai called from the kitchen, racing to Kuro's rescues with Kon close behind.

Kuro peeked his eyes open to see Mai and Kon tickling the twins. Kuro smiled, sitting up. "Good job my apprentices" he teased. "You captured the enemy" he added as he took Ino and Inu from his siblings.

Kon and Mai both giggled, following Kuro into the living room. Kuro quickly built a cage like figure out of the pillows from the couch before putting the twins inside. "You have been imprisoned." He said, giving an evil laugh.

Inu giggled, pushing down one of the 'walls'. Kuro gasped dramatically. "How did you break my ultimate prison, it was supposed to be indestructible." He wailed.

"Because we replaced the prison with pillows…because we are traitors" Kon stated.

Kuro noticed Mai had disappeared. "But why?" Kuro asked.

"Because you are evil and we don't like evil people" Kon huffed.

"That's right…now get the evil man my attack hounds" Mai called. The giggling blue haired 5 year old was hanging on Shiro's back, pointing at Kuro.

Gin raced after the fleeing Kuro. The pair rampaged around the house. Kuro raced into the kitchen. "I need back-up" he called, putting Ichigo between him and Gin.

Gin tried to grab Kuro but Ichigo smacked Gin in the head with a pan. "Enough, Kuro got away in his private plane" Ichigo growled.

"Aww…okay" Gin pouted.

"We will get him next time" Shiro grinned, in the doorway. Mai was still on his back and he had a twin on each leg. Kon stood at his side with a wide grin. "True" Gin purred.

"When is Grimm-daddy going to be home?" Kon asked.

"About now" Kuro said, as the front door opened and the promised man came in.

Grimmjow came straight to the kitchen, stole Mai from Shiro and kissed Ichigo softly. "Hey blueberry," Kuro greeted before he left the room.

When the oranget came back, in his arms was a small 1 year old with tangerine orange hair and sky colored eyes. "Had Taiyou been crying?" Ichigo panicked.

"No, he woke up a minute ago though" Kuro replied, walking over to the fridge. He got out some cut up vegetables and plopped Taiyou in his high chair before starting to feed the happy child.

Ichigo sighed. Kuro had pretty stolen his second born child. The oranget nuzzled his husband before returning to the dinner he was cooking. Gin and Shiro took Inu, Ino, and Kon to the living room to watch TV. Grimmjow and Mai followed a moment later, leaving Ichigo, Kuro, and Taiyou in the kitchen.

Most of the household wasn't aware that the peaceful days were over. Only 2 people knew, one of them couldn't even talk yet.

Kumo walked into his home, slipping his shoes and coat off. He placed his shoes next to the door and hung his coat on the rack. "I'm home" he called, listening for the echoing footsteps that would alert him to his father's presence.

"You are late" a booming growl came.

"I'm sorry father…it will not happen again" Kumo stated, bowing in his father's direction.

"It better not…now come, we have things to talk about" the boom came, a hand roughly grabbing Kumo's thin, pale arm and dragging him down the hall.

"A-about what father?" Kumo asked after clearing his throat.

"The destruction of those stupid, selfish, overconfident bastards gods" Kumo's father growled.

Kumo shivered at the coldness and anger locked in that even tone. "Yes father" he nodded.

"Good boy…you are so eager to help our cause…you can't wait to be just like your old man, right?" the voice of his father purred.

Kumo wanted to scream no and run, but he knew that wouldn't work. "Yes father" he repeated.

"That's my boy" purred the tenebris Deus, Kumo's father.

This is the first chapter of the sequel to Submissive God.

This story's main plot is about the tenebris Deus and Gods...but it will have a few subplots as well, one being about Kuro and his relationships as well as his dealing with what will happen, another about Kumo and his life.

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