Ichigo had been with Ryoka for about 3 or so days. The younger oranget had eventually forgiven his half brother. Ryoka had explained the situation plus Ichigo kind of needed him to not get killed or anything like that. And Ichigo already had a chance to take his aggression out, as seen by the burn marks on Ryoka's arms, back, chest, and forehead.

It was early in the morning. Ichigo was still asleep in his bed. Ryoka was up, sewing at his table. A knock at the door nearly got a needle through the Ichigo plushie's eye. Ryoka carefully put down his orange haired plushie and went to the door. He smiled softly when he saw his father at the door. He slipped out of his room and into the hallway with his father. "Hi daddy~" he chirped, giving his father a quick hug.

"Hello Ryoka…how is our prisoner" Father asked as Ryoka stepped back from the hug. Ryoka stared at his father with his stupid smile, like he hadn't heard his father speak. Father's light green eye twitched. "How is our guest?" he corrected.

"Ichigo? Oh he's fine, doing well…he's eating and being very nice and helpful" Ryoka chirped.

Father nodded. "Good" he stated. Ryoka continued to smile. "Ryoka…may I borrow one of your ravens" the older male asked.

"Oh sure…need to send a message?" Ryoka asked.

"Yes" Father replied.

"Let's go get one" Ryoka chirped.

Father nodded, staying where he was for a moment while the oranget skipped ahead of him. The tenebris Deus turned, softly opening the door. He glided his eyes over the room till he saw the bump in the sky like bed where Ichigo laid asleep. Ichigo was snoring softly, cuddled up close with the blankets and his Grimmjow Plushie. Father smirked before closing the door silently and turning to follow his happy son down the hall to the Raven Nest.

Everyone had been called down to the 'meeting room'. A small glossy, black raven was perched on a table. It had a note in its talon and a light pink collar around its neck. It cawed loudly as it flapped its wings and flew to Grimmjow. It dropped the note in his hand, giving him a happy almost purr. Then the bird flew up to hide in the shadows of the room.

Grimmjow blinked before opening the note. He started to read it

Hello gods, demigods, Nekos, vampires, and whatever other creatures around in that reunion house.

I have a deal for you. Be sure to read all the way through this letter. Anyway, my deal is a trade. I will give your fire god, Ichigo back if you return my 2 children. I will give you till noon tomorrow to give me an answer. The raven will wait for a respond. If you fail to respond before noon, say no, or don't respond at all, then I will kill Ichigo. So please do think carefully. And if you do agree, return MY children, I don't care for any of the other children.


Grimmjow read it again before letting Shiro take it. Shiro read it as well before he handed it off to Yamamoto. The old god read it and then summarized it.

"Obviously we should do the deal and get Ichigo back" Isshin stated.

"We can't do that unless we know who the children are…and we don't know how Father treats them? What if they end up getting killed and they are perfectly innocent?" Kuro stated.

Grimmjow immediately knew at least one of the said children was either Kumo or Yoru if Kuro was trying to protect them. "What about Ichigo though?" the bluenet asked.

"We should save mommy" Mai nodded.

"Why can't we just go rescue Ichigo…like Grimmjow, Yoru, and Kumo saved me, Ino, Gin, and Kuro" Inu asked.

"We don't know where we are going" Kuro stated.

"Then we should agree with the deal and save Ichigo" Inu replied, Ino nodding in agreement.

"What if we don't have the children the guys asking for? And he knows it so he's just making fun of us?" Shiro asked.

"Then he would be an asshole" Yoruichi stated.

"I think he's asshole even if he's not making fun of us" Kuro rolled his eyes.

"Agreed" Gin chirped.

"We should probably figure out who the children are before we continue our discussion" Urahara stated carefully.

"You people happen to be discussing Ulquiorra and I's fates." Kumo stated, almost not caringly from Kuro's lap.

Silence followed the comment. "Kuro, did you know he was an tenebris Deus?" Urahara asked curiously, breaking the silence.

"For about a month" Kuro replied.

"Kuro! Why would you continue to date him after knowing, and why would you bring him HERE" Aizen snarled.

"Because his father's an ass and he is not a threat to us" Kuro replied.

"You talk like you know the guy" Aizen stated.

"Well I did sit in his cellar for a few days" Kuro started. "And got the shit beaten out of me by him" he added.

"Yes, Kumo is a child of a tenebris Deus…so is Gin and he is fine…Kumo is probably just as hopeful to take Father down as we are, if not more" Grimmjow snapped, silencing any further argument on the topic. Kuro sent Grimmjow an appreciative look.

After a long discussion, they decided they would make the trade. Ulquiorra just nodded and agreed to their decision. Kumo just ignored them, saying it didn't matter to him.

Kumo and Ulquiorra would be traded over to Father in exchange for Ichigo tomorrow morning. The raven had been sent back with their reply.

The next morning, just outside their temporary home was a man with dark red hair and narrowed light lime green eyes. Next to him was Ichigo with his head down casted, lips pursed together and eyes wet with tears. Small, black shadows swirled at their feet. The man with dark red hair had his arms crossed as he looked at the small group of Gods, demigods, and a mixture of other races.

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