I know that it has been a while since I have posted on my other story. I am still writing it, I just hit a mental block and was not inspired. I hope to continue working on it soon!

Description: Harry and Alexis Potter are the twins who lived. Unknown to the Wizarding World, the Dursleys take the twins to an orphanage instead of raising them.

Disclaimer: In no way, form, or fashion, do I own the Harry Potter franchise other than having copies of the books, the movies, and a few t-shirts. The only character I own is Alexis. There are many things you will recognize in this story that are from the books and movies. They are not mine (not matter how much I wish they were).

A/N: I thought up this character and decided that this story needed to happen. I am ambidextrous (can do everything with both my left and right hand- writing included) and wondered what would happen if there were an ambidextrous wizard or witch. I decided to make my character a witch, and she slowly morphed into Harry Potter's twin sister.


Petunia Dursley screamed when she saw two babies, a boy and a girl, in a basked on her front porch. She had just stepped outside to retrieve the milk like she did every morning. Her husband, Vernon, made his way down the stairs as quickly as he could (which was actually rather slow because he was a big man) to see what was wrong with his wife. Vernon saw the babies and paled. He also saw a letter that had been tucked in their blankets. Vernon quickly pulled Petunia inside and brought the basket to sit on the table. He did not want the neighbors to know anything.

Once inside, Vernon pulled the letter out of the blankets and read it. He was aware of his wife's unusual sister, but he tried not to mention her. After finishing the letter, he just handed it over to Petunia. He did not know what to do.

Petunia read the letter and paled even more. She looked over into the basket and saw that one of the babies was a copy of her sister whom she had not spoken to in a few years.

"I don't want to keep them," said Petunia furiously. She could not stand having a copy of her sister in the house that would most definitely be able to do magic. The letter said that Lily (Petunia's sister) and James Potter (Lily's husband) had been killed by a dark wizard, that Harry and Alexis had miraculously survived, and that the Dursleys were the only family that Harry and Alexis had.

"What should we do with them?" asked Vernon as if they babies were just stray dogs.

"Take them to the orphanage. I do not want them in my house!" Petunia was in one of her moods, and Vernon knew that he did not want to cross her, so he quickly went and got dressed and took the twins to the local orphanage. He just left them on the porch, much as they were left on his own porch, but he did not leave the letter that was left for them. It had too many weird things in it. In an act that could be considered the only truly decent thing he had ever done, Vernon Dursley quickly scribbled out "Harry and Alexis" on a piece of paper. He never knew why he did that, but he did.

Chapter 1

Mrs. Jones, the head of the Hope Orphanage had never seen children as peculiar as the Potter twins, not that she told them of her observations. The twins, Harry and Alexis (or rather Lexi as she preferred to be called) were left on the porch of the orphanage when they were around a year and a half old (judging by their size) with only a small piece of paper indicating their names.

They were content children who hardly ever cried. They would only cry if they were separated, as if they knew that they were the only family they had left. Because of this, they always shared a room, even after they were offered separate rooms when they were older.

Mrs. Jones and the others who helped care for the orphans often talked about the Potter twins. Harry and Lexi had the ability to speak in tandem, meaning that they always finished each others' sentences. It was unnerving when they first started talking, but everyone became accustomed to it. They tended to keep to themselves because the other children did not understand why they spend all of their time together. None of the other children had siblings, or if they did, they did not acknowledge it. They were often picked on because of this, causing them to withdraw from the other older children even more. Harry and Lexi were used to it, and often enjoyed that the other children left them alone because they loved to read. The younger children loved the Harry and Lexi because they would read stories to the younger ones together with different voices for the characters. Mrs. Jones often thought that the Harry and Lexi were more willing to care for the younger children because they were always caring for each other.

Odd things always seemed to happen around the Potter twins. When they were four, they somehow managed to get on the roof while the children were playing outside. They said that some of the other children were chasing them, and they just appeared on the roof. Another time, when everyone went on a trip to the zoo, the glass to a snake cage disappeared, letting the rather large snake out, after one of the some of the other children pushed Harry and Lexi out of the way to look at the snake. Some of the other children said that Harry and Lexi were talking to the snake, but that could not be possible.

Harry and Lexi knew that they were different from the other children in more ways that just the family connection. Unknown to everyone else, Harry and Lexi could talk to each other in their minds. That was how they were able to speak in tandem. This also was the cause of their closeness. They could turn off their connection if they wanted to, but they preferred to keep it open. They liked having the other in their minds; it made them not feel as lonely. They did not have any secrets from each other. They were the only family that they had.

Because they were left on the doorstep of the orphanage, no one knew exactly when they were born. It was assumed that Harry and Lexi were now around ten years old, so they would have been at least a year old when they were left. The orphanage celebrated birthdays based on months (so that one Saturday a month, anyone who was born in that month would be recognized) because not all of the children had known birthdays. Mrs. Jones decided that Harry and Lexi were born in October based on their size when they were found. This decision caused the July before their supposed eleventh birthday to be a great shock.