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Reminder: the Twins speaking through their connection will be identified by italics

In honor of Harry and Lexi's first meal in the castle, Dumbledore arranged to have the house elves send up the food like they do for the opening feast, knowing that the twins would enjoy the magic of it, and he was right. The twins were amazed when the table filled with all types of different foods. All of the professors, except for Snape, chuckled at their amusement. Snape was unsure of what to do. He wanted to hate the boy who reminded him of his childhood tormenter, but he had Lily's eyes. Then there was the almost carbon copy of Lily, but she had the eyes of Potter, who tormented him in school. With the copy of Lily sitting next to the copy of Potter, he couldn't fully hate him, because he knew that Lily's eyes were in the boy's face.

While Snape was focused on his inner struggles, Harry and Lexi were looking up and down the table, trying to figure out what to eat. Minerva saw that they were overwhelmed and pointed out a few of her favorite dishes, which Harry and Lexi immediately put on their own plates. Minerva smiled at their actions.

After everyone had served themselves, the conversations started up. Professor Sprout turned to the twins.

"So, Harry and Lexi, do you have much experience with plants?"

"Yes, we do," replied Harry.

"Mrs. Jones let us have our own patch of land at the orphanage. We got to plant whatever we wanted!" Lexi exclaimed. She loved to spend time in the garden.

"Are there different magic plants?" asked Harry. Sprout smiled at the twins.

"Yes there are, if you want to come and visit me in the greenhouses you are more than welcome to, just have Minerva escort you, so that you don't accidentally go to one of the more dangerous greenhouses." Harry and Lexi turned to Minerva.

"Will you please take us, Minnie?" asked Lexi.

"Maybe tomorrow when we get back from Diagon Alley?" added Harry hopefully. Minerva chuckled.

"We will see, you might be tired after a long day at Diagon Alley," Minerva paused. Harry and Lexi frowned a bit. "But I will be sure that you get to go down to the greenhouses before school starts." The twins brightened up again.

The professors smiled at the twins. Flitwick asked Minerva a question about the start of school, Professor sprout started telling Snape about some plants that would be ready for potions soon, and Hagrid reported to Dumbledore about the plans he had for the pumpkins for Halloween. Harry and Lexi enjoyed listening to the different conversations.

"Do you think we could ask if we could visit all of the professors before the term starts?" asked Lexi.

"That's a good idea, then we will know where their classrooms are before classes officially start," replied Harry.

"I think that I would be more comfortable in classes if I already knew the professors," admitted Lexi.

"Do you want me to ask now?"

"No, we can ask later."


Everyone soon finished their meals, and Professor Dumbledore sent work to the house elves that they were ready for dessert.

When the dessert appeared, Harry and Lexi were surprised, not in how the dessert arrived, but at how much there was. The table was just as full of dessert as it was with the meal. They both decided to get a piece of chocolate cake, which they thoroughly enjoyed.

"Are we still going to the Library this afternoon?" asked Harry, looking at Minerva, as everyone finished up their desserts.

"Yes," replied Minerva, smiling. "After you find a few books, I believe we will go back to our quarters and we can get to know each other better." Harry and Lexi smiled.

"I think it is going to be great living here with Minnie," said Lexi.

"Me too," replied Harry.

"It wasn't bad at the orphanage," commented Lexi.

"But it is nice to have someone to care for us specifically."

"It will be different when all of the other students are here," Lexi sounded unsure.

"I'm sure that she will still have time for us. Maybe we can ask her if we could have tea together at a regular interval."

"That would be nice," replied Lexi. "We can ask her when we talk later."

"Well, it looks like we are ready," said Minerva as she got up. Harry and Lexi followed her lead and also got up.

"See you later!" said Harry. Lexi waved at everyone. The three then walked out of the hall. Minerva turned and started leading Harry and Lexi to the library.

"If you are going to be using the library often, it would be good for you two to be well behaved while you are in the library because the librarian, Madam Pince, is very strict about keeping order in library."

"Oh, we will be good," replied Harry.

"We know that we need to be quiet and respect the books," added Lexi.

"Mrs. Jones let us visit the public library."

"But we had to be well behaved if we wanted to go."

"And we did," they finished together.

"Then I am sure that you will be fine," replied Minerva, smiling.

"What else did you like to do there?" asked Minerva.

"We like to do all sorts of things," replied Harry.

"And we are always ready to try something new," added Lexi.

"One of our favorite things to do was reading stories to the younger kids," said Harry.

"We would read together and give the characters different voices," added Lexi.

"The younger kids really loved it." They said together.

"And were you friends with children your own age?" asked Minerva.

"Not really," replied Lexi.

"The other kids preferred to play outside than to study and play with the young ones," replied Harry.

"But Mrs. Jones appreciated our help with the young ones."

"A few times, one or two of them would come to us when it was storming for comfort," explained Harry.

"We liked to comfort them because they helped us feel wanted, even after the other children were adopted and we remained," added Lexi quietly.

Minerva gave the twins a sad smile. "There were many times that I wished I could come and check on you, but I did not know where you were until your Hogwarts letters were written, and I am sorry for that."

"It's okay, Minnie, you have us now," said Harry with a smile. Lexi nodded in agreement.

They turned into the library and Lexi and Harry let out a gasp. They jumped when a strict looking woman appeared from behind one of the shelves.

"Minerva, it is good to see you," she said. "But who are these children with you, the term has not started yet."

"I am aware that the term has not started, but if you had been at lunch, you would have learned that these are my new wards, Harry and Lexi Potter, whom I am adopting. They had expressed interest in visiting the school library."

Madam Pince looked closely at the twins, as if deciding if they were worthy to visit her library.

"We promise to treat the books with the utmost respect," said Harry.

"And not remove any books from the library without your permission," added Lexi.

"And we won't make too much noise," they said together. Madam Pince smiled at the twins.

"Yes, you are allowed to come. Even some of the seventh years do not follow those basic rules. You may go and choose a few books to take with you if you wish, but please stay away from the restricted section. It is separated and restricted because some of those book are exceptionally dangerous."

"We will," replied the twins in unison as they started walking to the shelves. They could hear Madam Pince and Minerva talking to each other as they looked through the books. They found Hogwarts, a History.

"I think that we should just get this book," said Harry.

"Don't we want to learn about the basics of magical history?" asked Lexi.

"I'm sure that Minnie will tell us the important bits, and we can ask her questions."

"Are you sure?"

"Yes. I think that if we focus on getting to know Minnie better and learning about the castle before school starts, we can learn about other stuff during school. One of our core classes is History of Magic."

"Okay." With that, they went back to where Minerva and Madam Pince were waiting.

"We found Hogwarts, a History," reported Lexi.

"We decided to only take it out for today," added Harry. Minerva and Madam Pince were surprised that the twins only had one book.

"We like to read aloud to each other," said Lexi, noticing their surprise.

"It helps us remember things better," said Harry. The two women smiled at them. Madam Pince noted the book in her records, and Minerva lead them out of the library, with everyone saying their goodbyes. Madam Pince invited the twins to come back when they had free time.