I'm falling again… This time I don't know if I can escape…

"Well looks like you're finally awake…" My captor purred. I just kept my eyes shut… he knows I'm awake but I don't care. "I told you don't follow me and look where it got you." The man said a bit more harshly. "Hey look at me when I'm talking to you!" He said and kicked me in the side; I cringed and held back a scream. It burned when I tried to breathe…I already had broken ribs and the kick didn't help.

I opened my eyes and squinted through the darkness trying to see his face. He stepped closer and placed a hand on my chin and lifted my face close to his. "Oh, now I can see your pretty blue eyes." He said with a menacing smile. He ran a hand through my black hair and grabbed a handful and jerked my head back causing me to yelp. He shape-shifted his finger into a sharp blade and brought it up to just below my eye and placed it on the tender skin and pulled down causing a crimson stream to slowly trickle down my face. "Now you look like your crying, how cute." He whispered into my ear then bit my neck. I felt blood start running down the front of my shirt soaking it. "Now be a good girl while I go take care of some business." The man walked out of my sight and I heard a door slam and lock from somewhere.

My hands had cuffs on them and they were shackled to the floor with a short chain and they were digging into my wrists. I looked around, barely able to make out hardly anything because it's so dark, there's a distinct scent of mold and mildew where ever I'm at. No matter how adjusted my eyes were I still couldn't see the door out of here…

I tried to think back to how I got here but it's all a blur, one minute I was laughing and talking with my friends, then I spotted a cute little cat and followed it… I thought it was a stray that needed a good home, but it ran away from me every time I got closer. It ran down an alley and I naively followed it. The farther it got the more I wanted it until it changed… the cat had stopped running and just turned and looked at me, then a white light flashed over it as it shape-shifted into a tall man with lavender eyes and long green hair. He started to sweet talk me saying I was beautiful and so caring and with every word he spoke he took a step closer to me until he was so close I could count how many eyelashes he had. I had no idea what was going on so I just stood there. Then in a flash I felt a hard hit to my stomach then the back of my head and it all went black after that.

I tenderly touched the long cut on my face, the blood was already starting to dry on top of it forming scab. I looked down and my black T-shirt and saw that it had some holes torn in it like he just grabbed it and ripped it for no reason, My shorts were still intact which was a good sign. When I followed the cat into the alley I remember my hair being up in a pony-tail, but now it was hanging down my back in a tangled mess. I wandered what my friends were doing and if they even noticed I was gone… what would I do if they didn't, who was this lunatic who had kidnapped me?

The door on the other side of the room opened and a small boy with long black hair and those same lavender eyes came though it and walked silently over to me holding something. He had a tiny first aid kit… He took out bottle of peroxide and poured it on my wrists and then on my cut on my cheek, then dabbed them dry after they stopped bubbling from the liquid cleaning the wounds.

"Th…thank you..." I said to him but my voice broke off and sounded raspy. The boy just nodded and got up to leave.

"Don't tell Envy I came in here, he will just get mad and it will be worse for you…" He said and took off quickly back through the door he came in. So now I know my captor's name, that's one step farther than I was five minutes ago… I thought to myself.

I had nothing to do but wait there until Envy decided to grace me with his presence again… although I would really rather he not considering how he has treated me so far… The door opened again and Envy walked in holding a piece of bread. He looked down at me and smiled. "Do you want this?" He asked in a soft tone. I nodded my head up and down. "Too bad." He said taking a bite out of it himself. "So I never bothered to get your name… care to tell me?" I just looked at him in silence. "I could beat you until you yell me or anything else I feel like doing, because let's face it no one is coming to save you little girl." He took another bite of the bread.

"Raven…" I mumbled and he just looked down at me.

"Hmm, what was that? I didn't hear you…" He kicked me in the ribs again and I fell over. "Say it louder." He commanded.

"I said my name is Raven." I said louder looking at him with hatred.

"That's better." He finished off the bread and just laughed a chilling laugh. "So Raven, can you think of a single person who could save you?" He asked with a smirk.

"No." I said flatly. I wasn't about to give him any satisfaction by breaking down and crying or begging for my life.

"Aww, what a shame." He said then he laughed hard. "I was hoping you would say yes so I could dump your body on their doorstep once I'm finished with you." He squatted down and got close to my face again. "But I guess that mean I can keep you for a while and have fun with you." He said with a wicked smile. He slid his hand around my throat and squeezed until I lost consciousness, and everything faded into the dark.

*so that's It O: wow I suppressed myself with this O: This was really dark C: I've always wanted to write a story like this :D anyways I may just make this a one-shot but I might not O: I left it at a place where I could continue it or just say she he choked her to death O: but I think Ill continue :D

Anyways I hope you enjoyed reading this :D

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