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Zero (Privacy) Time

"We, the Glittering Crux, have finally reached the third phase!" Head boomed from his position on the circular table. "With this, we can now defeat the obstacle to our Departure – Tauburn!"

Oh, how overjoyed he was! No, he was beyond overjoyed; he was ecstatic! The world – oh, it was going to be his! His! He couldn't wait anymore. He wanted it now. He had to do it now.

"Let's not waste any more time," Head declared, arms swinging wildly as he gestured. "To our victory – apprivoise!"

And the world stopped.

Inside Reshbal, Head felt invincible. Undefeatable. He was burning with the desire to finish Tauburn once and for all. But where was Tauburn and Takuto Tsunashi? Head scanned the area, searching for the familiar red spikes –

"A-ah… Sugata… haa, so good."

"Hm… Takuto… you're so – ahh, damnit – needy today."

– and instantly regretted every decision he made in his life that led him to this situation.

"Harder! Ahh, Sugata – that's… oh!" Takuto mewled.

As expected, neither the Glittering Crux nor the maidens could utter a word or move a muscle. Until Head realized what he was seeing and hearing – vividly, mind you – was definitely not good for his libido.

"Tauburn," Head began, drawing the attention of horrified eyes. "You are not the only Galactic Pretty Boy anymore! I will now disperse of your light with mine! Battle me!"

Takuto answered with a breathless moan that made Sugata smirk.

"Tau-Tauburn?" Head repeated incredulously.

The redhead shifted his gaze from Sugata to Head for all of three seconds before casually dismissing Head with a wave of his hand. "Mister, can we do that some other time? I'm a little busy right now… later, okay?"

"… Okay…" Head replied bitterly.

And with that, the Glittering Crux retreated and Zero Time ceased, but not before Wako reminded Sugata that to 'go easy on Takuto-kun' because they 'have drama practice tomorrow!'

Head couldn't sleep for weeks.

Zero (Privacy) Time

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