After replaying Klonoa 2 I really wanted to write something fluffy for the King of Sorrow and Klonoa because the ending was just so sad! These first two scenes are pretty sad as well, but hang in there. I'm still working on the next few chapters so you can expect a lot more to come!

Later chapters will get into more King of Sorrow/Klonoa. I'll also bring in some OCs and characters from other games for fun.

This part takes place during the last boss battle of Klonoa 2, and fills in a little bit between Klonoa ringing the bell and what happens to the King of Sorrow at the end. Read on!


How can sorrow possibly be defeated? It wasn't something Klonoa actually stopped and thought about during the journey to the middle of that desolate kingdom, too busy just trying to stay alive. Even if he had, how could he have possibly anticipated what he would find there?

None of that mattered at first, as he found himself caught in an illusion with no end, forced to fight one of the King of Sorrow's puppets before he could be overwhelmed. Then the mere proximity to the other elements, which Klonoa had hoped would somehow help the miserable creature in front of him, seemed to push him over the edge. With a scream the King of Sorrow had gone completely out of control, smashing a crater in the floor with the shield that formed around him.

There was no time to think about the voice he had heard calling to him for help so long, or about what he had found answering that call, the half-mad personification of the world's forgotten sorrow. Not until he had broken through that last barrier to the miserable creature he had been fighting was there even an instant to think.

"He... lp me... please."

There had never really been any question of what he would do. Of course Klonoa had to help. He let the Bell of Sorrow ring out at last, its chime shimmering and pure as a waterfall of tears.

It was in that moment, as the bell's voice filled the air, that the power sustaining the King of Sorrow seemed to fail at last. Pained red eyes slid closed, and he fell into the crater his powers had created.

Klonoa never stopped to think about what came next, either. He dove in on reckless instinct, catching the falling child of Sorrow in open arms.

That small body felt so frail in his arms, a bundle of stick-thin, shivering limbs that went limp in Klonoa's embrace. Harsh little gasps that sounded almost like faint cries of pain were the only thing Klonoa could hear over the echos of the Bell of Sorrow that still reverberated through the whole kingdom.

"I have you," Klonoa promised, not knowing how else to soothe.

There was enough power to tear down the world coiled up in the body he was holding, but all Klonoa could feel now was just how fragile the King of Sorrow truly was.

Klonoa carried his small burden out of the crater, having to steady himself one-handed as the feeble arms that finally moved to cling to him were too weak to support even the weight of such a tiny body. When he finally reached the top, Klonoa shifted to hold the King of Sorrow properly with both arms, but finally realized that there was nowhere for them to go. The body he held was becoming lighter and lighter, until he could hardly feel the weight of it anymore.

The King of Sorrow was fading away, even as Klonoa knelt and held his frail bundle across his lap. Later Klonoa would think that maybe it was because this last, lonely, child of the Kingdom of Sorrow was made more of pent-up loneliness and sadness than flesh and blood. Maybe ringing the bell had released that sorrow into the rest of the world, and left nothing to sustain the child-king.

Or maybe it was because for the first time he had made this isolated child of sorrow feel something other than sadness, or loneliness, or despair. Klonoa never really thought about how to defeat sorrow, just done what seemed right. Because of that he had found the one way to defeat sorrow, not by attacking head-on, not by locking it away to forget, but by embracing it with his whole heart.