DH: It has come to my attention that no one has any interest in my other story. As a result, I went with a new one based off a fairly old setup. In this, like many others, you may ask, or humiliate, any of the characters whatever or however you want. Leave a review with your questions or demands. Now, since we have started, I shall introduce my (non-OC) co-host, Lethe!

(cut to Lethe sitting next to DH on the couch)

Lethe: I don't know how I got talked into this either. (mumbles) Crafty beorc.

DH: I can hear you, you know. Anyway, the RE cast should be here in about ...3...2... Now.

-cast crashes through ceiling, save for Rebecca and Leon, the former landing on the open spot on the 3-person couch,
the latter landing and rolling in time-

Wesker: Let me guess, Q&A fic.

DH: Yup.

Wesker: Figures.

Chris: How painfully humiliating will this one be?

DH: For you, and the other characters who I like, nothin' bad at all. Characters I hate, however...(glares at Wesker, Alfred, Alexia, and Carlos,
all of whom gulp.) Now, since I don't have any reviews, and no dares, Lethe if you would.

Lethe: On it! (hits switch on huge-ass stereo system)

-New England Fall by the Sawyer Family plays-

DH:See ya!