"I do not own Power Rangers I am just using its characters, settings, etc. for my story"

Chapter 1

Return of Cadet Landors

It was an ordinary day at the SPD Academy and everything was going swiftly. Bridge was eating toast in his room, Z and Syd were scanning the city trying to find criminals, and Sky was training new cadets in the simulation room of the Academy. The simulation was setup inside a parking garage in downtown Newtech City. Four cadets and Cadet Tate stood at the entrance to the garage cladded in their SPD cadet uniforms. Cadet Tate was instructing the cadets on using Battle tactics while battling a criminal on the streets. "..And remember to always stay alert because you'll never know when a criminal will come by and attack." Sky said scanning the garage searching for criminals.

Just then a reptilian alien appeared at the right of the garage with a stolen bag of groceries

Clutched in his arms. "CRIMINAL AT 3 O' CLOCK!" yelled Sky pointing at the alien running towards them. One of the cadets whipped out a blaster, turned to his right, and shot a photon beam at the creature coming towards them. The creature was blasted to the ground and the groceries flew out of his arms. A second agent grabbed the groceries before they spilled out of the bag. "Excellent cadets." Sky said with a smile on his face. The cadets rejoined their teammates at the entrance to the garage. "Your skills have improved nicely. I'm impressed." Sky said standing in front of all four cadets.

At that very same moment a familiar African American with dreadlocks dressed in street clothes was heading towards the SPD break room. Coincidently Bridge, Z, and Syd were in the break room having a snack and talking. As the African American stepped into the room, Z's mouth dropped opened as she recognized her old friend. "Jack! Oh my god, what are you doing here? "Z screamed as she ran over and hugged her friend. It was Jack Landors a former SPD cadet and good friends with the members of B Squad. He had left the academy to be with his new girlfriend Ally. "Me and Ally were going to a concert downtown and we decided to stay in a nearby motel for a week so I could come and visit you guys."

"That sounds good. You and Ally should be having more fun together." Said Z walking back towards Syd and Bridge "And I also have big news." Said Jack with a huge grin on his face. "What is it?" all three B Squad rangers asked curiously. "I signed up to do some temporary volunteer work here at the academy assisting Boom." Said Jack happily to his friends. "So this means we'll be seeing you around here more often." Z said smiling. "Temporarily. But yes." Said Jack. "Should I contact Sky and tell him to come here and see Jack?" asked Syd taking out her morpher. "Yeah Sky"ll want to see Jack." Z said turning to Syd. "Speaking of Sky where the fuck is his pompous ass?" asked Jack

"He's training cadets in the Simulation Room." Bridge said taking a bite out of a sandwich. At that very same moment Sky was walking down a hallway further in the Academy. "You all did fantastic today." Sky said to the cadets. "Especially you Emily." "Thank you Cadet Tate." The blonde haired cadet said as she smiled. "Now go out to the training grounds and train for the rest of the day." Ordered Sky. The cadets left Sky as he heard a voice coming from his morpher. "Sky. Sky. Are you there?" Sky whipped out his morpher and spoke into it. "Syd what is it?" "someone's looking for you." "Am I in trouble?" "No just come to the break room now!" "I'll be right there."

Next Chapter: How will Sky react to seeing Jack? Are Commander Cruger and Dr. Manx going to discover the appearance of Jack? Is Gruumm planning to break out of prison? And is a former Power Ranger being held in prison due to her history as a villain?