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Clip Clop Clip Clop...

A wandering swordsman slowly paces through the empty streets of Edo near the waterside on a hot summer night.

It's humid.


A warm breeze brings the deafening sound of cicadas resonating through the trees.

The swordsman, Kenshin Himura, is not who he once was. There is something different about him... and all of Japan, for that matter. The streets of Kyoto are no longer stained with the blood of men. His eyes, once burning gold with the heart of a killer, now cooled to a darker violet. His sword, once deathly sharp and stained with blood, is now a reverse-edged sword, untainted and humble.

Kenshin, ridden with guilt, has wandered the streets of Japan without purpose ever since the death of his wife Tomoe at the end of the war. He stops in his path on a small wooden bridge and gazes out on the Sumida River. The moon reflects white flecks of light on the rippling water and in his violet eyes. How far away I've drifted from my true self...unable to see anything around me but the violence of war and the weakness of my enemies...

He continues walking but stops again when he hears commotion coming from a dimly-lit street light ahead of him.

"He's...he's...*hiccup* gone!" A young woman in a brightly-colored kimono with long, dark violet hair is seen clutching a bottle of sake, propped up against the street light with a wooden sword next to her.

Kenshin approaches and kneels down next to the young woman. " shouldn't be out here alone at this time of night...It could be dangerous, that it could."


The young woman promptly smacked him over the head with the bottle of sake, nearly rendering him unconscious.

"Oroooo..." was all he could say in shock, losing his balance and tumbling backwards.

"You just leave right now, you... womanizer! *hiccup* ...I can take care of myself without a man. I'll continue my father's legacy, even though he won't be here... to see it...*hiccup*..."

Kenshin guesses by her words that her father has recently passed. He watches from the ground as she slowly loosens her grip on the bottle and passes out, slouching against the street light. Getting up and dusting himself off, he gently picks her up, carrying her like a child to a grassy spot near the waterside.

He softly lays her down in the plush grass and props himself against a tree, sleeping with a warrior's mentality: sword in hand, always on guard.

The next morning

Kenshin slowly opens his eyes to the sound of birds chirping and rushing water. The sun is beginning to rise over the water in the distance, and the sky is lighting up with shades of orange and blue.

He kneels down next to the sleeping young woman and gently nudges her shoulder.

"It's morning now... Shouldn't I escort you home?" Kenshin's words pour out gently in a soft voice, hair flowing into his face as he lowers his head, face to face with her.

The young woman slowly blinks, unable to assess her surroundings due to the massive headache brought on by daylight. The first thing she sees is Kenshin's warm expression mere inches from her face.

Kind, violet eyes.

An earnest smile.

…And then, reality.

"Who? Where? …What the Hell happened last night? Did I...? Did you...?" she manages to speak.

"You were starting to pass out with a bottle...I only carried you here so I could watch after you. It's very dangerous for a woman your age to be out on these streets at night, that it is," Kenshin said calmly with a concerned expression.

"Oh, I..." She can only look down in embarrassment, flushed. "I've...been going through a lot lately. I should be going... Mr.-"

"Kenshin Himura."

"Kaoru Kamiya of the Kamiya-Kashin style of swordsmanship. Yoroshiku onegaishimasu*."

Pat pat...

Kenshin's eyes gaze upon the pattern of her silk kimono as she brushes off dried bits of grass and stands up to leave. He thinks about how different she is in every way from his first wife, Tomoe. Her kimono is bright and cheerful like a child's; her skin is rather masculine, a bit dark from practicing outdoors; she carries a wooden sword at her waist. An air of independence and determination radiates from her presence.

"Well, I'll be going now, Kenshin Himura," she states, rather dryly.

Kenshin does not make any effort to stop her as she turns to walk back to her dojo. Instead, he continues to watch the sunrise from the waterfront with somber eyes.

At sunset, I'll continue on wandering... I'll walk on forever as long as this body will carry me.

Notes: Yoroshiku onegaishimasu - Nice to meet you, literally, "please be kind to me."

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