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Keystone City, Kansas, December 31, year 2024. Countdown to year 2025.

His name is Wally West, and he is the Flash, the Fastest Man Alive. Over the years many had tried to take that title away from him. Of course everyone has failed. He is the living proof of the greatest heroic legacy ever heard of, the Flash legacy. No superhero has ever been able to create and follow a legacy as the one of the Flash.

As every year, there is always a challenger to the title. It had become sort of a tradition between speedsters which began long time ago, during year 2005. And now, almost 20 years later, the Flash races his most important race, and as always, he is winning.

The race starts with the New Year's countdown. It begins at 10 and ends at 0. But when the speed you can travel at is farther than the speed of light, and reaches the greatest of all speeds, the speed of time itself, 10 seconds is a life time.

His opponent this year is the same opponent of most years. His name is Hunter Zolomon, and he is Zoom, the Fastest Runner-Up Alive. Every year he tries to outmatch the Flash. Every year he forces him to run after him. Every year he ends up losing against him.

"You have beaten me for the last time, West!" He yelled to his adversary with rage filled words and a sinister-like smile adorning his lips. As usual, the rouge was having more fun than what he was supposed to as Keystone's countdown to New Year counted 10.

"Hate to tell ya, well, actually no, I don't hate to tell ya this, but I'm slowing down so you can keep up." The Flash informed while running on top of water. They were now running on top of the Arctic Ocean. And at Keystone, the countdown went down to 9. "Zoom! I don't mind having these races as long as it is between you and me and no one else gets involved. There was no reason for freezing a thousand people in time only to win my attention you psychopath!" The light-speed conversation followed on Greece. There it was already year 2025, it had been for some hours already, but at Keystone City the countdown was between 9 and 8, they were moving that fast.

"I would kill millions if it were for the sole propose of destroying you, Flash! I got that power! Luckily for you, this was never about destroying you, was it? There is more to this rivalry than murdering and heroic deeds. You know how important you are to me, West!" Zoom mentioned while running around the already crowded city of Tokyo at Japan. It was like running around a course race. They turned around many corners, jumped over many citizens, and at Keystone, countdown was only at 7. "You think you are the Fastest Man Alive, and you probably are. But I will never give up! In past, present and future, you are always known as the fastest! I have visited countless timelines as to know that, West! Not even Barry Allen was as fast as you!"

"That is a question better left unanswered, Zoom!" Flash added. They were once again running around the ocean, the Atlantic Ocean, and countdown to New Year at Keystone was now 6. "I am the Fastest Man Alive, not the Fastest there is, the Fastest there was, the Fastest there ever will be. I'm all cool if I'm the Fastest here and now!" And Zoom was left behind, as the Flash made a swift turn toward Russia, and the countdown went down to 5 at Keystone.

"Never again! I can't steal your speed! You would do the same to me! But I know of someone as fast as you! Someone who will replace me as the Fastest Runner-Up in the history of the Flash Legacy!" And Zoom switched directions abruptly before finishing the race around Russia, and went back in course to America while countdown at Keystone went down to 4.

"Wait! Zolomon! We agreed in having this being only between you and me!" The Flash mentioned while also changing his direction toward America. Countdown went back to 3. "Zolomon! Leave my daughter out of this! I swear to you that if you touch her I will kill you!" His treat of course was only in order to try to scare him. Wally West was no murderer. He was one of the best. "Zolomon!" Countdown went down to 2 once reaching the United States, and it remained as that while they rushed all around Keystone City and until finding a young 12 years old girl running at the speed of light but never fast enough to reach the speed of Zoom or Flash. "Iris!" In hopes of saving his daughter, Wally West lent his speed to her, so she would escape Zoom. "Run!"

"Father? What is going on?" The countdown went down to 1, and the combined speed of the Flash, alongside the tremendous speed of his daughter, launched her past the speed of light, and past the speed of time itself, and she was launched into hypertime. "Father!"

In the end, and once the countdown went back to cero, the Flash lost his first race ever. But Zoom wasn't the one who defeated him. Thanks to the additional speed, his daughter could surpass even his own speed, or at least it was like that for a nanosecond. "Nooooo!" Zolomon yelled, and was then knocked down by an enraged Flash.

"Iris!" The Flash yelled, but then something happened to him, he calmed down. "I see… then that's how it happened…" He spoke to himself, and a smile was drawn on his face. "The fear is still there. Being honest, I don't know how everything is going to end… but she is in good hands…" He admitted, and then he saw the fireworks all around the city, and greeted the New Year with a smile. "My wife is surely going to kill me for this."

Project Justice: Those who ride the Lightning.

Season One: The Lightning Saga.

Chapter One: Impulse.

Keystone City, Kansas. Eastern Downtown. January 1, year 2005.

His name is Wallace Rudolph West, and he is Kid Flash, the Fastest Boy Alive. Although he is known by his current girlfriend simply as a mindless jerk. For Jinx, a 14 years old and reformed criminal now living at an apartment at Keystone City while trying to adjust to the new life Wally had convinced her into taking, this was his final insult to their already damaged relationship. First of all, she was yet to know Wally without the mask, second, he forgot their important date, and third, the more she got to know him, the more she began hating him.

"Save it! I don't want to hear it!" She yelled hard and slammed the door of her apartment hard. "No more! I'm sick and tired on competing with the Twin Cities!" She yelled while on the other side of the door, and Kid Flash just delivered an odd stare to the closed door. "I changed for you! But apparently you are too busy running all around the Twin Cities, flirting every freaking girl you find in the way, and being a total idiot as a boyfriend as to care about a New Year dinner I had planned for almost a month!"

"I know! And I swear I'm sorry for being late. I will make it up to you as I always do." He tried to explain, but at the other side of the door Jinx was deaf to any kind of explanation. "Listen, Jinx. New Year is always hard for heroes. Especially for me! Keystone is my responsibility, but I can't just leave Central City unprotected! It's the right thing to do!" And the door was suddenly opened, but even when a smile was drawn on Kid Flash's face, it was erased almost as fast as it came. "Wait, let me explain!" But he was instead blasted by hexes of pink energy.

"Explain what? That you as usual want to satisfy your huge ego by breaking yet another record on the Book of Heroic Doings?" She explained, and Kid Flash smiled oddly at her words. "How many records do you need to break to be satisfied? First you become the youngest hero ever to wear a costume at age 9. Then you become the youngest hero ever to get his own city at age 12. After, and once your mentor sadly passed away saving the world, you became the first and only known hero to ever have two cities down his protection." And Kid Flash lowered his head at such accusations. "I know it is sad. I was there when your spirit shattered after your mentor's sacrifice. But I was always the runner-up! I can't compete with your wishes of greatness! Get over it already! What else do you need to prove yourself worthy of wearing his costume, choosing one of the Twin Cities, and continue with his legacy? You are worthy enough? Just pick between Keystone City and Central City and let's move on with our lives!" Jinx was desperate. She truly was tired of competing with the Flash legacy.

"You don't get it! I can't wear his costume! I don't want to!" He yelled at her, and Jinx just crossed her arms in annoyance. "The Flash was the greatest there ever was, I can't replace him! I refuse to! So I will create my own legacy! Be my own hero! I will not wear his costume!" And Jinx once again blasted him. "What's your problem?" He yelled once again.

"You are my problem! You are a fool! All I have ever done is pull you up when you fell in your heroic doings! But I'm no longer going to tolerate your indifference toward me because of your stupid indecision! It's over! I'm done with you!" And Kid Flash widened his eyes in surprise. "…I'm sick of this…" She continued. "I trusted you… I changed for you… I was always there for you… but there is only one thing you care about and it is yourself! This isn't even about the Flash legacy! It is about you! It is always about you! And this time, you are alone!" And she once again slammed the door closed. "And if I decide to return to my villain ways I don't want to see your freaking face in the way because you know I will blast it!"

"Fine! I don't need you anyway!" He yelled hard out of hatred, but he completely regretted ever saying that. But instead of apologizing, he did what he was the best at. He ran away.

Central City, Missouri. Highway to Western Downtown.

"I'm an idiot!" His yell began at a side of Keystone City, and it ended at the outsides of Central City, where he stopped his running and began yelling his pains away, he was furious. "It's not my fault! But she makes it sound as if I were some kind of criminal! There was a fire at the Flash museum at Central City! What was I supposed to do? Allow Heatwave to destroy the place? He was burning my uncle's legacy! And then that stupid Rainbow Raider had to steal the colors of the fireworks because he is color blind and says that if he can't enjoy Keystone's firework celebration, no one cans! I know he is an idiot! But he was ruining the celebration! And then Captain Cold! Who the hell robs a closed bank? News flash, Captain Cold! It was New Year! Banks were closed! And still you tore the front door apart with your stupid freezing gun!" And after yelling his pains away, he calmed down while gasping for air. "…I miss you a lot Uncle Barry…"He finally let out in depression.

The sign in front of him read 'Welcome to Central City, home to the Flash! The Fastest of Men!' But that was a year ago, when he was still alive. Barry Allen, the second Flash, had died in a crisis that threatened existence itself. He died as the greatest hero ever, and left behind a sidekick who was too good to be just a sidekick, but was also too afraid of ever surpassing his mentor and filling his boots.

Kid Flash had worked solo even before the Flash had died. And he was doing really well as the protector of Keystone City. But when the Flash died, he was left with the choice of following his legacy by wearing his costume. He refused. He was also left with the choice of allowing other heroes to protect Central City. He refused. And then he was left with the choice of leaving Keystone City, his city, in order to protect Central City. And again he refused and still decided to protect them both.

Keystone City and Central City were known as the Twin Cities, and were separated by a river. Both cities were even at different estates, with Keystone City being at Kansas, and Central City being at Missouri. Protecting them was too much work. He was always tired, and his metabolism ever since the Flash died, had gone from bad to worse. Even his top speed, which used to be the speed of light itself, was dramatically reduced until he barely could reach the speed of sound. It was as if he had lost all motivation.

But suddenly, he felt a burst of energy striking him. It was as if he had felt the same kind of energy his uncle somehow transmitted to him. And afterwards, a vortex of light opened before his eyes, and something rushed past him and toward Central City.

"Faaaaatheeeeer!" He heard a girly yell, and he blinked twice not knowing what had just happened. But still, he rushed after the running away girl. "What is going on? It's too much speed! I can't stop!" She complained, and Kid Flash barely heard her words. She was moving way faster than him. "Dad! Please help me!" She yelled, and Kid Flash pushed himself forward in his limits in order to try to catch up, but not being lucky enough.

"Hey! Slow down! Going at such speed is dangerous! You will hurt yourself!" He yelled, and the girl tried to slow down. "That's right, slow down!" He commanded, and the girl tried to force her feet to stop moving, but for some reason she couldn't. "This day can't be any worse than this! First my girlfriend dumbs me, and now a girl surpasses my speed!"

"Bart? Is that you?" She wondered, and Kid Flash blinked twice in confusion. "You are not Bart! Who are you?" She wondered, and Kid Flash finally caught up. "You are wearing Kid Flash's costume! But you are not Bart!"

"Take my hand!" Kid Flash yelled, and the girl took his hand. "If you can't stop, I will stop you!" He added, jumped, and then buried his feet on the floor hard in order to try to act as some kind of anchor forcing her to slow down.

Coast City, California.

Luckily for the two of them, they were protected by a protective aura which all speeders have. Or else Kid Flash would have broken his feet, and the girl would have been tore apart by the abrupt change of speed. Once Kid Flash managed to stop the girl though, he began complaining by the pain on his sole, he had gone past the speed of sound for mere seconds, but it was enough for Kid Flash's body to feel it.

"My feet are burning! I can't remember the last time I went that fast! What's your problem, girl?" He questioned, and the girl just sobbed. "Oh, great! Just what I needed, now you are crying. And where in the world are we?" He wondered, and saw a sigh reading 'Welcome to Coast City, home to Green Lantern'. "Hell no! I'm not entering that situation yet." He mentioned and gave his back to the sign. "Anyway, who are you?"

"I could ask you the same question!" The girl mentioned with teary eyes but a fierce stare. "Why are you wearing Kid Flash's costume? That suit is Bart's! If that is you, Thaddeus! I swear my father will beat you up!" But Kid Flash of course stared at her with confusion. "Take it off! You are not worthy of my father's legacy! You are not worthy of the Kid Flash name!" And Kid Flash felt a vein popping at his forehead. "I will become Kid Flash one day! You got no right to take the costume! It is Bart's turn!"

"What are you talking about? Who is Bart? And why are you saying I'm not worthy of the Kid Flash costume? I am the one and only Kid Flash!" He yelled, and the girl widened her eyes. "Seriously! Everyone says I should become the Flash, and says I'm worthy of the costume. But then you come and tell me I'm not even worthy of being Kid Flash? I mean, really?" He wondered, and the girl opened her mouth widely. "What?" He asked.

"It's not true! Could it be! You are the first Kid Flash?" And Kid Flash raised an eyebrow at her words. "Truly? Then that means you are Wally West!" And Kid Flash's universe seemed to crumble at such revelation. The girl knew his secret identity. "That means you are?" She wondered, and Kid Flash moved his head in negation at the speed of sound.

"How do you know that?" He yelled, and the girl began moving dizzily around the place not really believing what was going on. "Not even my girlfriend knows my secret identity! Only a few know! And you aren't even part of that few! How did you discover it?" He wondered and began shaking the girl hard. "What was it? Mind reading? You stalked me at light speed? Or maybe someone told you? Who told you?" He asked several times.

"Let go!" She yelled and slapped his hands away. "I'm your daughter you dummy!" She confessed, and Kid Flash froze there. "I traveled in time… I heard stories of Grandfather Barry and Great-grandfather Jay accidentally traveling in time. You even told me and my brother Jai some stories about when you got lost in time. But this is actually the first time ever I break the time barrier." And Kid Flash once again moved his head several times in negation.

"That was very funny, you almost got me there." He mentioned, and the girl blinked twice and stared at him oddly. "Who are you, and who do you work for?" He asked, and the girl smiled. "What's so funny?" He wondered.

"I'm Impulse." She mentioned and rushed from a side of the street to the other one. "Fastest Girl Alive." She continued with a smirk on her face, and Kid Flash felt his eyebrow shaking in annoyance. "I work alone these days." She continued. "One of the best." She quoted.

"Very funny, so you are a stalker." He informed, and the girl tripped with her own feet when hearing that last, and fell to the floor clumsily. "Listen, you are too young to be a hero, or a criminal, so go back home and quit bothering me, I had a really bad day."

"Too young to be a hero? You were the one who became Kid Flash when you were 9 years old, just after the lab accident which gave you your powers! You even wore a shorter version of Barry's Flash costume, who you didn't know was the Flash until later that same day." And Kid Flash stopped his march and turned around to face her. "And at age 12 you begged your uncle to allow you to have your own city to protect, and Barry took you to Keystone City and announced you as its new protector." And his face went to be one full with horror. "And after Barry Allen passed away, since he was a power battery to your speed, you got stuck at a top speed being the speed of sound. Your best friend is still Robin, his real name is Richard Grayson. But in the near future your new best friend will be the new Green Lantern, his name is Kyle Rayner. Want me to tell you more?"

"How did you…?" He began, and the girl smiled. "Wait, a new Green Lantern?" He wondered, the girl nodded. "Forget that! How did you know Robin's secret identity? Only I and Batman know it!" And the girl began a countdown with her fingers. "Unless what you are saying is true and I told you about the secret identity of Robin myself." And she continued counting. "Or maybe you found it out some other way and you are trying to confuse me." And her smile grew wider while her last fingers were finishing the countdown. "It is no secret I became Kid Flash when I was 9 years old, and that I got Keystone at age 12, but no one could have reached that much detail… unless… you are my daughter!" He yelled out of surprise.

"Bingo! And just when I counted ten seconds backwards! Way to go Dad!" She informed, and Kid Flash lost equilibrium and sat by the floor weakly and with his eyes in shock. "But… you are less heroic than I imagined you…" She explained, and a vein popped at his forehead. "How old are you? What year is this one?"

"I'm 15 years old and this is year 2005." He explained, and the girl was surprised to hear that last. "Anyway! Shouldn't you be more careful? Time traveling could change future events to come! You are even threatening your own existence! I mean, you are my daughter!" He explained, and the girl gave it some thoughts.

"Well, it could be dangerous I admit, but as long as I still exist there is no problem, is there?" She wondered, and Kid Flash was about to say something, but the girl had a point. "I'm still here, which means that I will still be born! You will still marry my mother no matter what! Ow, that is so romantic!" She began, and Kid Flash stared at her with confusion. "What?" She wondered.

"Your hair is not pink." And the girl flinched. "And your skin isn't grey." And she moved her head in negation. "But then again, if you come from the future, you probably use some kind of holographic sequencer in order to hide your skin and hair color." And the girl moved her head in negation once again. "Don't give me that! What kind of woman is Jinx in the future anyway?" He wondered, and the girl was nervous. "Speak out already. A moment ago I was unable to shut you up."

"My mother's name is Linda Jasmine Park." She informed, and Wally felt his heart shattering. "Who is Jinx?" She wondered, and he lowered his head. "Anyway! You told me never to reveal future events! I shouldn't have said that last. But if it means you marrying my mother, then I'm all cool with you knowing before time." She explained.

"But I love Jinx!" He yelled hard, and the girl felt her eyes watering. "I mean… never mind…" He mentioned, and the girl nodded. "This is so freaking weird! I'm 15 years old! And apparently I now have a 12 years old daughter?" He spoke to himself, and the girl nodded. "Listen, I'm happy to know I will get married and have a daughter… a Girl Flash or something… but shouldn't you return to your own timeline?" He wondered.

"As if I knew how! You pushed me inside of the hypertime!" She informed, and Wally slapped his own face hard. "And my superhero name is Impulse II. And without the mask my name is Iris Kiyo West the Second! Daughter of Wallace Rudolph West and Linda Jasmine Park! Never forget it!" She pointed at him. "I want to go back home too… I'm scared…" She informed.

"I hate time travelers." He informed, and the girl crossed her arms in annoyance. Wally was then about to speak, but before he could, the lighting-like gadgets at his mask began shinning. "Great, a crime in progress at Central City… stay here, our talk isn't over yet."

"Says who?" She mentioned with her arms crossed. "I'm going with you. It will be fun to see you crime fighting when you were young." She informed, but he moved his head in negation. "I'm 12 years old! You were crime fighting at 9!" She complained.

"Point taken. But I don't care, I'm your father and I'm telling you to stay here." He informed, getting used to the idea of having a daughter already. "And I want to hear no buts, you are staying or…"

"Or what? Are you going to send me to my room? News flash! I got no room." She pointed out, and Wally felt a vein popping at his forehead. "And also, what kind of father will you be if you left a 12 years old on her own at the outsides of Coast City?" She wondered, and Kid Flash let out a deep breath. "Quit complaining. I'm well trained. You trained me."

"Which, by the way, worries me." He admitted, and the girl once again crossed her arms in annoyance. "Fine, you can come too." And she smiled hard at his words. "But try not to get in my way, understood?" She nodded several times at the speed of sound as reply.

"Yay! I'm going to help Dad crime fight! You will be proud of me!" She mentioned and then smirked evilly. "Race you Dad!" She mentioned while rushing away, and Kid Flash rushed after her. "By the way! I got a top speed being the speed of light you slowpoke!"

"That's it! You are grounded!" He yelled hard in annoyance. "And speed is not the only thing I got! I will show you!" And the girl just giggled happily. Having more fun than ever in her life.

Keystone City, Kansas. Eastern Downtown. Jinx's Apartment.

"I already feel bad for what I said to him!" Jinx yelled hard while resting on her bed. She felt like such an idiot for not being able to understand Kid Flash's reasons. He was a hero, and only wished to do the best he could in order to keep his uncle's memory alive. And yet she yelled at him, and made him feel miserable. He probably deserved it, but she also behaved as an idiot. "Maybe it's not too late to fix everything." She mentioned while taking out her communicator and trying to reach Kid Flash. But he wasn't answering her call. "I knew it… he is mad at me… I'm such a fool…" She admitted while lowering her head. "I'm not going to ruin it… I will fix things up later… it can work, I know it can… Kid Flash and I will be together." She mentioned while curling on her bed, ignoring the fact of someone's existence being in real danger in favor of her relationship.

Central City, Missouri. Central Commercial Zone.

"Twins?" Kid Flash yelled hard and stopped his march abruptly in the middle of a park at the center of Central City, where many by standers smiled and cheered for him, even though he couldn't react to their yells. "I got twins… incredible… I'm a father of two baby girls in the first try! That's sick!" He informed.

"Jai is a boy, and I'm the elder for like 5 seconds." She informed, and Kid Flash smiled. Happiness was evident in his face. "He got no super speed. More like super strength. Something I don't have." She informed and then moved her face all around the place. "Where are the bad guys?" She wondered.

"Oh! Right! The bad guys!" Kid Flash added while returning to reality. "I stopped out of surprise. The crime in progress is various streets north." He informed and rushed there followed by his daughter, who got no problems catching up since she was faster than him. "Hide here!" But sadly, not that cautious while running, and ended being pulled by her costume toward the insides of an alley. "Be quiet. First rule of being a hero. Use your powers wisely. Vibrate your molecules until being intangible." He explained.

"Dad, I know, you taught me that already." She informed and began vibrating. "It doesn't stop my nose from tickling me anyway." She informed and then looked all around her surroundings while trying to understand what was going on.

They were currently hiding at an alley in front of Central City's National Bank. Many cops were scattered all around the floor and unconscious. They had been beaten up by bandits wearing one-pieced brown uniforms and holding in their hands key-looking guns of golden colors. The leader of the group was wearing a brown keyhole-like helmet. He looked ridiculous, but Kid Flash knew he was dangerous.

"The Key?" He began, and the girl smiled at his words. "He is a low rated criminal. But he is also a psycho. He got this weird technology which allows him to open any lock, no matter how massively protected it is. But other than that, he is easy to catch."

"Not the one I know." Iris informed, and Wally stared at her with concern. "Never mind." She informed. "You will know in the future." She then cracked her fingers and got ready for the fight. "I will get him! You take the thugs." She informed.

"Not so fast young lady." He stopped her. "I take him, you get the thugs." He ordered. "I'm the main hero here, and you are the sidekick. It's common knowledge." And the girl moved her head in negation. "I'm your father, and I know what's best for you. So quit being this stubborn and follow my lead."

"Fine!" She yelled, and then a blast of light almost hit her intangible self. Scaring her out of her concentration and revealing herself to the thugs and the hostages. "They found us!" She yelled.

"Because you yelled out our position to them!" Kid Flash complained. "Get the guns! I get the hostages!" And the duo stripped the key holders from their weapons and rescued the hostages in a light of red and yellow blurs. "Nice doing! Now my favorite part."

"We beat them up!" She yelled and punched a thug several times at a same place in order for him to feel her punches. "Score is 1 to 0! I will beat you!" She informed.

"In your dreams!" And the weird duo began beating up bad guys at almost light speed. Or at least Iris did since, different to her father, she could surpass the speed of sound. "Got 7!" He informed.

"I got 10! I win! You owe me an ice-cream!" She informed, and Wally bit his lips in annoyance. "Now to beat the final boss!" She informed and rushed to the Key's back, went in all four and giggled happily. "Now Dad!" She yelled, and Kid Flash rushed toward the Key, pushed him, and forced him to fall down once tripping with her. "That was fun!" She added.

"What kind of training did I give to you?" He wondered. But ignoring the details, he was about to rush in order to beat the Key down when the villain began blasting him away. "Wow! Laser beans! Stay where it is safe!" He explained.

"But Dad!" She began. But she was pushed away by Kid Flash before she could be hit by the laser. "Sidekick mistake!" She complained once noticing she got carried away and was then left as a witness while Wally ran around the place and jumped the Key from a side of the room to the other one while going in circles. "I want to fight too!" She yelled and rushed toward the Key.

"Impulse! Don't!" Kid Flash added, and the girl crashed hard against an electrified force-field casted around the Key. "It is never a good idea to face him heads on!" Wally explained and then continued jumping around the room and evading the Key's blasts. "But there are other ways to break his force-field, such as jumping around until he blasts the ceiling on top of himself!" He explained, and then rushed away when the ceiling began falling. "Up we go!" He added while carrying his daughter out of the building moments before the ceiling buried the Key inside of a pile of concrete. "Told ya speed wasn't all I got."

"I'm still faster than you, Dad!" She informed, and Kid Flash once again felt a vein popping at his forehead. "But still, that was awesome! Even when being Kid Flash you were so cool! You are my hero, Dad!" She added and then hugged him hard.

"Impulse! Not in front of the media!" He informed, and then felt the blinding light of the cameras taking pictures of them. "Great, now the world of year 2005 knows of your existence, Impulse." He added while placing the girl down and then rushing away, followed by the girl who giggled happily. "We should be more careful. We shouldn't be toying around with the events to come."

"I still haven't disappeared, so it is all cool, you will marry my mother!" She informed, and Kid Flash made a mockery. "What is that supposed to mean? You don't even know my mother yet!" She added.

"I know, but I got a girlfriend already, and she will totally kill me when she knows I got a daughter and it's not hers." He added while rushing toward Keystone City.

Keystone City, Kansas. Western Historic District.

"You need to meet my mother, and you need to love her and marry her! Or else I will not exist anymore and I will be the greatest Time Paradox in history!" The discussion continued all the way from Central City to Keystone City and until arriving to a house at the outsides of the farthest western corner of Keystone, where Wally lived at. "You will be sorry if I'm not born! Don't you love me?"

"Lo-love is a complex word." He admitted. And the girl stared at him with sadness and while her eyes watered. "Hey, don't cry. I hate seeing you like that. And you can't expect me to get used to you that fast." He explained.

"I'm still your daughter!" She explained, and Wally lowered his head in annoyance. "Anyway! You need to marry Mom!" She informed. "Promise it!" She demanded, and Wally stared oddly at her while she offered her pinky to him. "Pinky promises can't be broken!"

"Who the hell taught you that?" And she pointed at him. "I should have known… I sound like the worst father ever…" He complained. "Fine, pinky promise, I will marry your mother." He informed just for her to feel safer. "Now… it was fun to meet you and all that. But I must be worried sick about you, go back home now."

"I can't! My top speed is the speed of light!" She informed. "And unless you lend me enough speed as to break the time barrier, I can't return to my own timeline!" She explained, and Wally stared at her oddly.

"Lending speed?" And she nodded several times. "I guess enough weird things had happened already. I can believe in lending speed." He informed, and Iris smiled. "We will continue with this conversation after I get some sleep. Good night." He informed and closed the door, leaving a confused Iris outside. But it only lasted for a couple of seconds before Wally opened the door for her once again. "You got nowhere to stay… do you…?" And the girl moved her head in negation. "Get in, but do be quiet, Jay and Joan are sleeping. The girl nodded, and made her way inside.

A few seconds later, Iris was running all around of Wally's room while seeing his huge collection of Flash artifacts which went from comic books to action figures. While she was distracted, Kid Flash took off his costume and got changed onto his pajamas in the blink of an eye, which were blue pants and a Flash T-shirt.

"You were quiet a fan! No wonder you became Kid Flash! This is great!" She added while jumping from a place to the other one and getting all the room messy. "Dad! You were such a kid!" She informed, and then saw Wally without his costume. "Dad! You are so handsome!" She added, and Wally blushed. "Mom did say my face was like yours when you were young! Look! Look!" She added while taking her mask off, revealing her green eyes and innocent face. "Don't I look just like Mom too?" She wondered, and Wally lowered his face. "…Sorry…" She informed.

"You know, forget it." He added, and Iris went all worried. "If I get to have a daughter as funny and beautiful like you, then that means I must love your mother a lot!" He added, and Iris smiled from ear to ear. "Now, you have 5 seconds to change into your pajamas." He explained while offering a Kid Flash T-shirt to the girl.

"5 seconds? That's a life time!" She then asked her father to turn around, and he did. "I'm ready." She said after a second, and Wally was now facing her while she wore her huge to her measures T-shirt and her hair released from her ponytails. "Aren't I the cutest daughter ever? Way better than Jai! I'm your favorite daughter now, am I not?"

"You can't ask me to choose between you and your brother. Even if I don't know him. That would be unfair." And Iris filled her cheeks with air. "Go to bed." Wally ordered, and in less than a second she had fixed herself at bed. "Don't monopolize the bed, I'm going in too."

"I know, I just wanted you to say it yourself." She added with a smile on her face. "Sleepover!" She yelled and began attacking Wally with her pillow, and the teen just smiled at her. "Come on, play with me!" She asked.

"I really need some sleep." He admitted, and Iris lowered her face before being rudely hit by Wally's pillow. "5 seconds pillow fight!" And the two began hitting one another at sound speed with pillows, until both ended sweating hard and gasping for air after only 5 seconds. "…You know…" He added while gasping for air. "It's fun to be able to do things at sound speed with someone else." He admitted.

"I move at the speed of light." She added once again. Showing off about her superiority. "I'm faster than you are." She made fun of him, and Wally turned the lights off. "…Dad…" She added, and Wally faced her while fixing himself inside of the covers. "I love you!" She added and kissed his cheek. "Good night." She said while hugging her pillow and trying to get some sleep.

"…Sleep well… Iris…" He said before resting his head at the pillow. All the time he got a confused look on his face. He now had a daughter, and apparently he got a son too. And he was really happy about it. But something didn't feel right, he couldn't just forget about Jinx, and that worried him. Since he was forbidden to love her. If he did, his daughter would exist no more.

I actually like the way it turned out. Oh well, I'm feeling really sleepy already, so I will just sleep now and do the corrections later, perhaps even re-write the summary. See you later people.


Flash I - Jay Garrick (Mentioned): He was the first Flash, and had a top speed being the speed of sound. He currently can move a little faster than the speed of sound, but due to his age he rarely makes it that far. He was a World War II hero, and got his powers after an experiment involving "Heavy Water".

Flash II - Barry Allen (Mentioned): Mentor of Wally West, and the second Flash. He was also Wally's Uncle due to his marriage with Iris West. He sacrificed his life in order to save the multiverse during the Crisis of Infinite Earths storyline. He is known as the greatest martyr of DC comics and was supposed to remain dead, but in words of DC comics writers: "When the greatest evil arrives, it was only natural the greatest of all heroes returned as well", he is currently alive and the Flash once again.

Green Lantern II - Hal Jordan (Mentioned): Not my favorite Green Lantern, I actually liked him more being evil, he was my Darth Vader! At any rate, he is currently the Green Lantern in this story.

Green Lantern V – Kyle Rayner (Mentioned): My favorite Green Lantern. He was the last of the Green Lantern when Hal Jordan went nuts and destroyed the corps. He also once became a semi-god called Ion and he is currently an Honor Guard.

Impulse I/Kid Flash II - Bart Allen (Mentioned): Grandson of Barry Allen and Iris West-Allen. He will be the first Impulse. He was raised inside of a virtual reality since he was aging faster than average at the 30th century. He traveled to the past with Iris West-Allen in order to be trained by Wally in super speed. He became the fourth Flash for about 14 comics before he was killed due to low sales (Wally West is the most popular Flash of all times after all), and replaced once again by Wally West. He was resurrected as Kid Flash thought.

Impulse II - Iris Kiyo West II: The protagonist of this story and comic relief character. She got super speed like her father, and is more interested in following his legacy than anything else. Yet, since the mantle of Kid Flash was taken by Bart Allen, she took the name Impulse instead. She got the same powers of her father, but reduced speed due to her age. The only power she got his father doesn't is that when she vibrates her molecules thought solid objects, the objects doesn't explode, but she can't lend speed.

Inertia - Thaddeus Thawne (Mentioned): A super clone of Bart Allen who different to Bart instead of aging fast he aged too slowly that he is wiser and more powerful than Bart Allen. He is the responsible of the dead of Bart Allen when he was the Flash prior to his resurrection.

Heatwave - Mick Rory (Mentioned): A military-trained villain who uses flamethrowers as weapons. One of the main villains of the Flash.

Jai West (Mentioned): Son of Wally West and Linda Jasmine Park. Different from his father, he didn't get super speed, but oddly enough his connection to the Speed Force helps him "evolve" his body faster than average men. This means that, oddly enough, he can evolve his body until becoming a creepy looking bodybuilder like 12 years old freak! That's sick!

Joan Garrick: Wife of Jay Garrick. She and Jay were in love even before he became the first Flash. They were so in love that Jay revealed his identity to her the same day he got his powers. She ages differently than everyone else since all speedsters emanate an aura which keep their family and close friends from aging normally.

Linda Jasmine Park: Wally's wife 20 years in the future. That's all for now.

The Key - Unknown: At first a low rated common villain with a fascination of science, who later discovered the secrets of opening the doors of knowledge. He created a key-like artifact which allowed him to open any door, even then doors of the mind, and became an evil genius and the smartest life form on Earth. The current Key, which appeared on this chapter, is the Key before he opened the door of his knowledge.

The Rainbow Rider – Roy G. Bivolo (Mentioned): A stupid comic relief criminal who wishes to strip the world of all color just because he is color blind even when his father sacrificed it all for him to be able to "feel the colors" and created a device for that purpose, which by the way gave him his powers to manipulate colors (emotions), ungrateful child!