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Keystone City, Kansas. Central Commercial Zone. August 06, year 2005.

"I don't get it." Linda Jasmine Park and Wallace Rudolf West would look like a normal teenager's couple to the eyes of many. Yet, both shared more secrets than met the eye. "Really, I don't get it. You are always complaining about you not being able to take me out on a date, but now that we are actually on a date, you fall asleep, I… I really don't get it." Between their secrets, one was a former villain turned a hero by the name of Jinx, the sorcerer of chaos magic and bad luck. The other one was the first sidekick hero turned his mentor, the Flash, the Fastest Man Alive. "I'm going home."

"Wait! No! Just give me five minutes… it's like 2 hours to me, you know." Wally West and Linda Park also shared another secret together. They weren't just boyfriend and girlfriend. But they were actually father and mother of a 13 years old speedster from the future, and suddenly they also received the visit from another group of time travelers from the 30th century. "Bart is at fault… that kid won't allow me to have my 3 hours of sleep… he moved my internal metabolism… I can't sleep." Their relationship wasn't in the best of terms either, since everywhere Wally went to he was showered by the flashes of cameras since he went for a public identity. "I can't continue like this… I need some time without the costume."

"Seriously… how unromantic…" Linda complained. They were sharing a nice coffee table outside of an Italian restaurant. They were even both wearing fancy clothes for the date. Unfortunately, all Wally wanted to do was sleep. The waitress then arrived with the menu, and Linda made the selection quickly. "Alfredo Paste for me and an orange juice… as for him…" She wondered, and Wally raised his face for a second before slamming it hard at the table, forcing her to sweat drop. "The strongest coffee you can find and 12 hamburgers from the kid's menu." And the girl raised an eyebrow. "He is the Flash, he eats that much. No worries thought, I can pay for his needs." And the waitress then sparkled her eyes as stars when noticing a celebrity was eating at their restaurant. "And I'm his girlfriend. So, unless you don't want a handsome tip, don't flirt with my boyfriend." And the girl sweat dropped, smiled, and walked away.

"Was she good looking?" Wally wondered, and Linda felt a vein popping at her forehead. "I'm sorry… I know this day should be more… well… romantic… but Bart is really something… Iris can barely catch up to him." Wally even had bangs around his eyes. He was truly that tired, and was doing an effort to remain awake. "Can you give me 10 minutes? I promise it's enough for me to recover. I'm begging you, Linda." And the girl blew her hair away from her face in annoyance.

"Fine… ten minutes." And she then stood up, placed some chairs together, and helped Wally to rest at her lap. "Seriously, West… you need to do something about your cousin, or I swear our daughter's birth will be endangered once again due to my lack of interest in you. Remember you need to keep me diverted." And then Linda heard the soft snoring of her boyfriend, and a warm smile was drawn on her lips. "Seriously… I can't get mad at you… can I?" And she faced the many jealous bystander girls. "Everyday… is fun as long as I'm with you… I almost feel totally reformed…" And then Linda faced her purse, and blushed in embarrassment when seeing the diamond Captain Cold gave to her daughter as a birthday present. "…I… really need to return that diamond… dear lord… he better not notice I still have it…"

Project Justice: Those who ride the Lightning.

Season Two: The Dark Flash Saga.

Chapter Two: Speed.

Keystone City, Kansas. Western Historic District.

"I am boooooreeeeed! Where is Wally? Where is Wally? Where is Wally?" Bart complained while in the living room and while rampaging all around the place in boredom. "I want to play! You are no fun at all! No fun, you hear me? I need true games! Not pixel characters from a stupid fighting videogame of the stone age!" Bart continued complaining.

"It's called Super Smash Bros Melee! And it's a classic!" Iris complained while playing the game and beating up three characters from the game at the same time. "This game is THE GAME! The second title of a wide set of consecutive titles all featuring new characters from Nintendo, increasing the selling of less known characters titles and creating a large array of classic videogames. Do not insult my games." And Bart stuck his tongue out at her. "You are just mad because I beat you using Samus, who by the way… is a girl." She joked.

"Not fair! You cheater!" Bart yelled out. "At any rate, a primitive game in a television means nothing! We live inside the greatest game ever and we are wasting valuable gameplay time!" And Iris ignored him and continued playing her game. "Why do we have to wait for your father to come so we can go have some fun?" He asked.

"I told you before. No one should know Wally is my father." And Iris returned her attention to her game. "Also. Dad is in a date with Mom, so I'm not planning in causing them any worries. I want to be born you know, it took me a great deal to restore my birth and I'm not risking my life that way ever again." And Bart threw himself to the floor and began kicking it hard in a rampage. "There is no crime in progress anyway. We should spend a normal Saturday morning playing videogames and… heck, I'm bored too!" She mentioned and turned the game off. "Videogames are cool, I love videogames… but only thinking about their sequels annoys me… especially because I have played their sequels!" And then she stood up and walked toward Bart. "What do you want to do to kill some time? My Mom is my best friend so I can't hang out with her since she is in a date with Dad. Hartley is busy at his workshop, as usual, and after my birthday party, the Trickster was placed under custody for mental instability. My other friends are villains, and I may be popular at school, but somehow it is because of Dad, so I don't trust most of my friends."

"Let's level up!" Bart yelled, and Iris stared at him oddly. "I don't understand my menus yet, I can't see my experience gauge or my skills. I can't believe I'm still level three! I wanna level up and I want to level up now!" He mentioned, and Iris giggled at his reactions. "Please! You are second in command! Give me a mission! A side quest, a bounty, a favor delivery, anything!" He begged with teary eyes in desperation.

"Second in… wait, no… even if it is too tempting to order you around, I shouldn't disobey Dad." She added. But the urge was so strong. "Aww… if I could only teach you I'm responsible and cool, in the future you would trust me enough!" She complained, and Bart faced her in disbelief. "Let's see… 20 years in the future, Bart was the fourth Flash for a short while and my mentor… he didn't trust me… and right now I can forge trust between us, so even if Dad is the Flash when I return back to my own timeline, when he gives the title to Bart he will trust me!" She concluded, and Bart, who didn't hear her words since she was whispering to herself while giving her back to him, just faced her oddly. "Or… I can prove I'm better than him. And when Dad retires, instead of giving his costume to him…" And an evil smile was drawn on her lips. "Yeah, I'm Jinx's daughter." She concluded, and then turned around to face Bart. "All right! I will help you level up, noob!" And Bart smiled hard. "Aunt Irey is sleeping anyway. Man that woman sleeps so much. So, if she doesn't find out we left, it's all cool."

"Fine! But what about Wally?" Bart added, and Iris faced him with curiosity. "If he finds out I disobeyed his orders, then he will block my experience gauge once again! I want to level up and learn new skills! And at the speed he runs at, he may notice if he sees a pair of blurs of light running around Keystone!" And Iris then had an idea.

"Dad always worries about Keystone City more than he does Central City." And Bart smiled hard upon understanding Iris' plan. "Then it's settled! We will play heroes in Central City while Mom and Dad are on their date!" And she pressed her ring and released the Kid Flash costume. Bart then did the same and got dressed in the Impulse one. "It feels so totally awesome to see you wearing the Impulse costume while I'm Kid Flash." And Impulse raised an eyebrow at her words. "Never mind! Race you to Central City's Flash museum!" And she rushed away, followed by an annoyed Impulse.

Once the duo was gone, Irey made it out of her room. A soft smile was drawn on her face, as she enjoyed the relationship of her grandson and Iris. She knew, just as Iris, that both were destined to share a great bond. Being mentor and sidekick. Perhaps today the roles were reversed, with Iris being the mentor and Bart being the sidekick, but Irey came from farther away in the future, and she knew more of the Flash legacy than anyone else. She was even writing it all down in books.

"The life story of the Flash." Iris mentioned while going back to her room and facing two books. One with an 'I' and another one with an 'II', she was currently writing a third one, and upon closing the book, it revealed the roman number 'III'. "Iris my dear, you know from the future. You know your Dad won't run forever. One day he needs to leave the costume, and start a new chapter." She mentioned while facing a checklist, the list read 'IV' and had Bart Allen written on it, and there was also a 'V', but there was no name labeled there. "The future is not written either, that's why I'm writing the present. I don't know if you will become the Flash or not, Iris. But I will also write your book, regardless of where it takes you."

Keystone City, Kansas. Central Commercial Zone.

"This is much better! Thanks a lot, Linda!" Wally yelled upon munching his seventh hamburger in the blink of an eye. Linda of course just smiled and continued eating her pasta silently, while trying to find a space to place her orange juice since the whole table was full with empty cups of coffee. "But seriously, that kid is driving me crazy. One of these days I will just smack him to slumber… not even Iris was this imperative when we shared a room." He mentioned with his mouth full of food.

"Let's not speak about Bart on our date. Don't let him lower your mood." And Wally nodded in agreement and ate another of his hamburgers. "Although… there are some not so pleasant subjects we need to talk about." And Wally nodded while lifting a cup of coffee, and once Linda noticed that last, she quickly moved aside from her current position. "Mom wants me back home." She informed, and Wally then spit his coffee out, and if Linda hadn't moved aside, she would have ended been bathed by the hot liquid.

"Wha-what do you mean back home? You have a home! We have a home!" Wally freaked out, and Linda rolled her eyes in annoyance. "I need you. Sometimes you are the only one who can keep me sane… I don't know what I would do if you were gone." And Linda smiled, while Wally just grabbed her hands not wanting to let go. "Please, Linda… don't go." He begged.

"Aw, you are really cute when you worry." She mentioned, but then faced away. "The problem is… my parents are… well… meta-phobic… if they knew I'm a meta too I would be in real troubles… they saw you on the news the day you went public… heck, everyone knows you and I are dating anyway… well… so far they have been really insistent, and I have managed to ignore them for some time already… but… they are my parents… they have tried to understand about you and I having a relationship and all that. They are truly trying. And also… before the whole fusion thing… well… I went from parentless to have over protective parents." She admitted, and Wally still insisted. "I would also like to enjoy that feeling of belonging for a while… I mean, before they force me to move with them… they still don't know Jay and Joan aren't living with us anymore, and once they find out, let's say it won't be optional anymore. Unless…" And Wally raised an eyebrow at her. "Unless… well… there is only one way my Mom would help us keep our relationship… she… well… Mom keeps asking me over and over again about when will you formalize our relationship."

"Forma… what?" Wally complained, and Linda faced him in disbelief. "How old does she thinks we are? I'm 16, you are 13! Of course we can't formalize." And Linda took a deep breathe. "What does your mother want? Us to go to New York and get married with written consents of our parents?" And Linda remained in silence. "For the love of the Speed Force! She wants that?"

"My mother is old schooled, same as my father. We are Koreans, remember?" Linda mentioned. "And we are living under the same roof. It is only natural they would ask something like that." And Wally moved his head several times in negation. "We are going to get married in the future anyway, so I don't see the problem."

"There is a problem! We know we will! But why playing with the when?" Wally complained, and Linda rolled her eyes in annoyance. "This doesn't seem to bother you but it bothers me. Seriously, what happened to your common sense?" And Linda felt a vein popping at her forehead. "I mean, seriously, Linda, are you even listening to what you have been saying? I love you, but I don't think I…" And Linda raised an eyebrow, while Wally just covered his mouth.

"What? You were going to say something." And Wally moved his head in negation. "Unreal… we… we have a daughter from 20 years in the future and you still doubt this relationship? For God's sake, Wally, this conversation was supposed to be nothing but that, a conversation that would end with my parents convinced about our relationship!" And Wally backed off. "But your reactions and your words are forcing me to re-think about this… maybe… just maybe… we both have the wrong idea of where this relationship is taking us… maybe I should go to my parents for a while… at least until we are both in age to accept we are supposed to be together." And Wally then flinched, and in the blink of an eye he tackled Linda toward the floor. "Ouch! A simple no was enough!" She complained.

"You don't get it. I saw something! Someone attacked you." Wally mentioned, and Linda just raised an eyebrow at his words. "It's no joke, something did, I'm serious." And Linda crossed her arms in annoyance. "Linda, I don't want to lose you. I don't want you to leave home. But you must believe me. I'm not making out excuses to evade the subject. I'm trying to… woah!" He added and pushed Linda away, and then he began moving oddly, as if dodging something.

"West! You are truly stepping on my nerves!" Linda yelled, while Wally just kept doing odd movements as asking Linda to be careful. "Seriously… if you are going to be this childish, I will just move to my mother's place. Call me when you have matured enough." She added in annoyance, and Wally freaked out.

"I'm not faking this you ditz!" He mentioned, and Linda stopped her march, her eyes grew pink, and despite knowing there were bystanders, she clasped her fingers, and jolts of pink energy flew toward Wally, but instead of hitting him, the bolts hit a blue samurai-dressed man carrying a golden sword, who then fell to his knees in pain. "Ha! I knew angering you would help!" And Linda blinked twice at her own actions and faced the hurt samurai. "What are you waiting for? Run and get some help!" He yelled, and Linda nodded in agreement and ran away. "You know, this really angers me! Speed is supposed to be MY domain! How come everyone is a speedster now? This is a crisis!" And Wally then jumped and kicked the air, and another Samurai was revealed after the impact. "Yet, I got to admit speed fighting is fun, especially because no matter how many of you come after me, you are all slow compared to me! You barely move at the speed of sound!" Wally mentioned and then spin-kicked several samurais away from him and toward the floor. There were a total of seven samurais. "Who are you and what do you want? If you are with Kobra then tell that freak that I don't mind him knowing my secret identity anymore. Everyone does!" And Wally then showed the group his ring, and upon opening it, he got dressed in the Flash costume. "In case there were any doubts left, my name is Wally West, and I'm the Flash. The Fastest Man Alive!" And the group of Samurais got their blades ready, but then noticed a pink light surrounding them and their swords exploded.

"And I'm Jinx. The Sorcerer of Chaos!" Jinx mentioned upon her arrival. She was wearing the usual costume, but thanks to her fusion, her hair was now easily managed and adorned into a ponytail. "Would you mind explaining to me, how can you date that girl Linda Park when it is me the one always saving your butt?" She teased, and the Flash sweat dropped.

"I'm not even going to answer in fear of getting in troubles." He admitted, and Jinx smiled hard. "Careful! They move at sound speed!" The Flash yelled and then rushed toward Jinx and then kicked one of the Samurai's away. Then he tried to punch another one and ended being blocked, and trapped in a martial artist movement which launched him toward his table at the restaurant, where people just wouldn't run away in hopes of witnessing it all. "Ouch… I never had to worry about being precise with my punches at the speed I move. I may be faster, but they are skilled." And then the Flash saw a samurai being launched toward the wall of the restaurant. "Woah? How did you… do that?" The Flash wondered, and then saw Jinx trapping the arm of another Samurai before spinning him into a Taekwondo grab and launching him toward the floor.

"Linda taught me Taekwondo. She is red belt already." Jinx mentioned, and then clasped her fingers, and a blur of blue light was buried to his knees inside of the concrete, and then she blasted another blur which approached her. "They are easier to fight than you." She mentioned.

"But they move at sound speed!" The Flash complained, but then he noticed something different. "Wait… they are slowing down… they barely move at sound speed now." The Flash informed. A samurai then tried to cut his head off, but he quickly moved aside and punched his face until he was unconscious. "Not that fast on your feat uh? I think I know what is going on now." And the Flash knocked all the samurais down but one. "Velocity 9, right? You are using that drug." And Jinx raised an eyebrow at him. "Remember Speed Demon? His speed comes from a drug called Velocity 9. It used to be sold at the streets of Central City. These guys most be using them… but… Velocity 9 was never powerful enough to help anyone reach the speed of sound… it was also highly addictive… this speed… it's almost as if the Speed Force was the responsible."

"It is." The samurai mentioned, and the Flash faced him with determination. "We are the Thunderbolt Agents. We get our powers from the Speed Force itself! And we are here to kill you! Since your speed can't be stolen!" And the Samurai rushed after the Flash, who then punched his face hard and almost knocked him unconscious.

"No yet, you can't sleep yet." The Flash mentioned, and forced the Thunderbolt Agent to stare back at him. "Who do you work for? An attack like this one isn't something random. It was well coordinated, you are all well trained. Who is your leader?" And the Thunderbolt Agent smiled.

"Savitar." He spoke out. And suddenly, the samurai began complaining about a strong pain. "Ught! No! Master Savitar! I can still kill him! I just need more speed! I can outrun the Flash!" And the Flash let go of the Thunderbolt Agent once he saw his flesh rooting. And in the blink of an eye, he was nothing but a skeleton.

"He… he… he died old!" The Flash added in fear and while backing off. And when he did, he stepped on the empty costumes of the other six samurais that had attacked him moments ago. The seven samurais had died. "Not cool. This is definitively not cool." He added totally horrified, and Jinx shared the same emotions, enough for her to hug the Flash hard and cry at his arms. "Savitar… who in the world is Savitar?"

Central City, Missouri. Northern Industrial Sector.

"Careful, Impulse! There is more traffic in Central City than at Keystone City!" Kid Flash mentioned while pulling Impulse out of the way before a car could hit him. The driver hadn't noticed him. Such was the speed they were moving at. "Seriously, can you be dense. You will lose points if you crash with a car, concentrate!" She complained, and Bart stuck his tongue out at her. "I'm checking the CCPD frequencies. Everything looks fine… minor robberies… cat in a tree… a fire at the Historic District… wait… here is something. During a bank robbery, the clerk was turned into gold!" She explained and then faced Impulse, and once she did, she noticed he was covered in ashes, carrying a cat in his arms, and pulling a random thief from his jacket and giving him the freaking out of his life. "I admire your proactivity, but leave something for the cops." She explained.

"Aw, fine!" He yelled and launched the thug to a nearby police car, freaking the cops out in the progress. "Can I keep the cat?" He wondered, and Kid Flash moved her head in negation and then Impulse stopped, left the cat down, and followed Kid Flash. "So, now what? I just heard something about someone turning someone else into something." Impulse added.

"Little attention span." Kid Flash concluded. "The clerk of a nearby bank was turned into gold." She mentioned upon stopping her running, and Impulse stopped behind her. The thieve stole nothing, but apparently he destroyed everything he could find." Kid Flash mentioned and walked to the cops. "May we be of assistance, officers… eh…? Detective John Park!" Kid Flash complained, and the detective faced the girl. "My apologies… my brother had worked with you in the past. I thought you were transferred to Chicago." She explained.

"Get out of the way, kid. And tell your brother not to touch my daughter." The detective added, and Kid Flash filled her cheeks with air out of annoyance. "After the earthquake, we moved out of Keystone City. But I was called back to Central City, crime here intensified, and I couldn't leave my daughter at your brother's perverted hands. They made me an offer, and I accepted, I thought your brother would stay at Keystone and hoped we wouldn't see speedsters around Central City. Apparently, I was wrong." And Impulse then tried to rush against the detective, only Kid Flash stopped him. "This is not a kid's game. Tell your brother we don't need your help." John Park mentioned.

"He saved your life against Kobra!" Kid Flash mentioned. "Now I know why Dad doesn't get along with my Mom's family… you are a bully." Kid Flash spoke to herself, and then walked toward the place where the clerk was turned into gold. "Clerk turned into gold, the armored door turned into wood, and apparently, air turned into fire, it smells to sulfur." She mentioned, and Impulse covered his nose and began rolling all around the floor complaining after the strong smell. "This got Dr. Alchemy labeled all around the place."

"Who?" John Park asked, and then began searching all around his computer's database. "There is no registry about a Dr. Alchemy." He added coldly, and not believing the child was actually being of help. He actually though she was only playing the hero. "Quit bothering me! I got job to do." And Kid Flash then rushed to the clerk's side, and vibrated her molecules and clashed them against the golden statue. The clerk's molecules then returned to normal, and the girl fell down and breathed out heavily. "That was evidence!"

"That was a life in danger!" Kid Flash replied, and Impulse just crossed his arms, sat by the floor, and waited in boredom for something to happen. "There are no registries in the database because this is his first crime ever. But I know Dr. Alchemy, and he is really dangerous. He is actually one of the new generation villains from my time." She informed Impulse, who then smiled widely. "Dr. Alchemy is no buffoon as the rouges. I will call the Flash!" She mentioned and pressed her gadgets, but Impulse moved his head in negation. "He is out of our league."

"Says you! But I'm as fast and the Flash, and so are you!" And Kid Flash rolled her eyes in annoyance. "Hey! If you capture this guy, you will earn the Flash's respect! You even told me that the Flash when he was Kid Flash defeated the Weather Wizard in his debut. It is in the book of Villainous Doings, right?" And Kid Flash smiled.

"Well, I guess being in the book would force you to respect me in the future." She added in a whisper, and Impulse didn't know what she was talking about, but he nodded anyway. "Fine then, you got yourself the tornado duo in the lead!" She added, and then entered the crime scene. "What did he steal?" And John Park was annoyed, but decided to play along.

"Nothing. He turned the clerk into gold." He mentioned while pointing at the traumatized teen of orange hair, who began complaining about Jump City and switching homes to end the same way. "Then the metal became wood, air into fire, the cameras caught him entering and searching the diamonds but in the end he took none of them." John Park mentioned.

"So he hasn't found the Philosopher Stone yet." She spoke to herself, and John Park faced her while crossing his arms. "He is looking for a certain diamond. The first rule of alchemy states that to gain something, one must lose or exchange something of the equal value. That's what is called transmutation. The clerk wasn't turned into gold. The air around her was transmutated into gray tungsten and golden colored paint." She informed while showing the detective some golden powder-like paint. "Gold is one of the few components that can't be transmutated, same as a human life." She continued, and John Park scratched the back of his head. "Metal was transmutated into wood and fire, and since fire is an origin element, the amount of fire was of equal value than the materials used, in this case, steel. Dr. Alchemy used only equivalent components. Fire is normally a trump card, almost everything transmutes to fire." She explained, and the detective faced Impulse, who just nodded several times in agreement.

"I don't have a clue about what she is saying." He admitted despite the nodding, and the detective gave him an odd stare. "Simpler words, Kid Flash! Some of us have normal brains." And Kid Flash felt a vein popping at her forehead, took out a deep breathe, and then tried to explain in a language even Impulse could understand.

"The bad guy is a wizard that changes some things to other things using magic circles. But he can only transform other things to new things that are of the same value." And Impulse began understanding. "For example, you can transmutate a Play Station Two into a Game Cube, but you can't transmute an Xbox to a Play Station Two because…"

"Because Xbox is lame." He added, Kid Flash nodded, and Impulse continued the calculations. "Then this wizard can turn an object into something else. I could turn homework into hard metal music!" He concluded, and Kid Flash raised an eyebrow at him. "Both give headaches to the Flash." He informed, and Kid Flash held her laughter.

"Well, you got half of it, I suppose that's enough." And Impulse smiled proudly of the power of his brain. "At any rate… there is an artifact, the Philosopher Stone. A stone so powerful that it reveals against the laws of transmutation. The Philosopher Stone can allow you to transmutate things without there being and equal benefit. With it, he could transform nothing, into something." And Impulse was confused. "With it an Xbox can turn into a Play Station Two."

"Hell no! That's not equal benefit!" Impulse complained. "At any rate, if he got that stone, he doesn't need a crappy Xbox to transform it into a Play Station or a Game Cube. He could just create it using nothing… cool." And Kid Flash blinked twice. "What?"

"You figured it out on your own? That's impressive! You are learning! Your brain works!" She mentioned and hugged Impulse, who then felt insulted. "Anyway, if Dr. Alchemy attacked Central City, then it means he got a lead on the Philosopher Stone. Detective, I would suggest searching for all news reports or newspapers of recent dates speaking about diamonds. We will search the library too." And both then tried to rush away, but only ended tripping with their own feet and falling down. "Gyaaaaah!" She complained and then hit the floor hard. "I tripped? I never trip! What just happened?" She mentioned.

"Ouch! Move away fatso!" Impulse complained after Kid Flash fell on top of him, and the girl smacked his head hard after the insult. "Ouch! I don't need this… wait…" Impulse mentioned. "Not fair! He blocked my powers! I knew we should have been more careful! How did he find out we escaped?" Impulse complained.

"What are you talking about?" Kid Flash complained while standing up, but then she felt something. "Wait… the… the Speed Force… it's gone! The Speed Force is gone!" She yelled and then tried to move her arms fast, and she tried doing the same with her legs. "My powers are gone!" She complained.

"He is a god of speed!" Impulse complained. "He is everywhere at the same time! We disobeyed him and he stripped us of our speed! So unfair!" Impulse continued, but Kid Flash, who knew the world wasn't a videogame, thought different. "What are we going to do without speed?" He continued complaining, and the detective stared at the duo in confusion.

"We walk! Powers or not, I'm sure the Flash can return our speed to us." She informed, remembering her father had the power to lend speed. "Maybe I don't feel the Speed Force right now, but it is there, somewhere. We will recover our speed. Until then… we will have to walk toward Keystone City." She added in depression. "I can't believe this! Let's go! If we don't hurry we won't make it back home for dinner! And also, we are not quitting the Dr. Alchemy investigation. We will have a… not so quick stop in the library to read the news' reports… at human speed…" And she lowered her head. "Let's go before I yell in front of the cops."

"Yell? Why yell!" And suddenly, Kid Flash began yelling in annoyance for losing her powers. "Ouch! You are going to blow my ears off! We should reset the game and start over! Our characters just glitched!" And the strange duo continued walking away.

Keystone City, Kansas. Eastern Downtown.

"Are you all right now?" Jinx asked the Flash while the speedster carried her all around the Eastern Downtown, apparently searching for more of the blue samurais that had attacked them both. "You are more silent than usual… is it the first time you see someone dying?" She asked, and the Flash stopped his march and then faced Jinx. "I thought… well… that after Barry Allen passed away, nothing could make you tick anymore." She informed.

"I have seen people dying… but this is the first time I see someone dying in front of my eyes." He admitted, and Jinx nodded while allowing the Flash to place her down. "My uncle didn't die in front of my eyes. His grave is even empty, his body was swallowed by the Speed Force, remember?" And Jinx nodded once again. "As a hero I have seen many things. People tortured, villains dying in explosions… the original Titans disbanded once the person we were supposed to protect was murdered under our watch… but never someone dying old in front of my eyes, and in just a few seconds… who is ill-minded enough to do something like that? Savitar… I have never heard of him… but I know of someone who may have." And they stopped outside a small white house with a blue rooftop. "I'm not going to bother Jay at the hospital. I don't want to enter the retirement house discussion with him again, last time didn't end well."

"You spoke to him about the retirement house? When were you going to tell me about it?" She complained, and the Flash faced away. "If you are going to start keeping secrets from me, I will get really mad." And the Flash just remained in silence and knocked the door. "So… whose house is this?" And the door was then opened, and Jinx then smiled. "Max!" She yelled and launched herself to Max's arms and hugged him hard. "I didn't know you lived at Keystone!"

"Hi Jinx." Max mentioned cheerfully. "I wasn't going to open the door for my stupid student. But he brought his girlfriend, and I appreciate you a lot." And the Flash crossed his arms in annoyance. "The suit really looks good in you, Wally." And the Flash unmasked himself.

"I still think it looks big on me." He admitted and entered the house. "Oddly enough, this is not a social visit…" And then both Wally and Jinx were surprised when seeing Max's home full with odd sculptures of rainbow colors and psychedelic designs. "Great… the Zen master of speed is really a hippie! Max, you traveled more than 200 years to the future, but you got lost in hippie land!"

"Peace and love, Wally." Max mentioned, and Wally lowered his head ashamed by his friend's circle. "What can I help you with, my boy?" Max asked, and then sat down on top of a ying and yang painting by the floor, where he usually did his meditation."

"If I ever go all zen-master of speed like him… blast me as hard as you can." He whispered to Jinx and then sat in front of Max since there were no chairs in his home. "I need some information about a group of samurais calling themselves as the Thunderbolt Agents." Wally asked, and Max Mercury rubbed his chin in interest. "You know something?" He wondered.

"Thunderbolt Agents?" And Wally nodded. Max in the other hand raised an eyebrow. "Sorry kid, I know nothing about anyone known as Thunderbolt… tried asking Jay already?" And Wally moved his head in negation. "Got any other lead?" He wondered.

"Yeah… a name… but to where I know, it may not even be a real name. It sounded more like an alias." And Max nodded in agreement. "Before the Thunderbolt Agents that attacked us died of old age as if the Speed Force had speeded their metabolisms until they died…" And Max then tensed his muscles, and his eyes widened. "One of them told me he worked for someone called Savitar." And Max stood up abruptly, and Wally noticed the shock in his face. "Max… hey… Max… are you all right?" And Max suddenly reacted. "You know something… don't you?" And Max lowered his head, ashamed.

"Wally… for the love of the Speed Force… of Linda… Jinx… Iris… or whoever functions as an anchor to you… don't try to find the answers behind Savitar's identity." Max added, and Wally was surprised to hear that revelation. "All you need to know, Wally… is that Savitar is an evil beyond any other… even more than Kobra was."

"The more reasons to stop him!" Wally added, and Max moved his head in negation. "I felt it, Max… once I was attacked… once those samurais died… I felt it… the Speed Force moved wildly. Savitar is a speedster, is he not?" And Max refused to speak. "I don't care about how many speedsters there are. I'm actually cool with it… but I know speed more than anyone… even more than you do now… and I know how dangerous it is if used wrongly." And Max nodded. "If Savitar got the power to accelerate anyone's life until they turn into dust in seconds… then he needs to be stopped… Savitar is no god."

"He is a god." And Wally widened his eyes at such revelation. "Wally… Kobra was an ill-minded psychopath who believed himself a god wanting to bring a new world order… but he was a mortal…" And Max then walked toward the door and opened it, asking Wally and Jinx to leave. "Forgive my manners… but… for your sake. You must know nothing of Savitar… leave him and his sick desires of greatness to lead him toward what he seeks. Just leave him alone." And Wally and Jinx exchanged looks, and they walked out of Max's house. Max then rudely closed the door after they went out.

"Wow, I can't believe this." Jinx added. "I have never seen Max Mercury this scared before." And Wally placed his mask on and though about everything that had been happening. "He was really scared. Savitar may be out of your league after all."

"No… he can't be out of my league…" And Jinx grew worried. "I'm never going to give my back to any challenge. Not after what happened last time. Remember how I almost gave up the mantle of my uncle." And Jinx nodded in agreement. "I need to fight this Savitar guy… he needs to be stopped. I don't know who he is, or why is he trying to kill me. But I'm the Flash. And the Flash never gives up." And Jinx then smiled, and kissed the Flash softly. "Thanks, I needed that."

"You will be needing that a lot." She informed. "But I'm not supposed to be kissing you while being Jinx. Secret identity, remember?" She informed, and the Flash nodded. "By the way… I'm not moving with my mother. I just wanted to see your worried face."

"What? That's truly evil of your part!" And Jinx began giggling at his reaction. "You truly freaked me out back there! I don't imagine my life without you but we are too young to think about marriage and all that." And the Flash suddenly pushed Jinx away, and the girl fell to the floor hard and grew annoyed. "Thunderbolt Agent!" He yelled, and Jinx finally understood it and saw the Flash dodging the air slashing as blue edges of wind. "This one is faster!" He mentioned. And suddenly, Max made it out of the house and grabbed Jinx from the arm and pulled her inside moments before an edge of blue energy tried to cut her. "Jinx!"

"I got her, run!" Max yelled and began dodging edges of blue light, and Jinx grew more confused than ever before. Max then caught an edge with his hands clasped together as in a prayer, the sword was energy blue, and a man dressed in a blue costume was revealed as he tried to cut Max Mercury with his sword. "I think I know this man… but I don't remember where I have seen him before." Max mentioned and then dodged the energy-sword of another attacker. "They are slowing down! Attack them now!" Max yelled, and Jinx attacked one of them with her hexes of pink energy, and the samurai barely dodged her.

"Slowing down? Forgive me Max, but mine is speeding up!" The Flash added, and suddenly he began running away with a blur of blue light following him. "Wait… I know you… they are Blue Trinity!" He yelled before running away.

"The Russian trio from the race around the world?" Max asked, but the Flash was no longer there to stay and chat. "I see… Gregor Gregorovich and Boleslaw Uminski of Blue Trinity… but… you were just kids… what have Savitar done to you two." And Max then felt something was wrong. "My speed! That woman stole my speed!" And Jinx widened her eyes, as she saw the two adults of the Blue Trinity attacking Max, not at super-speed, but at normal one. "I have seen this happening before. Savitar, you fool!" Max complained and then moved with great acrobatic skills and kicked one of the members of Blue Trinity in the face while Jinx fought the other one. "Then, Savitar doesn't want to be left alone! He wants all speed for himself!"

"Maybe if you told us more about Savitar we would know who we are facing and why!" Jinx complained, clasped her fingers, and trapped the other member of the Blue Trinity inside of the ground. Then she reunited hexes of pink energy and launched them toward him, knocking him down. "And why did you and these guys lost your speed?"

"Remember how Wally is able to lend speed?" He asked, and Jinx nodded while joining Max in attacking the tall and well body built member of the Blue Trinity. "Inertia got that power too. There is positive Speed Force, and there is negative Speed Force. Wally is the direct link to the positive Speed Force, able to generate limitless speed, and share it. Negative Speed Force takes away the Speed Force, turns you back to normal, or worse, it can even turn you into a living statue." And both finally managed to drop-kick the members of the Blue Trinity away. "Savitar mastered both forces of the Speed Force. He is stealing our speeds. The effects are permanent, if you don't have a direct link to the Speed Force… and I have been inside of the Speed Force before. So my speed… can't be stolen!" And Max recovered his speed and punched both members of the Blue Trinity unconscious. "Savitar… I never thought I would face him again."

"What will happen to them? Will they turn into skeletons too?" Jinx wondered. She was worried about the two teens turned into adults dying of old age. "I don't think I would be able to see that happening again to them."

"They won't… but they won't run at abnormal speeds ever again… I don't feel the Speed Force in them, no negative, nor positive… they lost their powers entirely." And Jinx widened her eyes. "Savitar is dangerous… Wally is the only one who can stop him, I know it… but I'm not sure he is mature enough to face someone like him… but apparently… Savitar is trying to claim all speed for himself… eliminating the competition, is mostly the same as becoming the Fastest Man Alive… Wally is in great danger."

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

"Ok, you got my attention." Wally joked while running around the stone streets of old Pennsylvania, and while dodging the shining energy blade from cutting his head off. "Cristina, I know it's you, stop this, why are you doing this?" He asked to the masked girl, who looked more like a ninja than a samurai. "By the way, you are Russian, that suit doesn't fit you." And he dodged and then kicked the sword away from her hands. "You aren't even supposed to be that fast. How can you catch up to me?"

"I stole my brother's speed of course! But surprisingly enough, I can't steal yours!" The masked girl of orange hair mentioned and tried to punch the Flash, who speeded up and caught up to her attacks. "You know, you are really handsome without the mask. Maybe I won't kill you, but ask Savitar to allow me to keep you."

"I'm taken, and gladly my girlfriend didn't hear that last." But the Flash then saw a blur of yellow and red light kicking Cristina away, and the race was over while Cristina rolled by the streets of Pennsylvania. "Oh… but apparently, former one heard it." And Jesse Quick then crossed her arms and faced the Flash in annoyance. "Not good."

"Another girlfriend?" Jesse complained while facing the Flash in disbelief. And the Flash moved his head in negation several times in self-defense. "I told you not to bother me with your relationship issues. What's the big deal? You want me to beg you? Because that's not going to happen. You have a daughter for speed's sake!" She complained.

"As much as I would like to think about it, that's not the reason I tricked her to come here." He mentioned while seeing Cristina standing up once again. "I came here because I need your help. This girl is stealing everyone's speeds!"

"So you brought her here so she could steal mine?" Jesse complained, and Cristina then smiled hard and pointed her hand toward Jesse. In a fraction of a second, bolts of golden energy left Jesse's body and flew toward Cristina, who then speeded up after Jesse, who surprisingly enough moved fast and away from her, and then punched her face rudely and launched her toward a wall from a nearby bread store, knocking her out cold. "She stole my speed!" Jesse complained. "You allowed her to steal my speed! What were you thinking?"

"She stole your Speed Force speed, not your meta-human one." The Flash explained. "She was moving at my same speed, I couldn't beat her without the element of surprise, and you having meta-speed, just like Superman, as well as the Speed Force, it sounded like a nice plan to catch her off guarded and knock her down."

"So you used me!" And the Flash slapped his own forehead hard. "Listen! Just because I am daughter of Liberty Bell, who was like a super woman, it doesn't mean you can play this kind of tricks on me! I could have died!"

"Of course not! I trust you. You are capable of taking care of yourself now." And Jesse then blushed madly. "Listen… I know that when we were kids, I was overprotective. But now you DO know how to use your powers. And after the Kid Zoom incident… well… I'm never doubting you ever again." And Jesse's lips began doing wave-like movements after hearing those words, as if trying to force herself not to say something she desperately wanted to say. "Here, I will give your speed back to you." And The Flash suddenly hugged Jesse and rubbed her arms. Bolts of golden energy then entered her body, returning her speed to her. But what surprised Jesse wasn't recovering her speed, but being hugged like that by the man she used to love. "There you go. I recharged your speed. See, I'm not that bad."

"O-o-only because you are a Speed Force battery it doesn't mean you can just hu-hu-hug me the way you just did you pe-pe-pervert!" Jesse complained, and the Flash faced her in disbelief. "A-a-anyway… don't leave your garbage in my city." She complained, and then pointed at Cristina. The Flash was then about to help the unconscious villain up, but was suddenly punched hard in his face by a blur of shining blue and grey light, which took Cristina up and then ran away with her. "What was that?"

"Whe-where… where did it run to…?" The Flash complained and then fell to the floor dazzled. "Man… that punch… if it weren't for my speed aura, it would have blown my head off." He informed, and Jesse faced him with concern. "Whoever punched me… it moved faster than even I could see… I don't even know which direction he ran to."

"Someone who is faster than you? No way!" And Jesse faced the direction she though they saw them running toward to. "You don't suppose this will end with another 100 laps around the world… do you?" And Wally moved his head in negation. "If you need my help. You can count me in." She offered with a cheerful smile.

"No… what I need you is to be careful." He informed, and Jesse crossed her arms in annoyance. "You got super-strength. So I can at least know you, Superman, Wonder Woman and Wonder Girl will be safe. The same goes for Captain Marvel. They can't steal all your speeds. Max has been in close contact with the Speed Force, so he will be fine too. But your father is a target. They will come and try to steal his speed. Jay will be fine too, his speed is the product of an experiment, even if they steal his Speed Force speed, he will still be able to run fast. Mas and Menos will be fine, those dwarves are protected by the Teen Titans, I already send them an alert." He concluded. "Blue Trinity is with the enemy, only Cristina got speed left, Speed Demon is out of the question, his speed isn't Speed Force based. Kid Zoom is too powerful to be in danger. That only leaves Red Trinity, I will get them, you keep an eye on your father." And before Wally could do as he had planned, Jesse grabbed his arm. "What? No pun intended but I'm in a hurry."

"You chose me over your daughter?" Jesse asked. "West… I appreciate your concern in me and my father. But even if Iris restored her own birth, nothing assures her life. Don't take her life for granted." She informed, and the Flash smiled softly.

"Thanks for worrying. But Iris will be fine. Nothing that happens will force her to disappear… I'm with Linda, remember?" And Jesse rolled her eyes in annoyance. "She is fine. I don't have to worry about her. No one can steal her speed. She is my daughter after all, and just like her father, she knows how to take care of herself." And the Flash then rushed away.

"If she was my daughter I would be lecturing you about your little concern over her safety." Jesse complained and allowed the Flash to run away. She then rushed in search of her father. "I wish there was a way to start over and be with him… but he is with Linda, and that's the way things are supposed to be… if only there was another way." And Jesse then saw a deep red and silver shadow running next to her, and when she did, she cleaned her eyes and found no one there. "Wally? Wait… was that… no… he just ran the other way… I really need to stop daydreaming about him, it's not healthy."

Central City, Missouri. Eastern Historic District.

"I'm so boooooreeeeed!" Impulse complained, and then everyone around the library tried to shut him up with the annoying sound of their lips. "How many newspapers are you going to read? You are acting as Linda!" He complained, and once again everyone tried to shut him up.

"I'm Linda's daughter so deal with it." She added calmly and while continuing reading. "And I will read enough to find what I'm looking for, and enough for my tired feet to recover from all that walking." And Impulse began biting a random book in boredom. "Don't munch those books." She complained and continued reading. "Well, Dad did say that reading at normal speed would help me retain the knowledge far easier. Listen to this. A valuable diamond was stolen by Captain Cold on July 12 of the current year. The diamond was said to be one of its kind. A diamond so valuable that its edges could easily cut other diamonds with ease. Ever since Captain Cold stole it, no one had seen or heard from the diamond, not even when he was captured shortly after my birthday party after he tried to steal a taco stand. Wait what?" She complained. "Leonard, you truly are an idiot, I can't believe Dad fights these guys every day." And Impulse blew his hair away from his own face in annoyance. "This diamond… Mom said she was going to deliver it, but she didn't… aw Mom… Jinx is playing with Linda's ambitions. She actually kept the diamond!" Kid Flash complained, and Impulse faced her. "I don't know if that diamond is the Philosopher Stone or not, but Mom needs to return that diamond before people thinks Jinx went back to be a villain. Let's go then."

"Finally! I was going to die out of boredom here!" Impulse complained and followed Kid Flash out of the library. But suddenly, his impulsive-self got the better of him, or the worse, and he took a straw from out of his belt, munched a piece of paper from one of his books, and tried to spit on Kid Flash, only to notice the girl moved at high speed, took him from his hand, pulled him in front of his slimy ball of paper and forced him to receive the ball himself. "Eww! Nasty!"

"Ha! You fool actually thought I was going to fall for that one?" Kid Flash mentioned, and Impulse cleaned his hair from the piece of paper. "My brother Jai does pranks on me all the time 20 years in the future. There is nothing you can do to bother me. I'm the Fastest Girl Alive after all." And then Kid Flash widened her eyes. "Wait… I'm the Fastest Girl Alive!" She mentioned.

"Well, don't get used to that title because once I'm done leveling up, the only Fastest Girl Alive is gonna be me!" He yelled, but then noticed what he was saying. "What? Hey, no! What I was trying to say was…" But Kid Flash covered his mouth.

"I know what you were trying to say and I don't care! I moved fast! I mean, I always do, but an hour ago I couldn't!" She informed, and Impulse then began moving his arms up and down as fast as he could, and he began flying because of his twister-like arms and ended doing a mess all around the library. "Great, now we have to clean up!" Kid Flash complained, and both then cleaned the whole library in the blink of an eye. "Now, we need to find my Mom! If what we read on the newspapers is true, then she is in great danger." And both speedsters left the library in the blink of an eye.

Keystone City, Kansas. Western Historic District.

"I'm home… I traveled to Russia only to find out the Red Trinity now calls itself Kapitalist Kouries and opened a delivery service at New York… I couldn't speak to them, they placed me on the waiting list of their deliveries those fools!" The Flash mentioned, and then he took his mask off and reflected his tiredness. "Where is everyone? I know aunt Irey is always locked inside of her room trying not to reveal events from the future, but the tornado duo should be melting the controllers with their speed-playing." Wally mentioned while walking past the television. "Never mind… I'm hungry… is there something to eat?" He wondered while making it inside of the kitchen.

"There would be if someone had returned to Max's home and carried me home." Linda added in annoyance, and Wally smiled oddly at her declaration. "Anyway, Max brought me here. He needs to speak to you, so he is having dinner with us." And Wally made a mockery once noticing Max by the table, only he saw him unmasked, for the first time, showing Wally the face of an old man of full silver hairs. "By the way, I'm mad, so we are eating Indian food." She mentioned while taking a lot of species.

"Right now, seeing you cooking Indian food is all cool." Wally mentioned, and then sat at the table in front of Max. "Where are Bart and Iris anyway? The house is horribly calm." And then Wally was knocked down by the strong winds of the two speedsters running toward the top floor.

"You two come back here!" Linda yelled, and the duo made it down the stairs, while Wally tried to recover from the fall and stared at them both dizzily. "You two left home without any of us saying so! Where were you?" She mentioned while crossing her arms in annoyance, and Iris grew worried once remembering how hard her mother's punishments were.

"Let them be, Linda." Wally suddenly mentioned, and both Linda and Iris faced Wally in surprise. "Iris knows how to take care of herself. And if she tires Bart, I'm all fine with that if I'm able to sleep at nights." Wally explained, and Iris for a moment faced her father with confusion and sadness. "Go play videogames upstairs, I need to speak to Max."

"Aren't you going to ground me for disobeying your orders?" Iris asked, and Wally just faced her in confusion. "It's nothing… it's just… you always ground me for this kind of things… sometimes your grounding hurts more than Mom's. But I know it is because you care for me and only want what is best." And Wally smiled at his daughter.

"I raised you correctly, didn't I?" And Iris was about to speak, but then she had second thoughts once she remembered she needed to find her mother's purse upstairs. "You know how to care about yourself, so have fun. But do be careful on the streets."

"Yeah… I… I will… thanks for your trust… Dad." And Iris walked upstairs while facing the floor the whole time. "He never loses the opportunity of telling me I messed up. Him not grounding me… well… doesn't feel good…"

"You want to be grounded?" Bart mentioned, and Iris then moved her head in negation. "You surely are weird, what do you mean you want to be grounded? I don't like being grounded, who likes being grounded."

"Quit it!" Iris yelled. "Dad is behaving oddly… just as if he didn't worry about me any more…" And then she moved her head several times in negation. "Of course not. Dad loves me… I'm her precious daughter." She added with a smile, and then noticed Bart was staring at her oddly. "What?" She wondered.

"Why are you always talking to yourself?" And Iris flinched and walked faster toward her mother's room. "No, I'm serious! Is it a mental problem? Because you and your father and mother start talking to yourselves all the time as if you were part of a story lacking narrative and description."

"Such thing doesn't exist! Sometimes it worries me how your brain works. Did your mother let you fall when you were a baby?" And the duo continued arguing, and Wally just ignored them both and faced Linda, who kept on staring at him oddly.

"Are you well? Because… you… well… usually you are ruder with Iris… it almost feels unnatural of you." And Wally blinked twice in surprise. "Ne-never mind… what's wrong with him?" She mentioned with curiosity evident in the tone of her voice.

"What's with her?" Wally wondered, and Max then rubbed his chin with interest. "Anyway… this isn't about the mental stability of my girlfriend." And Linda walked toward Wally and rudely smacked his head with her wooden spoon. "Ouch! Anyway… this is about Savitar."

"Indeed it is." Max continued. "During the World War II, Savitar was once a pilot for a third-world nation sending reinforcements against the Germany armies." Max began, and Wally nodded in agreement. "He was fast in the air, not in his feet. Yet, during one stormy battle, a lighting stuck his plane, and he ended crash landing on German Territory." And Max lowered his head, just as if he was horrified of what happened next. "I wasn't there to see it happening… all I know is what I read on the World War II reports when I arrived to that point in time. 200 Nazi soldiers, brutally murdered by a demon of speed. Savitar used his powers to kill the first time he noticed he had them." And Linda then placed her attention away from her cooking and faced Max. "Savitar grew obsessed with speed. He abandoned his human name and re-named himself as Savitr… an Hindu god of motion… of course no one could mention it properly, so he was simply known as Savitar." And Wally and Linda exchanged odd looks while thinking that part wasn't necessary. "Savitar grew obsessed with speed, so obsessed that he studied it. He discovered speed techniques not even you know, Wally. Lending speed is one thing… stealing it is far different. Savitar… knows all the secrets of speed, except one… the Speed Force."

"Then it is obvious I can win this one. I am faster. I have been in and out of the Speed Force." And then Wally grabbed Linda's hand. "And as long as I have an Anchor and Lighting Rod… I will never be trapped inside as Uncle Barry." And Linda blushed, but then she remembered she was still mad at Wally and decided to go back to her cooking. "I love you too." He joked. "Then why should Savitar worry me…? He didn't force Barry to kill as Kobra did. No one can be worse than Kobra."

"Savitar learned powers no one else would ever imagine. He could even give speed to others. Such power earned him his own cult. And he entered in conflict with the World War II Speedsters. Johnny Quick for example." And Wally went serious once again. "Before Savitar spread the speed, Johnny was the only active speedster. And Savitar wanted his speed. Because the Speed Force is a shared force… the fewer speedsters there are, the faster speedsters are… remember Johnny Quick was faster back then than he is now. The only exception to that rule is you of course. Regardless of how many speedsters there are, you just go faster. And Savitar wants that speed." And Wally smiled. "This is no game… Savitar outran Johnny Quick, and he would have killed him if I hadn't arrived to his aid… and in the end, Savitar outran me too… we both jumped in time forward trying to reach the Speed Force during our battle. I heard nothing about Savitar… until now… but believe me… he is no joke."

"He is one of Johnny Quick's rogues, of course he is." Wally mentioned, and Max faced him with determination. "Ok… fine… I will be careful." And Max nodded and began walking away. "Hey, aren't you staying for dinner?" And Max moved his head in negation, placed his mask on, and ran away. "Did I do something to anger him…? Because if I did, then I didn't notice."

"Savitar sounds like the real deal and you are making fun of him. Of course Max is worried." And Wally faced Linda in disbelief. "Wally, you are one of the greatest heroes there are. But sometimes you are just too carefree… I'm still worried… Kobra forced Barry Allen into murdering… if Savitar forces you into that too."

"That will never happen. I never kill, not ever." And Wally hugged Linda from behind. "You worry too much. Killing is for cowards, and I'm one of the bravest." And Linda smiled at that last. "Everything will be fine… trust me." And both shared a soft kiss.

Upstairs, Iris and Bart had been turning Linda's room upside down searching for the so called Philosopher Stone. They were clueless about everything involving Savitar, they were actually following their own leads, forging their own story, their own mission. But their clue just disappeared.

"I don't get it… the diamond should be inside of her purse. There are no news about the diamond being returned, and Jinx isn't exactly that good of a hero yet." Iris complained while searching all around the room for the eleventh time. "Ow… I got Dad's speed, why can't I have my Mom's detective intuition too? Not fair!"

"Maybe you need more skill points! Look, I'm a mouse!" Bart mentioned while placing one of Linda's bras on his head and tying it as if he had rounded black ears. Iris then rushed toward Bart, smacked the back of his head, and took the bra away. "Why don't you use one of those?"

"Eh? That's none of your business!" She yelled, and Bart raised an eyebrow. "I'm a speedster… we age differently… I may be 13 years old but I have the body of a 10 years old. I'm a shorty after all in case you haven't noticed." She complained. "Heck, you look like a 12 years old and you are only two. If it weren't because girls are taller than boys at this age, I would be a shorty compared to you. But instead I'm your same height." And then she turned around out of annoyance, giving her back to Bart "Anyway, we need to find that diamond. Dr. Alchemy is our mission, not the Flash's one." And Bart then discovered Linda's underwear. "Leave my Mom's underwear alone you maniac!" She yelled out of annoyance and then kicked Bart away. "And I thought Dad was the pervert."

"There is no diamond here. Maybe your mother wasn't the thief after all." And Iris lowered her head in defeat. "Let's call it quits for today, I'm hungry, and I want to beat you in videogames." And Iris laughed hard at him and then rushed to the first floor. "Hey! I want to be player one!" Bart complained, and then the closet's door was opened, and a man wearing a lemon-green cloak and a blue tunic below it, smiled and faced the diamond at his hand, which was painted red by his powers.

Done for now. At any rate, you can see the plot taking form. Wally is no longer the overly protective father since he thinks Iris' life is granted. As for Linda/Jinx, she fears Wally will cross the line and become a murdered, and Wally thinks he can easily defeat Savitar, lol, complex plot, and Dr. Alchemy is going to break havoc too! Lol, starting with the complexity, aren't I.


Dr. Alchemy – Albert Desmond: A man with a multiple personality disorder. He began his criminal career doing chemistry tricks, but discovered the Philosopher Stone's existent and became an alchemist.

Thunderbolt Agents – The students of Savitar, his cult of speed. These are random citizens who wish to be speedsters despite the price. Savitar gives them speed by stealing the speed of other speedsters and giving them to them. The effects wore off as the speed returns to the original speedster. For example, Bart and Iris lost their speeds briefly, and their powers together were used to fuel the seven samurais fighting the Flash and Jinx during their date.