"No, Zoran."

"Pretty please?"

"*sigh* still no."

"Cherry on top!"

"Its almost funny how much the answer is NO." Zoran sighed, crossing her arms together as she waited outside her brother's room. Staring at the white wool from the carpet on the floor, she took a breath through her nose. "Why can't I come?"

"Because it's a senior thing. All the year eights go." Astro answered from the other side of the door.

"I am almost a year eight!"

"Yeah, only two years from being one," he replied flatly. "Can't believe how fast you're growing up." Zoran let of a grunt, putting her hands on her hips. Astro smiled, looking to his wardrobe mirror. Jump licked his nose and wagged his tail, looking up to him. Astro sighed and looked down to the velvet ears and scruffy coat. "Well?" he asked, throwing his arms beside him, "How do I look?"

"RUFF!" he smiled and kneeled down, patting him on the head.

"You always know what to say, huh?" Jump leapt his front paws on Astro's chest, giving a lick on the nose. He gave a light laugh, walking over to his bedroom door and pushed it open. Zoran's eyes widened. She took a few steps back, scanning her eyes over her brother. He snickered.

"Don't look so surprised!"

"What are you wearing?" she asked. Astro rolled his eyes with a smile.

"It's a suit, Zoran," he explained, pulling at the cuffs of the black tux.

"Ohhh! So you're going to a dance!" Astro sighed.

"It's NOT a dance. It's called a Prom. They're both very different things!" she giggled, picking up Jump as be bounced over.

"How?" Astro gritted his teeth, thinking of an answer.

"...You know, I really don't have time to explain," he answered quickly, pushing past his laughing sister. He walked into the kitchen where Orrin was collecting dishes. He froze on the spot, scanning his eyes up and down on Astro's cloths. Suddenly, realization swiped his face. "Oh! You must be going to a dance, Master Astro!" Astro's shoulders dropped.

"It's NOT a dance," He growled. He brushed past the house bot and entered the hall, calling one last message. "And it's just Astro, Orrin! I'm not your Master!" Orrin was left with a dazed expression.

As the boy robot proceeded to the front door, he heard the bouncing foot steps of Zoran quickly following him. "I'll be good!"

"No, Zoran." He said, looking back to her. "Maybe next year, okay? When you're older." She pouted.

"That's not fair! We don't get older!" Astro frowned, looking to the ground. This thought had troubled him before, how all his friends would grow older, become successful adults...yet he would stay a kid. The thought burned in this mind.

"Well, I guess then-"

"Astro!" they both flicked their heads around to Z, standing outside the bedroom door. She wore a long white sweater with black pants, her brown curly hair swept up in a bun. But the eye drawing feature right now was her stomach. Z's tummy was now a solid bump, as it was many months after her first announcement of her pregnancy. Her smile drew away as the suit met her eyes. She circled around him, hand on chin. Astro smiled. "Mum, its a suit. You don't need to inspect every thread." Z clapped her hands.

"Oh my god! You look so handsome!" she then gasped. "You're going to a dance!" Astro face palmed.

"It's NOT a- look I'm just gonna go." Before he could take a step, Z wrapped her arms around him in a choking hug.

"You have fun then!" she cried.

"M-mom! N-need...a-air...slightly...i-important..."

"Oh!" she released him with a smile. "Sorry sweetie! You go have a good time." Astro nodded.

"Hey, do you know where dad is?" Z rolled her eyes.

"Off at some press conference or something. I always tell him that work was never the better option, but no, he has to work!"

"Well, that's pretty much all he's been doing his whole life." Z smiled and kissed him on the forehead.

"Go off and have your fun."

"Will do."

"HEY!" they both looked to Zoran, crossing her arms. "I could have fun too! But noooo, its for seniors!" she pouted. Z smiled, walking up to her.

"You will have your fun where Astro can't come with you as well, Zoran. Don't you worry, your time will come." Zoran smiled and gave her a warm hug.

"Thanks mummy!"

"I'm off," Astro said, turning on his heels for the door. Zoran raced up to him before he could open it.

"But what will I do while you're gone?" she whined. Astro sighed.

"I dunno, Zoran. Why don't you...I dunno, bake a cake or something," he suggested, leaving the house. Zoran stood there, thinking. A smile creased on her face.

"A cake, huh? Hmmm..."