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Once we were Young.

Chapter 18

Josh held Grace to him all night, his hand moving from her stomach to her breasts as he woke up.
Grace grinned, already awake, tilting her head up to look at him. "You woke up less than 3 seconds ago and your hand is already on my boobs."
"Impressive, isn't it?" he grinned moving to kiss her good morning. "Did you sleep well."
"I didn't stir. That second round knocked me out. I thought I was fit."
"No stamina" he teased, gently caressing the soft orbs in his hands.
"We've trained together before…this is just a different type of training" she grinned, moving her own hands down to her boyfriend's groin.
"Not this morning…I'm out."
"Really?" she checked. "You just woke up."
"No, of protection" he laughed.
"Well until last night we were both virgins…and I'm on the pill…"
"You really want to take that risk?"
"Alright… fifteen and pregnant…not the best look" she agreed. "Guess we're going shopping today then."
"Eager, aren't you?" he laughed.
"Aren't you?" she checked, suddenly nervous.
"Gracie, I don't want to let you go home tonight… Waking up in the morning without you is going to be hell. I'm just as eager to have you in my bed as you are to stay."
She laughed, "So that's a 'Yes Grace I want you so badly'?"
"Something like that."
"I'm hungry" she frowned.
"Well if you pull some clothes on you can make me breakfast" he smiled.
"I'm sorry…I can make YOU breakfast?" she raised her eyebrows.
"Well there's bacon, and there's eggs and toast…and we both know you're the better cook" he kissed her cheek.
"You are such a bull shitter" she laughed. "Even you can cook bacon and eggs."
"Alright alright" he grinned, "I'll do it…but you've got to keep me company."
"Fineeeee" she sighed dramatically pulling on yoga pants and one of Josh's shirts over the top.
Josh stared at her. "How do you do that?"
"Do what?"
"Look good in anything…babe you just got up, your hair is a mess, you're wearing my shirt…and I can barely stop myself ripping it straight back off you. You look hot."
She grinned, "You're bias. I could wear a potato sack and you'd drool over me…lucky for both of us I have slightly more class." She walked over to him and kissed him once more. "Fooddddd" she whined as she pulled back.
"You're a dag Reid" he laughed going to make breakfast.
Grace made the toast while he cooked. "You know peanut butter toast is fine. You don't really have to cook for me."
"I wanna."
She laughed "Better make the bacon crispy then."
"Right. Burn the bacon" he grinned.

Robbie wandered into the kitchen. "Something smells good. Gracie, hi, you're here early."
"Piss off Robbie" she replied without looking up. "There's nothing here for you."
"Oh c'mon just a bit of toast will do me" leaning over her shoulder to grab some toast from the plate.
Grace didn't hesitate in elbowing him straight back into his ribs at his approach. "I said piss off" she snapped, walking away from him and the toaster going to get the eggs from the fridge, taking them back over to Josh who was quick to put his arm around her.
"Bit feisty this morning Grace? On your rags? Good luck that mate" Robbie laughed to Josh as he left the kitchen with his toast.
Josh was fuming, "I will kill him."
"No you will not…just breathe. " Grace reassured him, holding onto his arm. "He's all talk. I can handle him and he's not gonna do anything while you're here anyway."
"I'm more worried about what he's gonna do if I'm not here…I don't want you here without me Gracie."
"It doesn't happen often…and you forget….three older brothers, I can hold my own."
He shook his head. "I don't like it…maybe I should look into other share houses?"
"Josh it's fine. If I'm meeting you and you're not home yet I'll just wait outside if the other guys aren't home."
He nodded, kissing the top of her head softly. "This isn't how this morning was meant to go," squeezing her waist gently. "I'm sorry."
Grace turned around in his arms so she was facing him. "You don't need to apologise for him being a jerk…besides, I got him good. You should be proud. He's gonna be sore for a couple of days. Might slow him down."
He smiled, leaning in and pressing his lips to hers, pushing her back against the bench. "Just as long as I don't get the same reaction when touching you."
She laughed, "The difference my love, is that your touch is wanted…needed even. Whereas his is just purely repulsive."
"Needed?" he raised his eyebrows, kissing her again.
"Mmmhmm" she smiled against his lips. "Ouch!" she pulled away quickly pushing him back off her as the hot oil from the bacon spat, hitting her on the neck. "Bloody bacon" she cursed, rubbing her neck with one hand, reaching for the tongues with the other and flipping it. "Better throw those eggs on too babe. We can continue that conversation later" she finished with a wink.

Three weeks later Grace was lying on a hill in the park beside Josh as they rested after a big run, her hand lazily reaching out for his as she caught her breath.
Josh smiled pulling hers onto his chest, holding it there, encased in both of his. "I let you beat me then."
Grace sat up quickly tearing her hand from his in the process. "You bloody well did not."
Josh laughed. "I knew you'd bite."
"Not funny, LOSER" she protested shoving him in the chest playfully. "I smashed you."
"Smashed?" he raised an eyebrow at her.
"Well I won…by a second…but a win's a win babe."
"I tripped!"
"That's loser talk, that is. A winner watches where they put their feet."
"Is that right?" he asked laughing.
"It is!" she confirmed.
"Guess the loser owes the winner an ice cream then."
Grace shook her head. "I have something else in mind."
"How come when I win it's always an ice-cream, I don't get a choice?"
"Cause you always win…and this is a momentous occasion."
Josh rolled his eyes. "Alright, what do I owe you?"
"Well you know how it's my birthday in two weeks?" she smiled sweetly.
"Oh is it? You should have said something, I never would have known" he laughed.
"Funny. Mum's talking about a family dinner… would you come?"
"Grace…" he sat up, looking at her.
"I know…" she nodded. "But I promise not all of my relatives are like my Mum. You like my brothers and you like Leisha."
"Have you even asked your Mum Grace? She's not gonna want me there."
"I told her I wasn't coming unless I could invite you."
"So she doesn't want me there."
"…No. But I do and it's my birthday, not hers. Look… I know this isn't your thing so I won't push it but you are welcome and I would love to have you there. I promise I wouldn't even leave you alone near the rellos."
"I'll think about it" he agreed.
Josh laughed. "Thought you said you weren't going to push it."
"Maybe not so much…" she smiled.
He nodded, "Alright. But you leave me alone and you're in trouble."
"Fair enough" she grinned. "I knew you'd say yes."
"Wouldn't dare say no to Princess on her birthday," he laughed. "She might have a tantrum and I'd have to call her boyfriend to calm her down."
"Princess? Not today mate. Today I'd like to be called winner…and you…can be known as the loser." She grinned finally leaning back against him playfully.
"I'm never gonna hear the end of this am I?" Josh laughed.
"Not today. Maybe by the end of the week" she suggested with a laugh of her own.
Josh shook his head pushing her back down onto the grass and tickling her.
"Noooo" she squealed squirming underneath him still laughing. "Attack! Attack!" she squealed.
Josh put his hand over her mouth continuing to tickle her with his spare hand using his body weight to hold her there. "Shhh someone will call the cops on me" he laughed.
"Help" she laughed her voice muffled by his hand before nipping playfully at his fingers. "Stopppppppp" she whined her body relaxing as he finally took mercy on her.
"Still think you're the winner?" he laughed.
She poked her tongue out at him, moving her hand up to his neck to pull him down to kiss her. "I am. I'm also completely wrecked," she laughed. "You might have to carry me to the car."
"I can do that."
"Don't you dare!" she yelped as he moved to grab her. "Remind me why I love you again" she laughed.
"Cause I take pity on you and let you win races by pretending to trip over."
"Oh whatever" she laughed, rolling them onto their side throwing her leg over his lightly. "You could still work in your favour…I happen to like to celebrate my victories," she ran her tongue over her lips casually.
"Oh…" he moved his hand up into her hair. "But it's a Sunday… you can't stay."
"No…but it's only mid-afternoon."
"What about your English assignment…and my Geography?"
Grace pulled back, raising her eyebrows at him. "Yeah….you're right…we should totally ditch an afternoon of passion for homework. A very sensible idea. Have you got rocks in your head?"
Josh laughed, "What happened to my straight A girlfriend?"
"She's still getting straight A's…she's just getting more creative about where and when she studies."
"So you don't have to go study this afternoon?"
She shook her head smiling. "Nup."
"Sounds good" he grinned helping her up. "Hey Gracie?"
"I'll race you to the car… loser buys the ice cream."

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