Harry stared expectantly at Mal-Draco. He had to think of him as Draco. He waited for him to speak. The blonde seemed nervous and hesitant.

"As you know," he started, glancing at Harry nervously, trying to gage his reaction. "You are my mate." Harry nodded, waiting for the blonde to continue. "I've known for a very long time what I was and what to expect come my sixteenth birthday. I knew that my mate could be anyone with veela blood. That could mean anyone, as you are aware, even people who know nothing of their own heritage." He sighed, closing his eyes for a moment before looking Harry directly in the eye.

"That is why I am being nice to you. That is why I am being patient and why I am so over protective. What we had, that doesn't matter to me anymore. I knew the day would come that I would find my mate and I knew that if they were someone I knew, I might have to ignore everything I had ever thought about them and get to know the real them. This isn't some fling Harry. It isn't going to go away. It's not a dream you might wake up from at any moment. This is our future.

'We are made for each other. Magically. Our souls are compatible, it's the way veela are. We are soul mates." Harry stared at Draco open mouthed. Soul mates? How was that possible? They were nothing alike! Then it hit him. They were nothing alike. They were complete opposite. Like two halves to the same whole. They had what the other lacked.

Draco was starting to get nervous. His mate had been staring at him with the same look of absolute shock for several minutes now. Was he okay? Draco lightly touched his mate's shoulder and the raven haired boy seemed to shake himself back to reality.

"There's another thing. It will be slowed down a little because we have found each other and will be in close contact, and we can touch each other regularly, but we are going to have to bond before too long. If we don't, then we will both be driven mad."

Harry stared at him again. "By bond, you mean…"

"Consummate it. Have sex." Draco replied flatly.

Harry looked at him in something that might have been horror. It hurt Draco deeply, but he didn't let it show. "I'm not ready for that." The smaller boy said.

"I know." Sighed Draco. "As I said, we don't have to worry about it yet, now that we have found each other, but soon it will become an issue." He paused. "If we aren't mated by just after Christmas, we will probably begin to really notice the affects."

Harry nodded silently. Christmas. He could probably handle that. He would have to get to know Draco more first, but that was inevitable anyway. The headmaster had said that they could barely be away from each other until they were bonded. He had also mentioned that Draco would be extremely protective and possessive until then. Harry hoped that he had exaggerated, but he doubted it.

"How will your family react to this?" Harry wondered, looking at Draco.

"Father won't take it well, but he is in Azkaban for the moment anyway. Mother won't mind. She understands how veela mates work and she is more neutral than my father anyway."

Harry nodded. Alright. Draco's next question surprised him.

"How about your family?"

"The muggles?" Harry asked, to clarify. Usually he considered the Weasleys and Hermione to be his family, but he doubted that was what Draco had meant. He felt a pang in his chest. How was he going to explain this to Ron and Hermione? How would they take it? Chances were, Hermione would leap into research mode to verify Draco's story, but Ron, he could be rather thick headed sometimes. It was hard to say.

"Yes." Harry almost had forgotten the question Draco was answering, so it took him a moment to respond.

He simply laughed dryly. "Did you not see what they did to me when they found out?"

Draco sat there stunned. He had known that someone must have hurt his mate, but it was his own family? The people who were supposed to take care of him.

Harry sighed, watching the confusion wash over Draco's face. "This really isn't new Draco. I've been my cousin's punching bag for years and I slept in a cupboard until I was eleven. Just promise me that I never have to go back there again."

No big deal? Draco fumed silently. This was a huge deal. Those muggles deserved to die for what they had done to his mate. He knew in his heart though, that Harry would never allow it, no matter what they had done to him. His heart was too pure. Which was why it made a perfect match to Draco's black one.

He noticed Harry watching him, worried. What had his mate said again? Remembering the question, he rushed to comfort his mate. "Never Harry. Never again. You are mine now."

Harry wasn't sure he liked the suggestion that Draco owned him, but they would deal with that later. He didn't have to go back to the Dursleys. It was like a dream come true. He would have been able to leave after his seventeenth birthday anyway, but after what had happened, going back was probably suicide.

He started slightly as warm arms wrapped around him, drawing him into the other boy's lap. Gratefully, he accepted the comfort, laying his head on Draco's shoulder as the other boy stroked his hair, crooning softly.

Somehow, things would be all right.