My brothers gagged and bound me, leaving me unmoving. My mind had gone on overdrive. Who were these people? Would they be the same as my brothers? Worse? Better? Probably not angels, as they were my brothers friends. Probably better though, as it took a big imagination to imagine worse. For example, I was trapped in a car boot until my new 'family' arrived.

A small click told me they were here.

A man untied me, and got the full blast of my blue contacts. Hypnotising contacts. This family would be better then my last, because I would control them.

"Hello. My name is Cl-" I paused. Claire? Really? "Minerva. And you are?"

"Mr. Paradizo. Nice to meet you, Climerva."

I groaned. "Minerva. No 'Cl' anywhere. I am your daughter, OK? Minerva Paradizo. You will spoil me, and let me do whatever I want, whenever I want. You will not notice that I've dyed my hair, or wear contacts, but will compliment me. You. Are. Mine."