Starships and Spitwads

by icypinkpop

Pairing: Zim & Dib Friendship (ZaDF)

Disclaimer: Jhonen Vasquez gets all the glory for these two.

Warnings: Not many…Perhaps a little OOC-ness, and slight language.

Author's note: Well this is a…surprising return. How long has it been since I posted any fanfiction?

I couldn't help but want to write a story about these two. Apparently I live under a rock, because at the ripe old age of 19 I've only now discovered Invader Zim. And what a great discovery that was.

This really isn't supposed to be ZaDR-y, but going in with preconceived notions takes out all the fun, so please, I encourage you to interpret it as you wish.

My overall goal in writing this was to stay as in-character as possible. I love these guys, so I wanted to capture them as best I could. I hope that you can give me some feedback on how you think I did.




His head was spinning. Face down on his desk, Dib gripped the edges tightly and held on. A few things flashed around in his head- unintelligible Irken symbols, his father's face, the colorful flashing lights of the various things he had been designing each and every night of the week. He couldn't see much though, with his eyes being closed- only the things in his brain.

"…M-Ms. Bitters?"

Looking up from where she was scrawling a thirteenth 'DOOM' on the board with the edge of a rusty nail, Ms. Bitters turned around and promptly looked at Dib with annoyance.

"What is it, Dib?"

"I…need to go…" Dib forced himself to open his eyes, feeling like they might burn out of his sockets at the assault of the fluorescent lights. This was new. He had had many sleepless nights, staying up dawn to dusk and then some, over his short life, but this was different. This was…

"Bathroom," he croaked out, eyes watering behind his glasses. He didn't really need the bathroom. He just needed to get out of this place. The lights, the glares, the paper planes…He was reaching his limit.

"…All right," Ms. Bitters acknowledged with a snarl, pointing to the nearby metal grate. "Keef has left with the other, so take the auxiliary hall pa-"

Dib didn't even give her a chance to finish. The boy all but leapt out of his chair and burst through the classroom door, into the hall. Eyes large now, though burning like there was acid in them, he looked around quickly for somewhere to go. Somewhere dark, quiet. No screens, televisions, computers…mirrors…

The bathroom was out of the question. Too bright, and it would be too easy for him to be found in there. Frantic, he broke out into a run along the side of the hall and reached out, trying the knobs on all the janitor closet doors and finding each locked. Panting, he took a deep breath and swayed on the spot, having to grab the wall to keep from falling over. He needed out!

Bursting out through the main skool doors, Dib raised his arm to hide his eyes as much as he possibly could without obscuring his vision completely, lopsidedly running down the road and ducking into a side street. He widened his eyes and cursed shakily as the abrupt movement caused his glasses to swing off his face and into the street somewhere. He couldn't stop. He had to keep going…

There! Nestled between two apartment buildings was a dark alley, calling to him with its quiet promise of silence and shade. Dib could have cried from happiness. He wasn't sure which street he was on (it wasn't like he would have been able to read a street sign with the current blurriness of his vision, anyways), but he couldn't have cared less. Craving being away from the light of the blaring sun, he ducked into the alley and immediately slid down against the wall of whatever building he had gone past, curling into a ball with his knees up against his chest and feeling the cold, comforting brick supporting him. For the first time in weeks, he took a deep, fulfilling breath and closed his eyes. Heaven…it was heaven. No beeping. No lights. No spitwads.

Before he knew it, everything was dark for Dib.



Very short, since this was sort of a prologue type-of-thing. Please stay tuned. The real story begins soon!