Tales of Gods Eaters

Well, I had this plot bunny in my head, I just had to get it out. It's a crossover between Tales of Graces F and Gods Eater Burst. Well, really, it's just Asbel, a few months after the Future Arc and now a dimensional traveler (elite agent sent to other worlds… hopefully I can tell that story another time…) dumped into the GEB world. It'll be told from his POV. Hopefully, I can satisfy you guys…


Well, I know this is out of character for me... but I really have to look back at the past few months.

I've gone on two great adventures, decided to take over my late father's position as the lord of Lhant, became friends with two eldritch abominations who wanted to wipe out humanity because of "issues" and the medium of observing humans for one of them, and got another eye color. I just wanted some rest. Perhaps lasting a lifetime, if that's too much to ask. Then I'm "invited"(*cough*forced*cough) by my friends from other worlds (I CANNOT believe Sena was from one the whole time… though, to be fair, he had a tough time too…) to become an elite agent that traverses alternate worlds, lost a few more months training for the job (WHICH WAS HARD) and finally, I'm here, dumped into a post-apocalyptic planet called "Earth" (Very original.), wearing a brand new set of clothes that are apparently special.


Anyway, apparently, the entire planet's been taken over by monsters called Aragami. Humanity's done its best but…

I don't know how long they can last.

I really want to help these people. I want to help save this world. I want…

I want to protect them.

DTs have given me absolutely no idea how to proceed. They apparently told me to take over somebody else's role, something which doesn't usually happen. Basically, I just have to go around and be myself, and my first objective will happen.

I don't know whether I should be relieved at the lack of things to do, or be frustrated at the lack of information on how to do them.

But back to the main point. My first course of action is to join a group of people who are apparently humanity's last hope in fighting these Aragami off, the Gods Eaters. I've been dropped off at a country called "Japan", apparently an alternate version the home Sena always wanted to return to. I know a bit about it from the way he often talked about it, but not much, so I decide to find out more to help me.

I'm currently in the remains of a forest. All the leaves are gone, very few trunks are standing. I take a look at my surroundings and… myself, actually. Instead of my usual clothes (Stuck here in my Infini-Pockets… It makes no sense how the heck it works) I am now wearing a white hoodie with a black undershirt. To match my tops, a pair of black pants and white shoes complete my outfit. On my hands I have black fingerless gloves, and finally on my right wrist I have a very special watch. It's called a Dimensional Watch (DMW), which gives me messages and notices from DTs and apparently has another power called Dimensional Mind Wave… but I don't know when the higher-ups will activate it for me. Apparently not this time. Sena told me the power's based on the ability of a guy called Zack Fair, who gained new special attacks when he met new people.

Huh. Weird.

Anyway, I continue looking around to see if I can find anything interesting.

I do. A gravestone: "Our daughter, Anya. We will never forget her."

Tears well up in my eyes. I look closer, and see a picture of a family. A mother with beautiful features and long blond hair, the father beside her, hair curled around his smiling face as both he and his wife embrace their daughter, a young girl, probably no older than 10, with a face just like her mother's and long hair shaped into two tails, beaming back at both of them.

The grave is fresh. I can tell because I can still see the tear marks on the photo. It gets a few more from me.

A family torn apart. A family that is incomplete because one of them had their lives taken from them.

A family just like mine.

She looks just like Sophie.

I have to find out how to do what I was sent to do. I HAVE to join the Gods Eaters. I have to prevent this from happening ever again.

I see a ruined city in the distance. I'll see if I can find anything there.

I continue walking. The streets themselves are all empty, filling them with an eerie and haunting silence. I explore every district I see, look around every corner I find, but still nothing. Or no one.

When DTs said that an apocalypse happened, they weren't kidding. Everywhere I see stray blocks of stone, concrete and gravel. Nearly none of the buildings are in one piece, and none of them are in perfect condition. They're all either worn down, have parts cut off or (mostly) combination of both. The silence continues to pierce my soul. Where the people are, I don't know.

DTs could've at least given me a darn map of the place. With the endless budget they have (and I'm pretty sure they DO have endless budget), couldn't they have given me a little more help?

Figuring that I might be walking in circles, I decide to rest for a bit. A bit of water wouldn't be bad either, but I'm not even going near the water here, infected as it might be in this time after the end. Considering that I made Hubert taste test the water way back then while exploring the forest the day we met Sophie, it just might be karma if I ever DO have to drink it.

I sit down. My back's leaning on the wall, and the sun is setting to create a beautiful twilight glow. Yet, it makes the atmosphere even gloomier than it already is. For some reason, I feel scared and disturbed. I fortunately still have my sword (and its accompanying sheath… it's amazing how many ways you can use it in the heat of battle). I grip it a little tighter, not too much to feel too tense, but not enough that I feel lax and not quick enough to react to anything that comes my way.

I wait a bit more, weapon at my side, but still nothing comes. There is still silence.

And then, an ear-piercing scream.

I get up immediately. I run as fast as I can, trying to discern where the cry came from. It was a girl's cry, probably younger than 14. I try to keep calm but alert while I try to gauge where the woman is, and finally decide on my route and dash back to the center of the city.

Fortunately, the woman is there. Unfortunately, so is the cause of her horror.

It appears that I have seen my first Aragami.

The creatures in front of me are horrifying sights to behold: Flying, sickly brown, egg-shaped monstrosities with what appear to be screaming white women with wings for arms in their mouths.

That is just disgusting. And also, it's just… wrong.

"RUN!" I shout to the little girl, who appears to have short brown hair and gray eyes. She is a lot shorter than me, wearing a thick brown shoulderless dress with shorts and sneakers. She is quite surprised at my presence, but doesn't have any time to look relieved. I quickly adopt a fighting stance, one leg forward and my arm on my sword's hilt, ready to unsheathe and unleash its power if I need to.

I am not letting another innocent soul die in front of me.

And so, my first of likely many battles in my life as a DT begins.

I sprint as fast as I can, trying to catch my enemies off guard. There appear to be… four of them. I quickly run up beneath one and jump, unsheathing my blade and slashing at it with an upward swing.

And then my blade bounces off.

Though I am obviously alarmed at this turn of events, at least it got their attention. The creatures all ominously turned to me and screeched, disturbing me even more. As I get ready for a tough fight, I see the girl, staring back behind a piece of rubble, fear etched onto her mouth, eyes, pretty much all of her face.

Well, it's time. Let's see if I can beat these monstrosities.

As the battle begins in earnest, the creatures all charge at me. I dodge them effortlessly and deliver another slash to one that passes by me. Once again my blade bounces off, but I seem to have dented (Great, it's like these things are made of iron or something) this one and it gives a small cry of pain. I don't know if I can win (rather pathetic in hindsight) but I have to.

As I try to think of what to do next, one of them suddenly shoots a ball of energy at me. I block it by quickly sheathing my blade and covering my body, but I am still blown back from the force. I steady myself and try to keep track of all of them and predict their movements. Sure enough, one of them screeches and sends yet another ball of energy, which I dodge easily. Another shoots, and I react again. Two more shots later, and here I am, right in front of them, anticipating their next moves. One of them sends yet another ball my way, but I decide to experiment.

I sheathe my sword and hold the sheath behind my head. When the energy gets near me, I side step it and swat the ball right back at the creature.

Well, that worked. Exhausting, yes, but it got results. I wasted a ton of energy on that little swing, but I was able to damage one of the gross egg-things. It loses its balance for a second, then screeches again. Suddenly, all of them use their energy ball attack on me. I dodge again, but because I feel a bit winded, it wasn't nearly as easy as it was a while ago.

I continue dodging their charges and give the occasional slash and swipe with my sheath and sword, and through it all, while I didn't get a single scratch, I didn't get much damage in either and I've lost a lot of energy.

"Darn it," I curse. Looks like I'm gonna have to use my artes.

One of them decides to get a little jumpy and breaks off from the pack. It charges at me and I decide to unleash one of the artes I created during my first journey through my seven years of training as a knight.

I use an Around Step, putting myself behind it. It charges again, and when it starts to get near me, I unleash my arte.

"REKKAIOU!" I shout, pouring energy into my blade as I stab the ground in front of me. Pink pillars erupt out of the earth a few feet ahead of me, and that seems to have done the trick. The one I hit was probably the same one I hurt a while ago since it seemed out to get me so badly, but at least the blossoming energy slowed it down and hurt it enough for me to unleash the second part of my arte.

"REKKAIOU!" I shout once again, and this time I stab in front of me with my sword, now encased in pink energy. That did it. It went straight into the creature's eye. Lucky shot. It disturbed me for the last time with a low screech and went limp. Just In case, I take my blade out and do one last Rekkaiou on its eye. That'll do it for that one.

OK, I think I just pissed off the others. They just gave one long cry while staring at me with their big red eyes. God that's creepy.

I get myself into stance again, trying to see if I can get another lucky hit in. So apparently, I'm going to have to hit them in the eye. I don't know HOW I'll hit them, but it's a start. They don't know I'm not going to do my batting trick again, so at least they're not using their energy ball attacks, but still I'm getting tired. Rekkaiou takes quite a bit out of me, but it looks like I'll have to rely on it and my other artes, whether they use up my stamina or not, to beat these creepy Aragami. As I dodge their charges, I decide to use the same tactic, attacking their eyes while they charge head-on, but with a different arte. One of them charges at me again, so I get ready, calm myself, and decide on another thrusting attack.

"FUUGAZEKOU!" I cry out, and I accelerate with massive force while I extend my blade ahead of me. I go straight through the creature, and once again, just for a good measure, I do the second part and dash back to my original position while running my blade straight through the Aragami. Once again, it falls to the ground, lifeless. Two are left, and I'm really feeling tired. Don't worry, just two left…

Getting ready once again, I try my best to dodge the onslaught of charges. I suddenly have a plan for what to do next. I get ready for the next charge, and soon enough one of them charges straight at me. Instead of looking at it, I look back and jump. As I jump, I cry out "HOURAISATSU!" encasing my sword in lightning. Luckily, my cry causes the flying egg to flip its head towards me, eyes facing me instead of the ground.

It's the last thing it ever sees.

I crash down on its eye, my thrust creating a dome of lightning around me. It screams in pain, and I decide to end its life. I unleash the second part of my arte, thrusting my sword further down making the lightning crackle even more. Its screams eventually end, and, like the others, it becomes limp and lifeless.

There's only one left at this point.

And it's mad.

But unlike the others, it just screams at me. It seems to think I'm too dangerous a target. What I cannot believe is that it was able to set its sights (Sight? Wait, no time for semantics…) on another target.

The girl.

Apparently, she was so engrossed in the entire show that she didn't move. Was I some kind of superhero to her, some kind of shining invincible force in her eyes?

Well, to be fair, considering how hard it was to pierce the creature's skin, the fact that I was able to cut it must have looked superhuman to her, let alone with a mundane sword. My artes probably didn't make things any harder for her to believe that I'd be able to beat them no sweat.

Not good.

Anger boils up within me. As the girl screams at the pursuit of the hideous Aragami, I dash with all my might to save her. Using my long-range artes are not going to help at all, as I risk hurting her.


As the girl's cries for help start getting louder, I get desperate. I have no choice. I sheathe my sword and concentrate…


Unsheathing my blade, I slash, and a dark wave of energy appears from out of nowhere and slices the monster. The monster, in painful rage, forgets its target and charges at me again.

I was ready.

I dash forward, and as it nears me I shout "BASSAIRYUUZAN!" as I slice through my enemy with four phantom strikes.


Afterwards, a low cry of pain echoes throughout the deserted city.

And then, it finally falls.


But I'm not done yet. I quickly run towards the girl, and thankfully she was not hurt at all. I give a sigh of relief and see if I can help her.

"Mister… Are they… Gone?"

She's so innocent. So scared. So frightened.

Somehow, she speaks the same language as me. Fortunate. I want to help her. I reach out to comfort her.

"It's OK, little girl. Everything's going to be fine…" I say. I truly hope so, and I'm willing to do anything for it to happen.

"Holy crap…" I suddenly hear.

I look around and see a man wielding a giant red chainsaw blade. He was tall, with brown gloves, a black jacket with an undershirt of the same color, black boots and black hair. I don't know how he's able to lift such a giant weapon, but at l least I know there are more survivors.

"Say, do you know this girl?" I ask, hopeful.

Snapping out of his daze, he replies "Oh, uh… no. Sorry, don't have a clue."

Oh well. I'll talk to him later. For now, I'll just concentrate on the girl. "Where do you live?"

"Um… I live in the Outer Ghetto." The girl replies in a small voice.

Ugh. First obstacle to my plans: I don't have a clue where anywhere is.

In fact, I don't have a clue where I AM.

"You wanna take her back home, don't ya?"

The man asks me with a smile. "Don't worry, we'll take care of that later. What I wanna do is ask about YOU." He suddenly gives me a probing look.

"Well, uh… about what?" I reply. What do I say? What will he even ask?

"Did you just take on four Aragami with just THAT metal stick? ALONE?" he asks with shock, surprise and wonder.

I don't like how he insulted my sword, but then I look at his chainsaw and just sigh. "I… guess I did?" I say. I'm not suppose to let anyone know where I'm from unless really, ABSOLUTELY necessary so hopefully nothing THAT personal will be asked of me...

His shock then turns neutral… and then a smile. "Wow. You're pretty damn strong. And… you did it for the girl, right?" he says. I return his smile with my own. "Well… yeah I did. I can't just stand around while a little girl's about to get eaten." I say. He continues to smile and the he says "Thanks. I don't know what would've happened if you weren't here." He then introduces himself "I'm Lindow, Lindow Amamiya. Nice ta meet ya." Well. He's quite friendly. I better reciprocate. "I'm Asbel. Asbel Lhant. It's nice to meet you too." Then I look at his weapon and ask "Uhh… how long were you there?"

Lindow then looks at me and says, "I got here while you were taking care of the last one, giving it the final blow. Damn, I've NEVER seen moves like that, like out of a TV show. How'd you do it?"

As I suddenly get very hot and nervous trying to think of an answer, the girl suddenly says "You should've seen him awhile ago! He had pink energy erupting from the ground and surrounding his blade, lightning crackling around his sword and he was able thrust right through them and slash the last one without even touching it!"

As Lindow looks at me even more incredulously, I suddenly get even more nervous. Great, how am I suppose to explain this? These are people who are struggling to survive against a threat which seems so alien, otherworldly in nature. Saying "Duuhhh… I come from another dimension and house a spirit with a lot of issues and is using me to see if he should eliminate all of mankind" MIGHT not make me any friends.

OK, they might just laugh at me because I'm overthinking things, but I am NOT taking any chances.


"Um, it's OK if you don't wanna tell us…" the man says. I swear I see a giant sweatdrop the way he looks at me…

Relieved, I thank him and ask his help in escorting the girl back home.

A big smirk.

"Sure. In fact I'll even give you an offer."

Hmm… I wonder what he wants?

"So, you slay four Aragami with a sword own your own to save a little girl. In exchange… well you know what, let's help her first. She's had a rough day. Let's get her home."

I agree with him, and decide to get the girl back home.

After a bit of walking, we find ourselves in the Outer Ghetto. It can best be described as a slum area, but as far as those go, it's not bad. Food's not incredibly scarce, and the place provides protection from those monsters. We didn't talk too much on the way, but I wonder what his offer is? As we walk through the streets, I see the people staring at all of us in awe, looks of surprise and shock etched on their very faces. Lindow keeps smiling all the while, then suddenly a woman with long brown hair and green clothes dashes out into the street. She embraces the child we just saved, saying with tears in her eyes "Oh Lena… Oh my darling I thought I'd never see you again…" Lena, crying as well says "Oh mommy… It's OK, I'm here now…"It was heartwarming to see. At least I saved this little one. I wonder where the father is though…

The mother then stands up, looks at Lindow and says "Oh thank you, thank you, how can we ever repay you?" Suddenly, Lindow's smile turns into a smirk and I suddenly get an ominous feeling of dread. "Oh, no need to thank me. I didn't do anything. If anything, you should thank him, the guy who took on four Aragami on his own with a dinky metal sword just to save your little girl."

And I was right. The crowd stares at me in awe, and suddenly lifts me into the air and cheers. So much for keeping a low profile…

Later on, I decide to go with Lindow and take him up on whatever offer he has for me. I decide to bid Lena farewell before I leave. "Say mister, will I ever see you again?" she asks with bright eyes. "Hmm… Well, we'll see!" I reply, smiling back at her. She then says "You know mister, I'm sure that if you join the Gods Eaters, you'll take care of 'em in no time!" Well, I'm not sure about that, but I sure hope so…

Lindow then walks up to me and says "Well kid, time to go. I'll see if I can't help with any favors YOU have in mind before I make my offer," he says. Lena then says "Bye mister! Say, if you do join the Gods Eaters, tell my brother Kota what you did! He's gonna become one soon!" I make a mental note to look up Kota Fujiki if… No, when I become a Gods Eater. I need to become one soon.

The sun has finally set. It's a beautiful night and Lindow then asks me "OK kid. Shoot. Anything you need from me before I make my offer?" I answer relatively quickly because I already know what I want. "Lindow, I need to become a Gods Eater. I need to… I want to help and protect these people… this world. How do I join them?" my decision is final, my will resolute.

Lindow's smile turns into surprise, then he changes his expression into warm grin. "Wow… man I didn't expect that. This'll be easier than I thought," he says. "Asbel, right? Well, turns out we both want the same thing…"

No way.

Extending his hand, Lindow says"Asbel Lhant, I, Lindow Amamiya, Captain of the First Unit of the Fenrir Far East Branch of Gods Eaters ask you: Would you like to join us? Would you like to become a Gods Eater?" he asks with a warm smile.

This is the best I've felt all day (Well, aside from saving Lena…). Right in front of me is the first step in saving this world. Looking back, DTs was right. If I just be myself, everything will fall into place.

Smiling, I shake Lindow's hand and say: "Yes, I will join you. I will become… A Gods Eater"

ToGE: Chapter 1: Finished…

Well guys, that ends the first chapter. The DTs universe in incredibly large as a crossover, which is why I'm a bit reluctant to do ALL of it in one summer. Anyway, hope to see you next time.

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